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Updated core site rules

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  1. This site is intended to be child-friendly with parental guidance.
  2. Treat others with respect.
  3. You may only make one account; if you already have an account, don’t make another.
  4. Only you may use your account, and you may not use others’ accounts.
  5. No cheating, including but not limited to: no bots, auto-clickers, macros, auto-refreshers, etc.
  6. No SPAM, whether in the forums, in chat, or through Personal Messages. This includes advertising and untagged spoilers.
  7. Player-made rules may not override site rules.
  8. If someone else is locked, it's not your business!
  9. British laws apply.
  10. “I didn’t read the rules” is not a valid excuse.
The above constitute a short form of important rules and are presented during account creation. They are not the only rules. All rules apply (read below).
These rules apply to the site as a whole and constitute PokéFarm's Terms of Service. The most important of these rules were listed during account creation (see the Adventure Rules). If a rule is broken, even if you weren’t aware it was a rule, you still broke it. Rules listed here count as being given “fair warning.” First time offenses are normally given a warning, unless serious. Serious offenses may result in the removal of your access to all or parts of the site (being “locked”). Last Updated: 2024 February 08

Rule 1: Content Level – Keep it PG

This site is intended to be child-friendly with parental guidance. Inappropriate content or language may not be posted on profiles, on the forums, or in chat. Linking to or referencing inappropriate content posted off-site (such as on DeviantArt, Tumblr, YouTube, etc) is not allowed. Parents and guardians are welcome to monitor their minor child’s gameplay. A. Acronyms Acronyms that are generally accepted to include common swears, vulgarity, or other inappropriate language are not allowed, including using asterisks or other methods to "censor" them. B. Alternate Ratings PokéFarm has no age requirement for playing the game itself. Certain areas of the site require that players be a certain age before that area can be accessed.
  • Discord Chat: In order to comply with Discord’s Terms of Service, only players 13 years and older may access PokéFarm’s official Discord server.
  • 15+ RPs and Fanfiction: Content in RPs and Fanfics in these subforums may exceed a PG rating, but may not be explicit or overly violent. Only players 15 years and older may access these subforums.
  • Mature Content: No forum content is allowed to exceed a PG rating (with the exception of 15+ RPs and Fanfiction). Profile content that exceeds a PG rating must be placed inside a Mature Hidebox.
C. Mature Content in PMs A limited amount of mature content in PMs is allowed, but must be respectful – for example, it would be disrespectful to use foul language when messaging a stranger, but might not be disrespectful when messaging a friend who is comfortable with you. Roleplay in PMs may NOT contain mature content under any circumstances. Players found to be conducting mature roleplays through PMs will immediately have locks placed on their accounts. D. Language PokéFarm’s primary language is English. Please keep the majority of content in English, especially when communicating with other players. Other languages may be used in About Mes, Trainer Cards, and journals, but will be verified to ensure players are not attempting to get around the rules by using another language.

Rule 2: Respect Each Other

The players and staff members you interact with are real people too. Just as you should be treated with respect, so should you treat them with respect. PokéFarm does not permit the expression of discrimination, including but not limited to discrimination based on race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or religious beliefs. A. Everyone Plays How They Want to Play There is no “right” way of playing the game (though cheating is definitely a “wrong” way). Players may click, or not click, however they want. Players may attempt to sell their Pokémon, items or currency for whatever values they wish. Please do not attempt enforce your style of gameplay or economic values on any other player. Likewise, players may do whatever they wish with the Pokémon they own. No one may attempt to enforce their own rules regarding the Pokémon owned by other players. If you sell a Pokémon, you no longer have any ownership over that Pokémon. B. Harassment If a player asks you not to contact them again, continuing to contact them against their wishes is harassment, whether through PMs, on the forums, or in chat. Harassment also includes any malicious actions taken on site that are demonstrably targeting another player. A guide on Do Not Contact requests and how they are generally handled can be found here. Harassment is a serious offense and may result in a lock being placed on your account. C. Mini-Modding Mini-modding occurs when one player witnesses rule-breaking and tries to address it with the other player themselves, instead of reporting the rule break so that it can be dealt with by a Moderator. Mini-modding can make situations worse and even interfere with proper rule enforcement. D. Blacklisting Blacklisting disrespects other players by “naming and shaming” them, or publicly discussing them in a negative or insulting way. This includes posting lists in Trade Shops of players that you will not trade with again, or who have broken your personal trade rules. If you want to keep such a list, please use the Notepad feature on your Farm page to keep a private list. E. Vaguing Vaguing disrespects other players by “shaming without naming”, or discussing another player negatively without using the player’s name. Any negative post or message about another player that contains enough information for that player to be reasonably identified is vaguing. F. Aiding in Rule-Breaking If you are aware of another player breaking the rules, such as by creating a second account or using an auto-clicker, and do not report it, you are “aiding and abetting” and a lock may be placed on your account. This also includes distributing or advertising methods of cheating or exploiting game features in ways not intended by the developer. G. Feedback PokéFarm is constantly changing and developing, with new content being implemented and old content being improved or removed. Feedback on these changes is welcomed and encouraged, but disrespect or hostility is not. Okay: “I preferred the old melan sprite, I liked the purple better and the new pose looks off-balance.” Not Okay: “The new sprite looks like crap, change it back to the old sprite.” H. Locked Players If a player is locked, information regarding that lock is confidential. Players may not discuss or request information regarding another player's lock. Locked players may choose to discuss their own locks, but players found to be lying about or misconstruing the reason(s) for their lock to other players may receive a lock on their account in order to discuss the situation. PokéFarm reserves the right to make public the information regarding a player's lock in order to defend against serious accusations; however, this would occur only in extreme circumstances where all other attempts at reconciliation have been unsuccessful. I. Staff Members Staff members are people and players too. The same rules apply to staff members that apply to all other players. Staff members should treat players with respect, and players should treat staff members with respect. If a Moderator contacts you regarding a broken rule, they are doing their job, not attacking you personally. Responding to a warning or a lock with hostility or disrespect will result in disciplinary actions. A Moderator may instruct you to respond to a warning in order to show you received and understand the warning. If a response is required, failing to respond will result in a lock being placed on your account in order to bring you to the Support Centre for a discussion. If you feel a staff member is behaving in a manner that breaks the rules, you may report them (though keep in mind reports are visible to all staff members), or directly contact PokéFarm's Staff Administrator, Garthic. Please do not contact members of the Art Team to report rule-breaking. Questions about site rules should be directed to a Moderator or to the appropriate forum thread.

Rule 3: Accounts

A. Multi-Accounting Multi-accounting is the creation by a single person of more than one account. Each player may create one account, and one account only. This is one account ever, not playing one account at a time. Players may not "start over" by creating a new account. Accounts cannot and will not be deleted for any reason. Please do not create accounts for other people unless you are a parent or guardian creating an account for your minor child. The person who agrees to PokéFarm's Terms of Service by creating an account needs to be the person who is going to play on that account. B. Account-Sharing Players may not access each others' accounts for any purpose. The only exception to this is a parent or guardian who is monitoring their minor child's gameplay. It is not acceptable to log in to anyone else's account even if you have their permission - they do not have the authority to grant you that permission. As a corrollary to this, accounts may not be sold, gifted, or transferred between players. C. Personal Information The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a European Union regulation that requires PokéFarm to keep accurate information on file. Legally, PokéFarm cannot knowingly allow any person to play using false personal information, such as a false birth date or a throwaway email address. Using a false birth date to access web content is a form of identity fraud. In order to comply with relevant laws and regulations, should any player be found to be playing while using a false birth date, their account will immediately be locked. PokéFarm does not take responsibility for actions or issues that result from any player using fraudulent personal information. PokéFarm provides the option to "opt out" of providing a birth date for those who are concerned about providing personal information. Players without birth dates may not access any age-gated content. Instead of participating in a birthday event, players without birth date information will receive their "birthday event" bonuses on the anniversary of the creation of their account. Your personal information will not be publicly displayed for any reason. This includes your email address and date of birth, should you have chosen to supply one (see our Privacy Policy). D. Account Details You may change your username through your Farm page once every 30 days. While this process is automated, it remains supervised by moderators and action will be taken as needed regarding usernames that violate PokéFarm's Terms of Service. If you are in need of an urgent username change and the 30 days have not yet elapsed, create a ticket in the Support Centre. You will need to provide your desired username, which must comply with the requirements listed here. Please note that you may need to provide your full date of birth while in the Support Centre in order to verify your identity. If you opted out of providing your date of birth, then moderators may use alternative methods to verify account ownership. You may change your email address or opt out of providing your date of birth at any time by contacting the Support Centre. PokéFarm moderators do not have access to view your password information, and under no circumstances will request knowledge of your password. In the event your password is shared with anyone (other than a parent/guardian being aware of their minor child's password), or of any other account security breach, a moderator will manually reset your password, and you will need to select a new password on your next login. E. Account Deactivation While accounts cannot be deleted, if your account is in good standing, then you can request the removal of your personal information, no questions asked. The account itself will continue to exist in a "deactivated" state, in which it cannot be accessed again without requesting assistance through the Support Centre. If your account is not in good standing, such as due to violating PokéFarm's Terms of Service, PokéFarm may not be able to comply with a request to remove your personal information. Your information would need to be retained for the purpose of enforcing the Terms of Service; you will be informed if this is the case. Deactivating an account does not give you permission to create a new account. Your original account still exists in a deactivated state. Making a new account after deactivation is automatically a violation of the rule prohibiting owning multiple accounts. F. Disputing a Lock If you believe you have reason to dispute any lock, whether Site, Forum, PM, Trade, or Chat, please contact the Support Centre. Note that the rules regarding respecting others and forbidding spam apply to the Support Centre as well. Being rude, or breaking any other site rule, while requesting that we restore your access will not help you get what you want.

Rule 4: Don't Cheat

Cheating can be defined as breaking the rules in order to benefit yourself or others. A. Automated Gameplay PokéFarm does not allow the use of bots, macros, auto-clickers, auto-refreshers, or any other computer program designed to make actions for you. All gameplay must be accomplished by you and you alone. Neither may you use physical objects on your keyboard to perform actions for you, nor enable your mouse to double-click. PokéFarm offers an accessibility option for those who find repetitive clicking to be physically disabling. Clicking and dragging a Berry over a group of Pokémon while in Field View will feed each Pokémon without requiring additional mouse clicks. Players may use CSS to re-arrange their user interface to improve their gameplay; this is allowed because the CSS does not perform actions for the player. B. Scamming Scamming involves deliberately lying to another player in order to convince them to complete a trade. This includes lying about the value of a Pokémon, item, or currency (price negotiations do not count), or lying about the conditions of a trade agreement, such as agreeing to a Dex trade while intending to keep or sell the Pokémon. Players may not click Pokémon or breed Eggs for payment. Allowing this in the past has resulted in too many instances of scamming other players. C. Exploitation An exploit is any method by which a player may "get around" a restriction imposed by the game in order to benefit. While exploits may not be fully eliminated, we have taken steps to limit the advantage using such exploits can give players. Using exploits goes against the spirit of the game, and if you are found to be advertising or teaching others to use an exploit, a lock may be placed on your account. D. Circumventing Locks If you have received a Forum or PM lock, do not attempt to use other site functions to get around your lock, such as asking another player to bump your forum thread or using the trade message feature to continue PM conversations. Respect the consequences of rule-breaking and either wait for the lock to expire (if timed), or contact the Support Centre to discuss the situation. Trying to circumvent a lock will result in either the extension of the lock in question, or the placement of additional locks. E. Circumventing Approval Processes Contests: A Contest is a self-run event, held by a player, that distributes at least one prize to participants or contestants. Participation in a Contest requires the contestant to complete one or more tasks as determined by the Contest Host; at minimum, the contestant will need to apply and be admitted to the Contest. All Contest Hosts must submit an application and be approved by a Moderator in the Contest Applications forum before the Contest may be held. Moderators provide oversight of all Contests to ensure they are hosted and executed fairly. Hosting a Contest in any other location on the site, such as on your Profile, in your Trade or Art Shop, or in a Type Race Team thread, is a violation of this mandatory process and the Contest Host will be penalised. The Contest rules can be found under Rule 15: Forum Specific Rules. Clans: Clans are designated threads where players sharing a common interest or play style may gather for discussion that must remain within the scope of the Clan, but is less restricted overall than standard forum threads. Clans must follow guidelines, be approved by a Moderator, and be housed within the correct forums. Attempting to start a Clan (or similar group) in a forum other than the appropriate Clan forum will be subject to penalisation. The application instructions and rules for Clans can be found here.

Rule 5: No SPAM

SPAM: Stupid, Pointless, or Annoying Messages. A wide range of posts or messages may qualify as SPAM; Moderators make the final determination on whether a post or message is SPAM. SPAM includes, but is not limited to the below: A. No Begging Asking for free things is colloquially referred to as "begging". You are not allowed to ask for Pokémon, items, or currency in the forums, chat, or PMs without offering payment in return, unless the other player has already offered these things for free. You are allowed to ask for Pokémon, items, or currency in your Trainer Card, About Me, or forum signature. You are not allowed to directly ask other players to click your Pokémon unless the player has already offered. You may not offer payment for clicks under any circumstances. If you want other players to click you, click them first and let them reciprocate. B. Type Appropriately Communicate with other players as clearly as possible. Pay attention to spelling and grammar, and keep chatspeak to a minimum. You don't need to be perfect, but please make an effort to be understood. C. Mass Messaging A player commits Mass Spam when they send the same or a highly similar unsolicited message to multiple players. Just like in real life with email spam and robocallers, no one likes receiving SPAM in this way. D. CAPS LOCK Please limit your use of CAPS LOCK. Culturally, the use of caps lock for more than a few words in a message has come to signify "shouting", and can be considered fairly rude if used carelessly. No post should contain more than one line (when viewed on desktop) or two lines (mobile) of ALL CAPS. E. Pointless Posts Posts that do not contribute to the discussion are considered to be SPAM. This includes posts that have no meaningful content (such as posting "No Support" and nothing else in a Suggestions thread), posts that are off-topic, and posts that consist entirely of emojis or emoticons. F. Excessive Quoting Posts consisting of large blocks of quotes are considered SPAM as there is no point in doing this and it needlessly lengthens a post which makes it difficult to read. Posts should be limited to 3 nested quotes (quotes within quotes within quotes) each.

Rule 6: Art Usage

PokéFarm requires that all art (including traditional or digital artwork, gifs, photos, sprites, music, and literature) used publicly on the site be properly credited to its creator/artist/author. Players may not use "random images found using Google Search". A. Art Theft Using art against the permission of the artist is termed on PokéFarm as "art theft", but is actually a form of copyright infringement. This is an illegal act with potential legal consequences. For more information, see Art Usage and Crediting. B. Tracing "Tracing" refers to the act of exactly or closely duplicating all or part of an image. Players who trace official art for personal usage must credit their source material (Ex. "Official art of Eevee, modified by me"). Tracing official artwork to give to someone as a gift is acceptable as there is no profit involved. Attempting to sell traced official art that has not been sufficiently modified from the original, for profit, will result in a lock being placed on your account for art theft, and you will be required to reimburse your customers. "Sufficient modification" of official art includes the following: a full recolour, modification of at least half the image, the addition to the image of a significant piece of original art, etc. Tracing art other than official art, whether for personal usage or profit, will also result in a lock being placed on your account for art theft. PokéFarm does not, in general, approve of tracing except as a tool for practicing art. C. Using PokéFarm Sprites Wherever possible, PokéFarm uses official Pokémon sprites. Recent generations of Pokémon games that do not have official sprites have needed PokéFarm's Art Team to create Pokémon sprites from scratch. Additionally, PokéFarm has designed entirely original creations (Exclusives or "Fakemon"). Art and sprites created by the PokéFarm Art Team for PokéFarm's use are copyrighted (see our Copyright page). If you want to use these images off-site, or modify them for use on-site, you must request permission from PokéFarm's Art Director. Failing to request this permission will result in a lock being placed on your account. D. AI-Generated Content Images, text, and music created through the use of AI-generation are not permitted to be used or hosted on PokéFarm. Due to the nature of their creation, there is no way to determine whether the existing content used by the AI to create the final product was obtained with the permission of the original creators. This also applies to drawing and/or selling art (in any form) based off of AI-generated content. Sprite fusion generators using official, public-use Pokémon sprites are not classified as AI generators.

Rule 7: Legibility

PokéFarm allows players to modify their About Mes, forum posts, and forum signatures through the use of both BBCode and CSS. Any changes made to background colour or font colour may not result in content that is a health hazard or causes pain to the viewer. What is considered "painful" can be subjective; if in doubt, report the content for review by the Moderator Team. In consideration for the health of the responding Moderator(s), if possible, please contain the "painful" content within a hidebox. For more information, see the Legibility / Template Rules. A. Site Skins Customisable site skins let players set background and text colours that are visible only to them. Background and text colours defined by BBCode and CSS override the colours set by a player's site skin. Because of this, should you choose to modify the colours of your public content through BBCode/CSS, you must define colours for your background, text, and text links. For example, if you set your text colour as "black", but don't set a background colour, a player using a site skin with a black background will see your post as black text on a black background, or completely illegible. B. Epilepsy Triggers PokéFarm does not allow the public posting of content that could potentially trigger life-threatening seizures in those with epilepsy or other seizure disorders, or migraines in other sensitive people. This includes flashing, blinking, or flickering images. C. Image Size In general, keep images posted on-site within reasonable size limits, such as a maximum of 600x800px. Larger images risk being cut off or being otherwise unviewable. D. Templates Templates may not be larger than 600px wide and 400px tall, minus the template's internal contents. Templates must be equally legible whether viewed from a computer or a mobile device; the template must not appear to have been cut off when using a mobile device. From a PC, you may see how your template would look on a mobile device by using Alt+1. Similarly, templates designed for use in the forums may not fit properly in a player's About Me, and vice versa, resulting in a broken (and potentially illegible) template.

Rule 8: Spoilers

Some players prefer to discover game mechanics for themselves. While discussion of these mechanics on the site is not forbidden (and they can generally be found in the Wiki), threads about these mechanics should be clearly marked in the thread title as "Spoilers", and posts should keep this information contained within a tagged hidebox. A. New Pokémon Games Nintendo continues to develop the Pokémon franchise, and often releases information about new games prior to release dates. Not everyone wants to know this information ahead of time. To accomodate this, discussion of any upcoming games must be kept to the official discussion thread created for each game. This "spoiler ban" remains in effect until six (6) months after the game's official release date, OR until a new Pokémon has been officially added to PokéFarm if this occurs sooner than six months after release. In the event a Pokémon game has multiple release dates, we will refer to the official date of release in the United Kingdom. The only exceptions to this rule are below:
  • Usernames: We do not forbid players to name themselves after newly-released Pokémon, but you may not provide any information about the meaning of your username.
  • Journals: A player's journal may contain spoilers, provided the name of the journal clearly states it contains spoilers ("[SPOILERS] Journal Name"), and each spoiler is placed within a hide box, which must also be clearly marked for spoilers.
Pokémon from new games will not be added to PokéFarm until after the game has been officially released. Current spoiler embargos for the mainline games and DLC are listed in the Spoiler Policy thread. B. Site Events PokéFarm regularly holds "events", which are often a chain of quests with an end prize. Discussion regarding ongoing events should be kept within the designated thread in the Event Discussion subforum.

Rule 9: Advertising

PokéFarm does not allow active advertisement - you'll notice there are no annoying ads on your PokéFarm screen. PokéFarm allows limited passive advertisement, such as the placement of text links to other sites in your About Me and forum signature. Advertisement other than through the use of text links, adoptables, and static clickable banners is not permitted. A. Off-Site Chats PokéFarm does not allow the advertisement of off-site chats (Discord, Skype, WhatsApp, etc.), unless those chats are run and moderated by a staff member, who will enforce site rules within that chat. B. Misleading Links Text links may not mislead players regarding the link's destination. For example, a text link that says "See my trade shop!" should not lead to your YouTube channel. Ideally, a text link should clearly state its destination or purpose. C. Adoptables Adoptables from other pet websites may be posted in your About Me or forum signature within reason. A large amount of content can result in your content being cut off by size restrictions. All adoptables should retain their links to their home website. Pet sites generally allow their players to use adoptable images on other sites for the purpose of advertising and linking back to their site. Removing these links while continuing to use the adoptable images is art theft.

Rule 10: British Laws Apply

PokéFarm is a website owned by a British company, and so all British laws apply. Anything that is currently illegal in Great Britain may not be discussed on this website; doing so may result in a lock being placed on your account. You are not required to memorize British law, but please use your common sense. According to British law, site staff must be able to access all Personal Messages in order to catch anyone committing illegal acts (and we have!). Staff may only access these messages if we have reasonable suspicion that a player has committed an illegal act or violation of PokéFarm's Terms of Service. In extreme cases PokéFarm's owners reserve the right to deny access to their property ("PokéFarm") to any players for any reason. The reason will be provided to any players so denied. By law, players under the age of 18 are considered to be minors. Players 18 years or older are considered to be adults.
These rules apply specifically to the Forums. Individual forums and subforums may have rules that apply to that forum alone; if so, a thread containing those rules has been pinned to the first page of each forum or subforum. If a rule is broken, even if you weren’t aware it was a rule, you still broke it. Rules listed here count as being given “fair warning.” First time offenses are normally given a warning, unless serious. Serious offenses may result in the removal of your access to the forums or the site as a whole (being "locked"). Multiple rule infractions will result in being locked for longer periods of time.

Rule 11: Multi-Posting

Multi-posting (or most commonly, "double-posting") refers to posting multiple times in a thread without waiting for another player to post in between. In the upper right corner of your posts, you will find an Edit Post option. Please edit your posts to contain any additional information rather than posting a second time in a row. Exception 1: A period of time has passed without another player posting in the thread. See Rule 12: Thread Bumping for the appropriate times. Exception 2: You may post repeatedly in threads in the Bugs forum as needed in order to add important information to your bug report.

Rule 12: Thread Bumping

To "bump" a thread means to post in the thread for the sole purpose of bringing the thread back to the first page of the forums, so that more players will see the thread. To prevent SPAM, players must wait a period of time after their last post in the thread before they may bump the thread. This period of time varies depending on the type of thread (see below). Trade threads, Trade Shops, Art Shops, Contests, Battles, Gyms, and Suggestions are allowed one announcement post per bump period. An announcement post must contain an update to an important feature of the thread, such as a change in inventory, prices, or acceptable payments. Once an announcement post has been made, you must wait a full bump period before you may bump or post another announcement. Only the thread's owner(s) and any designated thread helpers (see Rule 13D: Thread Helpers) may post in a thread to bump it.
ForumBump Period
Battles48 Hours
Clans1 Week
Contests48 Hours
Discussion1 Week
Forum Games1 Week
Gyms48 Hours
Help1 Week
Miscellaneous1 Week
Misc. Pokémon1 Week
Other Art Shops48 Hours
Other Clans1 Week
Other RPs1 Week
Pokémon Art Shops48 Hours
Pokémon RPs1 Week
Suggestions1 Week
Trades48 Hours
Trade Shops48 Hours
If a forum is not listed here and does not have a pinned rules thread of its own, please wait 1 week before bumping, should a bump be needed.

Rule 13: Thread Creation

The contents of this rule apply specifically to the owners/creators of forum threads. A. Thread Titles Clearly lay out the purpose of your thread. Don't use generic or misleading thread titles. Good: "Looking for Shiny Swablu/Offering GP" or "What music do you listen to while clicking?" Not Good: "Looking for good Pokémon" or "Music?" B. Thread Types PokéFarm does not allow threads for the purposes of chatting (that's what our Discord chat is for) or arranging for players to click each other (with the sole exception of Type Race threads, which may only construct group click lists). C. Rule Modifications The owner of a thread may add rules to their thread in addition to site rules. Thread rules may not override site rules. Thread owners and thread helpers should be the primary enforcers of thread rules; a player breaking thread rules should only be reported to the Moderator Team if the thread owner/thread helpers have already attempted to remind the player of the thread rules, yet the player continues to break them. Good: "You may only post one order per week." Not Good: "Swear as much as you want, I don't mind!" D. Thread Helpers Owners of Shops, Clans, Contests, and Forum Games may designate additional players as "thread helpers", which are players who may "speak for" the thread owner when responding to other players in the thread. This is particularly useful when enforcing rules specific to that thread. Thread helpers should be named in the first post of the thread. Thread helpers may not be referred to as "mods" or "staff", in order to avoid confusing helpers with the actual Moderator Team. Thread helpers may not address any breaking of site rules (see Rule 2C: Mini-Modding); they may only enforce thread rules.

Rule 14: Thread Conduct

A. Thread Hijacking Thread hijacking consists of posting in an unrelated thread in order to divert discussion to a new topic. Most commonly, this occurs when a player posts a new question in a Help thread that was created for an entirely different question. If you have a new question to ask, please create a new thread rather than hijack someone else's thread. B. Necro-Posting Necro-posting is the art of raising forum threads from the dead by posting in the thread after a long period of time has passed. A forum thread may be considered "dead" once 30 days have passed without the thread being posted in. This does not apply to Clan threads, or to Suggestion threads that have not been Accepted, Rejected, or Completed. This is not an absolute rule. If the resurrection of the thread is justified, then it's okay. C. Posting Images Keep images posted in the forums to a reasonable size. Likewise, don't post images with file sizes greater than a couple hundred kilobytes. If the image you want to show others exceeds these sizes, consider linking to the image instead (provided the site linked does not contain content exceeding a PG rating). As stated in Rule 7B: Flashing Images, do not post flashing images.

Rule 15: Forum-Specific Rules

Specific forums and sub-forums have additional rules that do not apply to the forums as a whole. Threads listing these rules are pinned at the top of each forum or sub-forum. These rules are considered binding, even if they are not part of the full site rules. Below are direct links to some of these rules. Check each individual forum or subforum for rules before posting in that section.
These rules apply specifically to Pokéfarm's Discord Chat. Per Discord's Terms and Conditions, users must be 13 years or older to create a Discord account. In order to comply with Discord's T&C, only Pokéfarm players 13 years or older may join the chat. These rules are also posted in the Discord chat itself, in the #rules channel. Rule updates may be posted in the #rules channel before being updated in this thread.

Chat Rules

All PokéFarm rules apply unless otherwise specified below. 1. This chat is PG-13. Keep it to topics appropriate for children as young as 13. 1a. Moderators are the final authority in this server on appropriate vs. inappropriate. PokéFarm is a British-based website, and as such PokéFarm's cultural norms may differ from those to which you are accustomed. 1b. Only limited profanity is allowed. If it's not in the list in the #rules channel, it may not be used in the chat. This includes acronyms generally accepted to contain profanity. 1c. This includes the information on your Discord profile. If your Discord name, profile, or other content visible to server members is inappropriate, you will be temporarily booted from the PokéFarm server and messaged on-site. You will not be permitted to rejoin the server until the content is removed. 2. Respect each other. Respecting each other includes minding the "jokes" you make and your choices of topic. If someone politely asks you to drop a topic, respectfully move on to another conversation. 2a. The PokéFarm Discord is not intended for venting, diagnoses, or other health-related advice. While we wish you the best with your life, health, and personal struggles, the other members of this server are complete strangers and probably aren't licensed medical doctors or therapists. We would not want any of our players to potentially come to harm from following unwise advice. 2b. Begging for Pokémon, items, or currency is not allowed. This includes "veiled" begging, such as a pattern of repeatedly complaining of being unable to obtain something with the hopes that another player is feeling charitable and will gift you the thing. Yes, we pay attention to this. 2c. Do not blacklist ("name and shame") and do not vague ("shaming without naming"). 3. Post in the right channels. Posts made in the wrong channel, such as asking to trade in #official-chat , will be treated as SPAM. 3a. Trade talk (including advertising trades and asking for pricing help) belongs in the #trading channel. i. Any given trade may only be advertised once every 24 hours. Repeatedly posting the same trade more often than that is SPAM. Deleting a post in order to re-post it before 24 hours have passed will be treated as deliberate circumvention of this rule. ii. Trades arranged through Discord are not enforceable by Moderators in the event something goes wrong. We recommend making a record of your final trade agreement through PMs, not in Discord. 3b. New Pokémon game (and DLC) spoilers belong in #new-game-spoilers. 3c. Show off your Pokémon in #pokemon-showcase, not in #official-chat. You can sparingly ask for clicks for said Pokémon, such as to help evolve it. 3d. #wiki-discussion and #wiki-todo are intended to support Wiki Editors. They are not Help channels. (That would be the #help channel.) 4. Be responsible with links & images. Links and images must be approved by a Moderator. This includes links from PokéFarm's Image Uploader. Refer to the Link Request Process below. 4a. Exception: Players who have boosted the PokéFarm Discord server may post links and images directly. Links and images must comply with all PokéFarm rules. You may not post links or images on behalf of other players. Abuse of this privilege will result in the removal of said privilege. 4b. Images, videos, video descriptions, and audio content must all be rating-appropriate. 4c. Files of any type that require a download are not permitted. 4d. Images, gifs, and emojis may not flash, blink, or flicker. These are potential triggers for epileptic seizures. Moderators are the final authority in this server on whether a particular image is considered a health hazard. 5. Don't SPAM. What is considered SPAM can be subjective, including but not limited to the list below. In general, if a Moderator tells you to please stop doing something because it's SPAMMY, kindly stop doing the thing. 5a. Posting ALL or MOSTLY in CAPS. This is shouting. It's rude. 5b. Multiple short messages in a row. 5c. Repeating the same message, outside of a technical glitch. 5d. Roleplaying in chat. 5e. Advertisement outside of the ⁠trading channel, including in response to #help questions. 5f. @mentioning any role except @Reports. Use @Reports only when you urgently need a Moderator's attention. 5g. Unreasonable usage of Discord markdowns such as headers and lists. 6. Keep yourself safe on the internet. - Do not share personal information in chat. This includes personal names, addresses, and contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses. - Do not share anyone else's personal information, either. - If you must share a photo you are in, obscure your face and any other identifying information. - Never download anything from chat. - Be cautious about clicking links not hosted on pokefarm.com.

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