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These rules apply specifically to Pokéfarm's Discord Chat. Per Discord's Terms and Conditions, users must be 13 years or older to create a Discord account. In order to comply with Discord's T&C, only Pokéfarm players 13 years or older may join the chat. These rules are also posted in the Discord chat itself, in the #rules channel. Rule updates may be posted in the #rules channel before being updated in this thread.

Chat Rules

All PokéFarm rules apply unless otherwise specified below. 1. This chat is PG-13. Keep it to topics appropriate for children as young as 13. 1a. Moderators are the final authority in this server on appropriate vs. inappropriate. PokéFarm is a British-based website, and as such PokéFarm's cultural norms may differ from those to which you are accustomed. 1b. Only limited profanity is allowed. If it's not in the list in the #rules channel, it may not be used in the chat. This includes acronyms generally accepted to contain profanity. 1c. This includes the information on your Discord profile. If your Discord name, profile, or other content visible to server members is inappropriate, you will be temporarily booted from the PokéFarm server and messaged on-site. You will not be permitted to rejoin the server until the content is removed. 2. Respect each other. Respecting each other includes minding the "jokes" you make and your choices of topic. If someone politely asks you to drop a topic, respectfully move on to another conversation. 2a. The PokéFarm Discord is not intended for venting, diagnoses, or other health-related advice. While we wish you the best with your life, health, and personal struggles, the other members of this server are complete strangers and probably aren't licensed medical doctors or therapists. We would not want any of our players to potentially come to harm from following unwise advice. 2b. Begging for Pokémon, items, or currency is not allowed. This includes "veiled" begging, such as a pattern of repeatedly complaining of being unable to obtain something with the hopes that another player is feeling charitable and will gift you the thing. Yes, we pay attention to this. 2c. Do not blacklist ("name and shame") and do not vague ("shaming without naming"). 3. Post in the right channels. Posts made in the wrong channel, such as asking to trade in #official-chat , will be treated as SPAM. 3a. Trade talk (including advertising trades and asking for pricing help) belongs in the #trading channel. i. Any given trade may only be advertised once every 24 hours. Repeatedly posting the same trade more often than that is SPAM. Deleting a post in order to re-post it before 24 hours have passed will be treated as deliberate circumvention of this rule. ii. Trades arranged through Discord are not enforceable by Moderators in the event something goes wrong. We recommend making a record of your final trade agreement through PMs, not in Discord. 3b. New Pokémon game (and DLC) spoilers belong in #new-game-spoilers. 3c. Show off your Pokémon in #pokemon-showcase, not in #official-chat. You can sparingly ask for clicks for said Pokémon, such as to help evolve it. 3d. #wiki-discussion and #wiki-todo are intended to support Wiki Editors. They are not Help channels. (That would be the #help channel.) 4. Be responsible with links & images. Links and images must be approved by a Moderator. This includes links from PokéFarm's Image Uploader. Refer to the Link Request Process below. 4a. Exception: Players who have boosted the PokéFarm Discord server may post links and images directly. Links and images must comply with all PokéFarm rules. You may not post links or images on behalf of other players. Abuse of this privilege will result in the removal of said privilege. 4b. Images, videos, video descriptions, and audio content must all be rating-appropriate. 4c. Files of any type that require a download are not permitted. 4d. Images, gifs, and emojis may not flash, blink, or flicker. These are potential triggers for epileptic seizures. Moderators are the final authority in this server on whether a particular image is considered a health hazard. 5. Don't SPAM. What is considered SPAM can be subjective, including but not limited to the list below. In general, if a Moderator tells you to please stop doing something because it's SPAMMY, kindly stop doing the thing. 5a. Posting ALL or MOSTLY in CAPS. This is shouting. It's rude. 5b. Multiple short messages in a row. 5c. Repeating the same message, outside of a technical glitch. 5d. Roleplaying in chat. 5e. Advertisement outside of the ⁠trading channel, including in response to #help questions. 5f. @mentioning any role except @Reports. Use @Reports only when you urgently need a Moderator's attention. 5g. Unreasonable usage of Discord markdowns such as headers and lists. 6. Keep yourself safe on the internet. - Do not share personal information in chat. This includes personal names, addresses, and contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses. - Do not share anyone else's personal information, either. - If you must share a photo you are in, obscure your face and any other identifying information. - Never download anything from chat. - Be cautious about clicking links not hosted on pokefarm.com.
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