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We welcome our players to provide their feedback on PokéFarm Q. Good or bad, your opinion matters! So please, speak your mind. We look forward to hearing from you.

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★★★★ 4.63
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Crystal Shadow: "It's...so...perfect,,,"★★★★★

Posted: 24/Oct/2020 03:32:06 (1 day ago)

Omg this game is so good like: PERFECT There's no way someone won't like it 10/5 BOOTIFUL <3333333 PFQ!

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Ace of Spades: "This game is fantastic!"★★★★★

Posted: 20/Oct/2020 17:36:24 (4 days ago)

This game is fantastic! I might be considered one of the worst players considering how I play, but I still think it's amazing! Since I couldn't give it 4 1/2 stars, I just rounded up. My one problem with the game is that the Mega Glasses are the only option for your character to wear glasses in the game, other than that, I've got no problems with it!

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ChangeOfHeart: "Unique"★★★★★

Posted: 18/Oct/2020 11:15:31 (6 days ago)

Me and my husband love this game, the albinos, fakemon and kind community make it very hard to quit. Lots to do here too even if you're not into hunting for special Pokémon.

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CreepyYurei64: "It's ok i guess?"★★★☆☆

Posted: 16/Oct/2020 03:42:26 (9 days ago)

I'm giving this three stars cause its not a horrible website. However, I have a few problems with some payments. It gets a little boring in some months. Sure we have events going on, but i wish there was a bit more content. Also stuff in this site is a little pricey. Also, everytime I log in here, the website crashes my chrome. it never started doing that when I started playing on here. I don't know if it's the amount of users on here, or something else, but please fix it as soon as you can. Other than that, the fakemons and pokemon sprites on this site are pretty spot on! (Some of them might need a liitle bit of art redone on them though.) ^^

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DanielTheCake: "Could be better."★★★☆☆

Posted: 12/Oct/2020 01:20:07 (13 days ago)

The entire game is pretty well thought out, but the BBCode is hard to find, and it would be more helpful to have all of the bbcode in one list so you can just insert it. Other than that the game pretty thought through and is high quality.

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941908: "amazing"★★★★★

Posted: 30/Sep/2020 17:16:24 (24 days ago)

very amazing

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TechnoGlaceon: "Love it!"★★★★★

Posted: 28/Sep/2020 14:59:41 (26 days ago)

This is the best Pokémon game i've ever played. I would never quit.

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Kokiri: "Fix the formatting"★★☆☆☆

Posted: 27/Sep/2020 19:12:12 (27 days ago)

Can’t find anything

👍 4👎 5

Memento Mori: "Very fun!"★★★★★

Posted: 27/Sep/2020 16:32:23 (27 days ago)

I have spent many hours just clicking pokemon in this game its so much fun

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DepravityInBlack: "I've lost control of my life"★★★★★

Posted: 25/Sep/2020 03:29:37 (1 month ago)

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