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These rules apply specifically to the Forums. Individual forums and subforums may have rules that apply to that forum alone; if so, a thread containing those rules has been pinned to the first page of each forum or subforum. If a rule is broken, even if you weren’t aware it was a rule, you still broke it. Rules listed here count as being given “fair warning.” First time offenses are normally given a warning, unless serious. Serious offenses may result in the removal of your access to the forums or the site as a whole (being "locked"). Multiple rule infractions will result in being locked for longer periods of time.

Rule 11: Multi-Posting

Multi-posting (or most commonly, "double-posting") refers to posting multiple times in a thread without waiting for another player to post in between. In the upper right corner of your posts, you will find an Edit Post option. Please edit your posts to contain any additional information rather than posting a second time in a row. Exception 1: A period of time has passed without another player posting in the thread. See Rule 12: Thread Bumping for the appropriate times. Exception 2: You may post repeatedly in threads in the Bugs forum as needed in order to add important information to your bug report.

Rule 12: Thread Bumping

To "bump" a thread means to post in the thread for the sole purpose of bringing the thread back to the first page of the forums, so that more players will see the thread. To prevent SPAM, players must wait a period of time after their last post in the thread before they may bump the thread. This period of time varies depending on the type of thread (see below). Trade threads, Trade Shops, Art Shops, Contests, Battles, Gyms, and Suggestions are allowed one announcement post per bump period. An announcement post must contain an update to an important feature of the thread, such as a change in inventory, prices, or acceptable payments. Once an announcement post has been made, you must wait a full bump period before you may bump or post another announcement. Only the thread's owner(s) and any designated thread helpers (see Rule 13D: Thread Helpers) may post in a thread to bump it.
ForumBump Period
Battles48 Hours
Clans1 Week
Contests48 Hours
Discussion1 Week
Forum Games1 Week
Gyms48 Hours
Help1 Week
Miscellaneous1 Week
Misc. Pokémon1 Week
Other Art Shops48 Hours
Other Clans1 Week
Other RPs1 Week
Pokémon Art Shops48 Hours
Pokémon RPs1 Week
Suggestions1 Week
Trades48 Hours
Trade Shops48 Hours
If a forum is not listed here and does not have a pinned rules thread of its own, please wait 1 week before bumping, should a bump be needed.

Rule 13: Thread Creation

The contents of this rule apply specifically to the owners/creators of forum threads. A. Thread Titles Clearly lay out the purpose of your thread. Don't use generic or misleading thread titles. Good: "Looking for Shiny Swablu/Offering GP" or "What music do you listen to while clicking?" Not Good: "Looking for good Pokémon" or "Music?" B. Thread Types PokéFarm does not allow threads for the purposes of chatting (that's what our Discord chat is for) or arranging for players to click each other (with the sole exception of Type Race threads, which may only construct group click lists). C. Rule Modifications The owner of a thread may add rules to their thread in addition to site rules. Thread rules may not override site rules. Thread owners and thread helpers should be the primary enforcers of thread rules; a player breaking thread rules should only be reported to the Moderator Team if the thread owner/thread helpers have already attempted to remind the player of the thread rules, yet the player continues to break them. Good: "You may only post one order per week." Not Good: "Swear as much as you want, I don't mind!" D. Thread Helpers Owners of Shops, Clans, Contests, and Forum Games may designate additional players as "thread helpers", which are players who may "speak for" the thread owner when responding to other players in the thread. This is particularly useful when enforcing rules specific to that thread. Thread helpers should be named in the first post of the thread. Thread helpers may not be referred to as "mods" or "staff", in order to avoid confusing helpers with the actual Moderator Team. Thread helpers may not address any breaking of site rules (see Rule 2C: Mini-Modding); they may only enforce thread rules.

Rule 14: Thread Conduct

A. Thread Hijacking Thread hijacking consists of posting in an unrelated thread in order to divert discussion to a new topic. Most commonly, this occurs when a player posts a new question in a Help thread that was created for an entirely different question. If you have a new question to ask, please create a new thread rather than hijack someone else's thread. B. Necro-Posting Necro-posting is the art of raising forum threads from the dead by posting in the thread after a long period of time has passed. A forum thread may be considered "dead" once 30 days have passed without the thread being posted in. This does not apply to Clan threads, or to Suggestion threads that have not been Accepted, Rejected, or Completed. This is not an absolute rule. If the resurrection of the thread is justified, then it's okay. C. Posting Images Keep images posted in the forums to a reasonable size. Likewise, don't post images with file sizes greater than a couple hundred kilobytes. If the image you want to show others exceeds these sizes, consider linking to the image instead (provided the site linked does not contain content exceeding a PG rating). As stated in Rule 7B: Flashing Images, do not post flashing images.

Rule 15: Forum-Specific Rules

Specific forums and sub-forums have additional rules that do not apply to the forums as a whole. Threads listing these rules are pinned at the top of each forum or sub-forum. These rules are considered binding, even if they are not part of the full site rules. Below are direct links to some of these rules. Check each individual forum or subforum for rules before posting in that section.
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