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Questions About Site Rules 2.0

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Kieri's AvatarKieri
Kieri's Avatar
Regarding the following part of the trade rules:

QUOTE originally posted by Trade Rules

4. Lend/Borrow at your own risk.

The lending/borrowing of Pokémon or items (as part of a trade) is not supported by the Moderator Team. You may do so, but we cannot guarantee that Pokémon or items will be returned to you in their original condition. We do recommend that all players use common sense in such things as obtaining collateral for anything lent to another player. Note: This does not extend to clear Pokémon Dex trade agreements. Moderators can and will intervene in the event theft occurs during a Dex trade.
If trading a Pokémon for a trade evolution, is this protected under this rule? In particular, the wording seems to state that it is not protected ("... is not supported by the Moderator Team"), and then implies it is to a limited extent ("... we cannot guarantee that Pokémon or items will be returned to you in their original condition"). I'd also like to ask about time-sensitive evos. If trade evos are protected to this limited extent, do evos like Rockruff -> Dusk Lycanroc which requires an evolution at a specific server time also fall under this? This specific one is only because my timezone would require me being awake at 3-4am to do the evolution (AU is GMT+10 at the moment), so it's basically a trade evo for me.
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Toxel's AvatarToxel
Toxel's Avatar
hi! Regarding this part of the Forum Rules in the "updated core site rules" thread:

QUOTE originally posted by Rule 11: Multi-Posting

Multi-posting (or most commonly, "double-posting") refers to posting multiple times in a thread without waiting for another player to post in between. In the upper right corner of your posts, you will find an Edit Post option. Please edit your posts to contain any additional information rather than posting a second time in a row. [...] Exception 2: You may post repeatedly in threads in the Bugs forum as needed in order to add important information to your bug report.
Does Exception 2 refer only to bug reports created by users, or is double posting in the pinned error threads in that forum (eg Pokedex Errors) also allowed by this exception?
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onychophorum's Avataronychophorum
onychophorum's Avatar
is it acceptable to ask for artwork to be credited to a potentially inappropriate offsite source (in this case a neocities account) if the website itself is not directly linked to? (this would only apply to non-toyhouse offsite credit, like using as a social media icon elsewhere, etc) i would rather not have toyhouse be my primary contact.
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