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We welcome our players to provide their feedback on PokéFarm Q. Good or bad, your opinion matters! So please, speak your mind. We look forward to hearing from you.

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TheRazzleberry: "My honest review after 2.5 years of play, and a 9 month break"★☆☆☆☆

Posted: 25/Nov/2022 06:42:08 (5 days ago)

I recently came back to this game after leaving for 9 months over the RMT debacle. I'll get my biases out of the way immediately, I had these issues before the RMT decision, the RMT decision was just the straw that broke the camels back. Before then I could tell myself that the slim progress I was making after I stopped paying to play could return some dividends, however minor, if I found myself in desperate need. With the removal of those, and 9 months to cool down and play other time wasters, I now want to distill some criticisms that people need to see for this game and add my voice the chorus. -This game is pay to win in the extreme. It is a click-based gatcha game with similar progression rates to things like Clash of Clans, Raid Shadow Legends, etc. but with even less gameplay. It is, essentially, a slot machine for pixels. Now here comes the "technically you can play it for free" yeah, you can do the same in those gatcha games but only if you want to progress at 1/10 the rate and 1/100 the efficiency. Here it may be even worse, especially starting out. You're going to need to drop some cash, get really lucky, or play for months before you see even a modicum of progression. They try to hide "energy" behind their scouring mechanic where you wait real world hours to (maybe) get boxes that (maybe) contain progression elements. Or... you could always drop $20 and get them quicker? If you do not want a really penalizing gatcha run. Now. -The site mods and admins are all extremely deceitful and most are rude and aggressive on top of that. The owner himself fosters a vile environment and finds it acceptable to lash out and talk down to users merely asking questions (once again just read the RMT thread from about 9 months ago and see if that's the kind of guy you want to bring your problems to if you have any, I will especially point out where a user talked about trading with a staff member mere weeks before they implemented a ban on the RMT). -This ties back into my previous point but updates are slow, minor, and usually just facilitate more "fear of missing out" to drive sales. I have no illusions that the site is constructed in a way to make as much money as possible, and I truly believe the RMT debacle (seriously just look up real money trading Pokefarm and read staff comments, that'll give you more than any of these reviews) was nothing but another move to bolster sales. Finally, I'll add, there are plenty of time wasters elsewhere, there are other click based pokemon games skirting the lines of copyright infringement even. I would suggest trying one of those and giving that thread a peek I mentioned before trying this game out. At best it's a streamlined browser based gatcha with terrible customer service, and sometimes outright abusive behavior from staff.

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Ravet: "My favorite game"★★★★★

Posted: 14/Nov/2022 17:32:27 (15 days ago)

Pokefarm q is unique and does it's best to give all player a great time! Everything is not too easy but if you do something, you will get there eventually.

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Supdude: "Great game!!"★★★★★

Posted: 14/Nov/2022 01:08:48 (16 days ago)

i was brought into this game by a sibling and have never had as much fun on any in browser game!! it is truly an amazing fan made game. I love the pkm sprites and all of the cool items and things to do on the site.

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Pikacku: "Amazing"★★★★★

Posted: 12/Nov/2022 00:42:43 (18 days ago)

I found this on Flight rising and I thought why don't I try it? And so I did! My sibling said they love this too! I must say, the custom pokemon are very cool looking, along with the custom mega looks.

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Sentientbutter: "purty gud, purty gud."★★★★☆

Posted: 11/Nov/2022 03:27:39 (19 days ago)

purt gud.

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Jeffrey-The-Much: "AMAZING AND FAIR"★★★★★

Posted: 08/Nov/2022 15:54:40 (21 days ago)


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Saki: "pokemo..n..."★★★★★

Posted: 08/Nov/2022 00:54:25 (22 days ago)

theyre mine now (imp smiling emoji here)

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PurpleDG330: "Oh yeah. This is what I've been looking for."★★★★★

Posted: 03/Nov/2022 13:31:20 (26 days ago)

Years ago I saw my aunt playing this game, but never cared enough to ask her what it was, and yesterday I discovered it while wondering what albino Pokemon would look like, and now here I am. I also TOTALLY love how you can play this game at school and on a Nintendo Switch(if you want a tutorial, ask me).

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CinderGlaceon: "Practically Perfect!"★★★★☆

Posted: 29/Oct/2022 04:31:27 (1 month ago)

PFQ has so many different types of fun things and collectibles. It has a large amount of things so you'll most likely never really get bored, and the people and staff are friendly. If the required time usage is lowered, Pokefarm Q will be even better, but, nonetheless, PFQ is always too fun for anyone!

👍 2👎 1

HopeNeverblade: "Very nice setup, easily addicting and fun!"★★★★★

Posted: 28/Oct/2022 20:45:06 (1 month ago)

I absolutely love this game, even over pokeheroes, one I was obsessed with and played before. I prefer the pokedex style of this one, keeping record of ones you've had in the past as well as the present instead of just the current pokémon. I also like how every egg looks different, including for Galarian, Hisuian, and Alolan formes. I'm obsessed with getting the different formes of pokemon and the eggs, and I love that it shows your progress for each region's pokedex! Overall, I think it's a great game!

👍 2👎 1

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