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We welcome our players to provide their feedback on PokéFarm Q. Good or bad, your opinion matters! So please, speak your mind. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Enlyte: "Amazing Staff!"★★★★★

Posted: 23/Mar/2019 18:44:16 (1 day ago)

Staff are very professional and are quick to resolve any problems users may have.

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Kate1998: "Amazing"★★★★★

Posted: 23/Mar/2019 06:19:53 (1 day ago)

This is amazing,and I have even met new friends on this site.When I am depressed,I get on Pokefarm and it makes me feel much better.No matter what,I get on Pokefarm everyday no matter what.I now have a whole life on here,and I am glad I got into Pokefarm!

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JessicaKnight: "Pay-To-Play/Win"★☆☆☆☆

Posted: 22/Mar/2019 19:24:26 (2 days ago)

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Half of the content is Pay-To-Play/Win and it's entirely making it feel useless when you can't even experience some stuff without paying 25/8

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Niet replied: 23/Mar/2019 12:28:32 (1 day ago)

I'm sorry you feel that way but I can assure you it's not true. If you'd like to discuss this further, please don't hesitate to contact me.

ArisuV: "Super Addicting!"★★★★★

Posted: 21/Mar/2019 16:07:23 (3 days ago)

I really do love this site! I played it for years and fell off of it, and only just now picked it up. But, I don't know why I dropped it to begin with! It's really addicting and really fun, and all their exclusive pokemon are so well designed and have clever names! It's definitely the best pokemon site there is! Side note: I do really miss the little art of the pokemon they had though. The Spinda was my favourite~

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Come on fans: "Very Good game"★★★★★

Posted: 19/Mar/2019 12:09:19 (5 days ago)

Very Good game for playing.

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MonarchPlayz: "Amazing Game"★★★★★

Posted: 18/Mar/2019 20:23:49 (6 days ago)

This game is great! Love the site skins and that you can make your own!

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Blabadook: "Addictive"★★★★★

Posted: 17/Mar/2019 23:35:55 (6 days ago)

Even when I don't have a set objective, it is always nice to just click, almost mindlessly, and just enjoy yourself. Very sweet and caring community as well.

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eeveexpikachu: "It is amazing I never get bored playing it !"★★★★★

Posted: 16/Mar/2019 08:54:34 (8 days ago)

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FurryFurret: "Not too easy when being new, but once older, we're getting somewhere!"★★★★☆

Posted: 15/Mar/2019 06:50:03 (9 days ago)

So, reviews, eh? Not many sites that are digital pet sites have these, so kudo’s to this site for having this. But as reviews have to be, there will be positive things to note, and, less positive things. I already apologize for my writing, English isn’t my first language, and I doubt that writing things in my native language would be readable either. Lets get to it. -The sprites from the newer generations that originally didn’t had pixel sprites look well done. This is something I do want to address. The fakemon also look well done, even if some don’t feel like pokemon at all. I can close one eye for some, but for some they’re on the border of an ultra beast when it comes to design (the gragon line), too realistic to be pokemon (tillink line), or look like they’re not from pokemon but from Digimon (the alicalf line, I can’t unsee patamon with the shiny version). All good and well, and luckily they’re fakemon, and I do understand the amount of time that comes with the design idea, and I do hope to see more in the future! -The pay-to-win discussion some have. I honestly feel this isn’t justified. The game is perfectly playable without investing into the site to get hypermode. The only things you won’t get is a faster game. Yes, going without the bonuses from hypermode can make things slow and will ask you to invest more time into clicking rather than sitting by and waiting for your eggs to level up. The only thing that investing in ZC might seem interesting is for GP, trading forum, summons and boxes, hypermode, ubercharm and that’s about it. You actually can go without them, but yes, it’ll take longer to achieve getting certain things such as shinies. So, it depends on your own playstyle. You’ll get there, just… not very fast. -However this takes me to a different point: Clicking. This is a click based site and further, there’s not much to do. I do am glad, for kids over 13 years old (because I’m sure that’s about the age they’re allowed to play this game?), that there’s a warning that they click too much in a long time. But, when it comes to doing things on the site, there’s a bittersweet side to it. People won’t have to spend hours online, but on the other hands, I do think that there’s not much to do for people and they can get bored easily. Some might like to have a variation of stuff to do, and there’s not much to do than to get the clicks in, check scours, do your dailies, reach a target for tournaments and, well, that’s it, I go and do other stuff for the rest of the day. So that’s kind of a good and a bad thing. You get people to play and do rl stuff, but at the same time, the site feels like it’s too much of the same thing and less variation. -Minor gripe: The art in the wiki for some of the mega pokemon. I get that the artists their strength lies in spriting, but I honestly can’t get over the fact that some of the artists don’t seem to do well in drawing and keeping the anatomy in mind. These pokemon their sprites look so amazing and then you see the art and go ‘this doesn’t justify them’. While the focus on the site is at spriting, I can’t ignore the art in the wiki and the flaws when it comes to the skills of the people who drew them. The one who drew the vaporeon mega did an amazing job, so I wonder why there hasn’t been put much thought in letting artists who’s strength lies in digital art do those while those who’s strength lies in spriting do the sprites. It’d look better for the wiki pages of those mega’s too. (Also the art in the events look amazing for the fakemon, kudo’s to the one who draws those. I only saw the ones for recent valentines event, though, and sadly not everything, but what I saw was good!) Note, I do hope I didn’t offend anyone with this, just keep drawing and keep improving! I know you guys might hear critiques like this at times, but I know you can easily prove me wrong by improving and showing that you are able to draw amazing things! (Note, I can’t sprite, so, uh, that’s something you guys beat me at!) -Regarding events: Ah, the valentines event. Let’s go on about that. Some of the items seemed very hard to get. Example, the big mushrooms. I had started playing this game not long ago and want to guess how many big mushrooms I got during the whole event from my own boxes? 1. How many did I need? 3. So I was forced to go and buy some for a way too high price than I wanted to, which, is, kinda annoying. I didn’t had much of a choice either. I could of course buy boxes with ZC, but I don’t want to spend money on this site. I could buy ZC to get the mushrooms of someone too, but again, I kind of don’t want to buy ZC. That aside, the fact that, as someone who had just started with the site, this was very hard to achieve unless I spend credits or gp on stuff I only need once that I could have used on stuff that I needed permanently to get somewhere on the site, such as a pokeradar to find shinies a bit easier. So, my point is, this wasn’t really newbie friendly. I’m sure the next event will go well (hopefully? Already trying to hoard stuff, hope it’ll help) but I’m not sure if this will be the case for other new players. Looking through the forum, past events had the same problem (?) I luckily saw that those sprites you could get as prize are obtainable again through buying them, but…. Again, I don’t want to spend money. My own choice, of course, but I’m glad that people who missed out on them do can buy them. Hey, that’s something that I know most sites don’t do, and something I find positive! -The wishforge. I love this. It’s not the best thing on the site, but I like the idea of being able to upgrade your badges and those giving a small boost in EXP too. It’s a nice system, and it gives more motivation to hatch eggs and evolve pokemon (with the amount of time you spend clicking them, of course). I can’t say anything but positive things about it, and the trading in system to get items like relic silver and so on, seems fair too. Just need to get lucky with the boxes, but since there’s no timer bound to this, we got enough time to find them! -Note, I do like the surprise element of the boxes, just wish that they weren’t so stubborn when giving items required for events. Got to get lucky, I guess. -When it comes to GP, I first was a bit annoyed that they were hard to get, but once you got everything you need (shelter passes, scour boost, etc), you’re good to go, and can easily start saving up. So getting GP is doable, either by having a good friend helping you, or just wait until you got enough credits to buy it from the market or have enough GP. (I try not to go into the forums too much, so yeah, it’s also doable without trading) -One thing I do would like to say is, I like the fact that people can use site skins! A personal favorite of mine since I discovered it, and the handiness of these! And the fact you can customize them makes it better! Overall, I do feel the site is doing fine, and it balances difficulty, playtime and activity well for the target public this site is aiming for. There might be some small things that need to be improved, some that may have to do with the luck factor which is something that only lady luck can do something about, but it’s on the right direction. Basically I would give this a 3.5 rating, but because I’m feeling generous I’ll give a 4 star rating, since most of the things I said aren’t too much of a game changer and often will start being better once you’re less of a new user. There’s a lot the site does thinks ahead of, and I think that’s good. After all, this is a site all about pokemon! Now back to hatching those eggs.

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würms: "fun time passer and great community, but gets tedious!"★★★★☆

Posted: 13/Mar/2019 19:31:24 (11 days ago)

I've been into Pokefarm since November, after having an account on the old PF briefly in 2010, and having an account on PFQ in 2014~ish that i forgot about. And what I'll say is, the site is amazingly put together. Sometimes I forget that it's a fansite. The community is full of friendly, creative people; the BBcode option encourages people to learn coding much like sites like neopets, gaiaonline, etc did in the early 2010's; there are many features that aren't in the canon games, premium features aren't (too) expensive, there's encouragement for team activities with social events. I give it 4 stars because it's not perfect, but it's been one of my favorite past-times, and has gotten me back into the pokemon franchise for the first time in months. Sadly, due to personal stuff and a few minor gripes I have with the site (as well as the fact that most people get bored of most games after playing them for awhile, and i've been playing for 4+ months straight, basically every day). As for my problems with it, I say all of these with utmost respect to the staff; I wish I could run a site, nevermind one based off of my favorite franchise, and I can tell they all work hard and are dedicated to their job. And this site has brought a lot of contentment. Okay, here we go. Top 'problems' I have: 1) Clicking. It gets. RIDICULOUS. The first few months I had little to no problems with it, and I still squeeze in my daily clicks (I think), but to be honest, it's just... not good. The staff isn't responsible for our health, of course, and they do give you a warning if you've been clicking too long. But with things such as events and MCW, my wrist aches and gets inflamed when I already have wrist issues. It's especially not good when it's a kid-friendly site, and no kid should be clicking 20,000+ times a day. And everything is click reliant! There's TamperMonkeys / custom css to auto-stack and etc, but it only relieves so much. Of course, it IS a click-based site, so there's not much to do about it. 2) Some of the Fakemon. Okay, this is more of a personal gripe. And I know how hard spriting is, and thinking of designs must be even harder. And the Fakemon are all very creative! But some of them... don't look like Pokemon. I don't mean that they're bad designs. It's more that the style of some of them is... awkward. And don't get me wrong, please; I LOVE so many of the fakemon. But some of them have parts that are too sharp, too realistic, if that makes sense. Like they'd fit into some other fantasy RPG game. And some of them are just......... plain. Like the new frog fakemon, for instance. I LOVE frogs. they're one of my favorite animals. And I know GameFreak is very guilty of doing similar. But like... most of the new formes of the frog pokemon just look like frogs; not even in a pokemon or simplified style or with anything added (which is how GameFreak does pokemon that are just X animal); they just look like somest one pixeled frogs. Again, maybe this is just me, i don't know. 3) Some of the Albino outlines and the remade 3d sprites Not much to say here, and I know they're putting this under development. n.n But some of the albino's outlines are very light? Like the Shinx outline for example, it doesn't feel like the outline was colored properly, and I love Shinx but I'm just like.. <:/ And as for the 3D sprites, many of them are extremely well remade! But then there's ones like Mega Gengar, that literally just look like they were traced over. Again, let me emphasize, I know how hard pixeling is. But the outlining looks gritty and awkward; you can TELL it used to be 3d. This goes for ones like Zeraora and Carbink. They look squeezed together and the details murked. Like they were resized. Again, a personal thing. 4) [BIG SIGH] Very minor gripe: sometimes a few of the mods are too strict. And I don't mean with the rules! That I understand very well. But sometimes they're very snappy and defensive in the forums when someone makes a simple/innocent mistake, or are just asking something, or they asked something that was previously asked, etc. And I know running a site is tiring, and simple mistakes pile up, but sometimes people mean no harm, or are making an innocent suggestion. Some of these people ARE kids, as you DO make an effort to make this site kid-friendly (despite 1 of the mods having damn in his signature despite damn itself being a no-no in the rules?). It's just a personal pet peeve when people are unnecessarily snappy and then act self-righteous about it. But you guys also work very hard on the site and make great events! 5) And that leads me to my last one: I've just. run out of stuff to do. I have hunts I have planned that I want to do, I want to start an art or code shop or etc, and I'm trying to muster the strength to do the TR, but honestly? I've gotten... bored. The clicking hurts my wrist, there's not many minigames or fun events, I know there's the forums too but I'm just like... hm. What do I do today? Nah, I'll just click and get off. I'm probably just burned out from PFQ though, because it's overall an amazing site! Before my burnout I definitely would've given 5 stars.

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