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These rules apply specifically to Pokéfarm's Discord Chat. Per Discord's Terms and Conditions, users must be 13 years or older to create a Discord account. In order to comply with Discord's T&C, only Pokéfarm players 13 years or older may join the chat. These rules are also posted in the Discord chat itself, in the #rules channel. Rule updates may be posted in the #rules channel before being updated in this thread.

Chat Rules

Chat Rule 1 The public chat is under a PG-13 guideline. Please keep the conversation appropriate. Please remember to respect your fellow users. Chat Rule 2 As a general rule, please do not "@-mention" roles. If you need to call staff attention, you may use @Reports. Chat Rule 3 Please do not post off-site links without having permission from a member of staff ranked MiT or higher. You may post links to the site (PokéFarm) without seeking permission. You can get the attention of the relevant staff by using @Reports - please only do this if actually needed. Chat Rule 4 A. Please keep trade-talk to the #trading chat-area. Trading here is still considered off-site. Please note that we are not able to track edited or deleted messages - while it may be quick and easy to trade here, please note that it's not necessarily safe. For safe trades, please consider using the forums. B. That said, please only post your trade threads around once every 24 hours. On this topic, please do not spam any of the chat-rooms. This includes deleting messages and re-posting the content that you deleted. All site rules apply, including those on SPAM. Chat Rule 5 While our chat environment is considered more relaxed, please do keep the other users in mind and attempt to avoid spamming too much. You may post Pokémon in the #pokémon-showcase area (or parties, if your party is full of Pokémon you'd like to show off). Additionally, requesting clicks on said Pokémon you wish to show off is acceptable within reason. Chat Rule 6 Please try to avoid turning the chat(s) in to a roleplay room as this is not its intended purpose. Chat Rule 7 Please avoid posting spoilers outside of the provided area. Chat Rule 8 The #wiki-discussion channel is for discussing making changes to the wiki. Please do not ask questions there.
Discord game activity statuses are subject to language moderation, but not moderation of the game itself. This means that you can have any game shown on your game status as long as the name of the game doesn't contain any inappropriate language. Discord avatars must be child-appropriate. Inappropriate game activity statuses or avatars will result in your removal from PokéFarm's Discord chat. A PM will be sent to you on-site explaining the reason for your removal, and what step(s) must be taken before you can be admitted back to the chat.
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