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We welcome our players to provide their feedback on PokéFarm Q. Good or bad, your opinion matters! So please, speak your mind. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Millie: "Great, Addictive Game!"★★★★★

Posted: 28/Jan/2021 01:34:10 (1 hour ago)

I started on 25/1/21. If you're reading this years later, it might be outdated that I'm new to this game. Some generous people have given me Gold Poke :) It's a great game! Never gets me bored, promise. For every single day I have logged onto PokeFarmQ and is excited to see whether my eggs have hatched and see what Pokemon they are. Treasures are great, Pokemons are adorable, but I have TOO MANY Pokemon. Not a problem, though. Every day I log on, itching to play. Great game. Parents would say, ''Get off the screen for a while and take a walk!!!'' but I can't listen. Really good game, would recommend to ages 8-17.

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Galamence: "Overall pretty amazing, maybe too many microtransactions."★★★★☆

Posted: 23/Jan/2021 18:06:30 (4 days ago)

I've been a veteran of PokeFarm for many years. Ever since around 2011 I've been playing the game and honestly it is a lot of fun and very enjoyable. I took a break between when the old site was dissolved and when the new site was launched, but I came back in 2017. Overall, the experience is extremely fun. The community is very wholesome and is one of the best online RPG communities that you can find. It is a wonderful experience and is very interactive. The art community especially, the talent of some of the artists on here simply blows me away. They've done an incredible job! I only have one issue though, and that's with how prevalent microtransactions can be. I understand the need to fund the website and to generate multiple streams of revenue to maintain its upkeep and for the owners and staff to be compensated for their hard work. It is essential that microtransactions be allowed to keep the website running (especially with the continuing rise of AdBlock). However, I feel like in order to compete with other players on the site and to build a decent farm that is on-par with others in the community, a significant amount of real-world money has to be spent to make long-term progress. There are a lot of "Gold" and "ZC" upgrades across the sites that are required in order to enjoy the site to its potential. These upgrades require an extremely high amount of grinding over a long period of time, or they can just be bought outright. These microtransactions may not be absolutely required to progress, however long-term progress is very limited and difficult without buying these upgrades, even if I just buy the subscription model of hypermode, I still feel the need to buy many of these microtransaction account upgrades in order to meaningfully progress. Again, I understand the need to fund the site's operation and the owners do have to make a profit. I also agree that some of these transactions are essential to ensure the smooth operation of the site. I just feel that sometimes it can be slightly too excessive and a bit too weighted towards pay-to-win, but of course that's just my brutally honest interpretation. I do want to reiterate though that this site has been amazing and the community is spectacular. The team has put a lot of work into it and it's truly wonderful how much detail goes into each of the mechanics. As a web developer myself, I know its not easy to operate a site like this. Keep up the good work =)

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Pob123: "Great"★★★★★

Posted: 23/Jan/2021 12:26:21 (4 days ago)

Fun and amazing to play all very friendly

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SkinZnikS: "Amazing game, Annoying activists."★★★★☆

Posted: 22/Jan/2021 22:56:49 (5 days ago)

This game is amazing. Very fun and addictive. I started playing and was not super impressed until I unlocked all the features and realized how large it is! Now I'm hooked and can't stop collecting!!! I'm lowering my score from a 5 to a 4 due to the number of annoying political activists on the site though. Every 10 user profiles contain some sort of politically charged hashtag or comment. I've reach out to the admins regarding this but was told it's not breaking the rules. I understand this is the case so I did not fight it, but this is a Pokemon game and this type of stuff definitely does NOT belong here.

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guisilvert: "Pokefarm"★★★★★

Posted: 21/Jan/2021 23:09:05 (6 days ago)

Das ist ein besser spiele game und das ist attractive

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NootSushi: "It's pretty good~"★★★★☆

Posted: 18/Jan/2021 19:32:20 (9 days ago)

Overall, nice site. I would say the design is ALRIGHT, but not really leaning towards design trends of simplistic, flat, organized, and bright design- although that doesn't make it bad. I personally don't have a problem with this, but I've invited a few people to PFQ, and many left because they were unable to easily navigate the site, and said it was very over-complicated. I am able to navigate it fine, but there is a lot to learn. (i.e. how the community works) I've heard stories of the community/staff members being "toxic" or rude, but, personally, no encounters so far. As I said before: Nice site in general, though, so good job.

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Niet replied: 19/Jan/2021 12:29:23 (8 days ago)

Thanks for the feedback! I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that we are working to fix that. PFQ is very "early 2000s" in design, even some "90s" in there. We're working on updating the design to improve those issues.

MarianaC: "Amazing! So entertaining and the best pokemon breeding game out there!"★★★★★

Posted: 17/Jan/2021 01:45:17 (11 days ago)

Love it!

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Kinshenewa: "Absolutely Wonderful!"★★★★★

Posted: 08/Jan/2021 21:28:20 (19 days ago)

I love this game! So much to do, and so many Pokémon to collect, I could play for days!

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ChefGucci: "Brilliant!"★★★★★

Posted: 03/Jan/2021 07:57:43 (24 days ago)

There's always something to be done on the site, you just never get bored! It has many unique and interesting features for all types of players, a very kind and supportive community, helpful and understanding staff members and much more. Even if you don't have your own friend group that plays, the community is extremely friendly and open to anyone and everyone who wants to join. It's a very relaxing game to play when stressed, and I'm looking forward to staying here for a long time! :)

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Iverukana: "Lovely little game! Fantastic time-killer and stress relief."★★★★☆

Posted: 30/Dec/2020 18:46:26 (28 days ago)

I've been looking at this game for years through a glass window, though I've only played it for the better half of December 2020 (as of writing this review.) I can say wholeheartedly, it's a beautifully designed game with so much love put into it- It really reads like a love letter to Nintendo. Before I get into everything, I'd like to say I signed onto this game towards the tail-end of a very, very bad depressive episode, and as such, it's become a major comfort for me, so much so that I actually use it more than most mainstream social media, so I may be more than a little biased. Before anything- Would I recommend this? Yes wholeheartedly. There's a wonderful community and I 100% guarantee you that you'll meet someone who's interests align with yours. If you like roleplaying? There's a forum for that. If you like drawing? There's a forum for that. Are you looking for art of ocs? There are shops for that. You looking for special Pokemon? Trying to sell? There's no shortage of people selling and buying Pokemon. The list goes on. I wholeheartedly guarantee you that you'll find someone who's interests align with yours. Despite my cons, I fully believe this site is one of the few ''perfect'' sites one can let their child on. Of course there are going to be issues if left unsupervised, but over all, this site is incredibly safe for kids, as the staff is watchful- A few of the members of staff being parents themselves- Alert and involved, in my opinion more than most/all other 'kid-friendly' websites. Not pros, but not cons! Just neat things! 1. This site hasn't ever been given a C&D from Nintendo & in order to respect the company, they intend to pack everything up if they do ever get one. (And Nintendo is aware of the site!) 2. There are so many fakemon and they are continuing to add more. 3. There are so many unique color palettes to get and fusions- It's amazing compared to the main games, and it makes you wonder 'why hasn't Nintendo done this yet?' 4. Some pokemon that didn't get mega evolutions did through PFQ. 5. Evolving certain Pokemon (Inkay, Alcremie, etc.) is wonderfully implemented and easy to understand. Let's talk about the pros! 1. Friendly community. I was gifted a few Pokemon to help fill out my dex when I was BRAND new. Furthermore, there are multiple community-made help posts. 2. Involved, approachable staff. In my personal experience, most staff from websites or games are very standoffish and generally don't interact with players. Furthermore, they don't seem to engage with the community much outside of vague yes/no answers or brief, usually unhelpful explanations and it feels like your reports fall on deaf ears. On PFQ? That's totally different. Not only can you see and keep track of reports, but you also know exactly when it got accepted by a staff member and who's handling the case, because they use a PM-esque system so you can track reports you've made. On top of this, they actively click players and engage with forum posts, and some staff members even have their own shops. 3. Site customization options. I'm sure everyone who's been on any site ever has thought at least once "I wish it was (x) color over (y)!" Given some basic CSS coding knowledge (or using f2u codes found in the forums) you can make a pretty neat site skin & can even modify how the game works in little ways (ex: only showing liked berries, stacking field pokemon, etc.) so long as you don't automate it. 4. It's INCREDIBLY accessible. You can play it on mobile devices and proper computers, something not too many games in the same style offer with the same level as accessibility. Being a frequent mobile user, I can confidently say that the desktop & mobile versions are virtually indistinguishable. Also, the aforementioned CSS skins work on all versions of the game! 5. There are plenty of events going on quite literally every week. You will find it very, very genuinely hard to find yourself bored. If you're tired of looking in the shelter, start clicking. If you're sick of clicking, you can fish. If you're bored of fishing, wonder trade, look into RP forums, look for trades, etc. Cons 1. It can feel very, very hard to start up without buying Hypermode, but it most certainly is doable. However, the reviewer notes, prior to any admin intervention, Hypermode is OPTIONAL. You do not need to buy Hypermode, but it CAN feel like it's basically a requirement. Having said that, it is worth it if you intend to play this often. If you intend to play for maybe a month and then get bored, do not do that as you can't properly reap the benefits of Hypermode. 2. The accessibility option for mass clicking leaves much to be desired (at least for me.) The way it works as of writing this review, is you grab a berry and hold it over a pokemon, and it 'nibbles' (best way I can describe what it does) the berry in a 2-4 second long 'bounce' animation before it moves on to the next pokemon (when fields can be stacked up to 40, that's around 2:45 minutes, give or take depending on how many seconds off I am.) While it's much better than repeatedly tapping on a screen/clicking, it can still be very tiring/boring holding your arm/hand in one place, unmoving for so long. Despite this, I cannot think of a fair 'replacement' for this besides maybe shortening the time taken- Especially since this makes it near impossible for disabled peoples to properly get Pokerus without sheer luck, as it only lasts for 15 minutes and on average, most people in rotation of Pokerus have upwards of 1,000 pokemon, not all stacked. (Though the admins do NOT enforce stacking/sorting, it is entirely up to players to do that.) 3. There's no proper block button. There's one that can be easily enabled with CSS (but it allegedly can be a bit bugged, I saw it disables itself & forgets who you've blocked, but I cannot confirm or deny this as it's never happened to me.) But I'd like to be able to actually block someone and not have to dodge them (named 'Someone') on clickbacks/online users, and I'd like to be able to prevent them from interacting with me and not worry about accidentally interacting with them. For a site primarily geared towards children, I believe that they need to be aware they are allowed to set boundaries without having to jump through hoops of contacting a site administrator, which can be nerve-wracking, even if they've done no wrong. Yes, this is a site about community and working together, but sometimes there are just bad apples who may not get along with one person, but get along with others. Finally, my defense for there being a proper block button- PFQ is a somewhat large site. Out of all the users, it's 100% possible that someone's abuser is on the site. The lack of a true block button could put someone at risk of further abuse or harassment. While the admins can step in and put a lock on the harassers account, it's possible it could have been entirely avoided by the victim blocking them. This is, of course, a worst case scenario, but it's my personal belief and stance. For this reason, and this reason alone, I cannot give PFQ 5 stars. Should this ever change, I intend to reach out to an admin to change my review rating. 4. You can't delete PMs. While I understand the logistics behind it (Admins need to be able to see PMs in order to investigate potentially illegal acts, investigate harassment claims, effectively keeping it from becoming a 'he said, she said' scenario among other things) it can leave your PMs being a bit cluttered.

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Niet replied: 07/Jan/2021 16:29:33 (20 days ago)

Thanks for your very thorough review! It was a delight to read. I'll just briefly address your cons here: - The "nibble" animation is just under half a second, so it takes about 20-25 seconds to feed a field. It can feel like longer but it's quite quick. (Or, it should be. If you time it and I'm wrong, let me know because it shouldn't take minutes!) - Blocking is a difficult topic but one that is being (slowly) worked on. - PMs are indeed kept forever in case you ever need them, but perhaps something could be done to make it less cluttered? I'll have a think about it. Glad you like it here!

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