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We welcome our players to provide their feedback on PokéFarm Q. Good or bad, your opinion matters! So please, speak your mind. We look forward to hearing from you.

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MinakoTheVixen: "Friendly and Welcoming"★★★★★

Posted: 17/May/2021 13:54:10 (1 day ago)

This game is full of such wonderful players

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CyanNotFound: "Amazing game!"★★★★★

Posted: 15/May/2021 14:24:13 (3 days ago)

One of the best unofficial Pokémon games I’ve ever played!

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MimicYou: "It works on mobile..."★★☆☆☆

Posted: 15/May/2021 02:12:58 (3 days ago)

I can't say I would suggest this site to other's, if I am perfectly honest. This is despite the large amount of time I spend on it myself. For one, if you are a free to play gamer I don't suggest you melan hunt. It's really just. Not fun. And the game will remind you how much better you could do if you had hypermode or shiny charms every time you check your shiny chain, which cost real money (yes you can buy them from other users, but the site has to get paid by someone to get them). That is another issue. It doesn't say this anywhere, but development of this game has stopped. There will be no more improvements, just bug fixes. This isn't posted anywhere clear for clients and customers to know before purchasing items, the money for which goes to pay the dev to develop a new pet project. This goes to another issue, while they have been working at it, communication is abysmal and it is fairly clear the site doesn't have anyone who has actually worked in real development. Ultimately anything major must go through the single dev who, to most of us, doesn't seem to treat this as a job and rather like a hobby, which considering it pays all their bills and allows them to use the money from this site to start a passion project that ended development here without any real warning (and without stopping or warning anyone who is using real money to buy currency), feels like quite a slight to those who use real money I imagine. I personally am free to play and have made many friends through here, which is really not due to the site itself much. The forum lacks basic features like a search function, while users who post questions or suggestions and haven't manually scoured the forum are treated a bit briskly by staff. There is also not an official block function, and trying to get one has been like pulling teeth. If the dev doesn't understand something, and that includes LGBTQ issues or racial issues, they don't see the importance of it and seem very much to dismiss it. I was around for PF1 as well and if you were, I can't say I have seen much true change between the dev now and then, they just seem to be more silent since they seem unable to communicate professionally, and this is something that plagues a lot of staff communication especially in the discord. A cult of personality is wanted, encouraged, and anyone who disagrees even respectfully is shut down extremely harshly. Comments from the dev often feel like a game of Schrodinger's joke. If you were upset, it was just a joke and *sigh* I guess no one understands me. (Yes this is how the dev behaves towards members) Honestly the site needs a good, mature PR person who is given leeway to manage the communication. But as far as the staff, they are almost all volunteer (and the artists are paid peanuts) and this point is used to dismiss complaints about lack of communication. "Everyone has a life" they say, but... Considering that the dev and their co-admin apparently do this as a full time job (it pays their bills) and they have free time to have their community watch them game on Twitch, I do not see how basic expectations of communication is too much to ask for. I will probably receive some blowback for this review. Disagreement is often not allowed and especially does not seem to go unpunished. It's a shame because at it's core it has a lot going for it, it's the best game of this type to work on mobile, and I keep wanting to like it. But when it is ran in such a way as development is silently ended because of the emotional state of the dev, and either through lack of thinking things through or experience shady or dishonest things are done involving real money taken from children, it's hard to want to invest in it beyond the surface. As it is, I would say it has potential, but as I said there is nothing more being done for this game (a new one that is drastically different and sounds like it won't appeal to much of those into clicker games and it rather more about what the dev wants is being developed, but if you like this style game specifically it doesn't sound like it is made with you in mind).

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SilverRabbit: "Really great, really fun, made some good friends here :)"★★★★★

Posted: 14/May/2021 01:08:50 (4 days ago)

Self explanatory aha. It's a great past time and the people here are so friendly and helpful! 10/10 game.

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ova e sum: "Just the best thing ever!"★★★★★

Posted: 13/May/2021 12:56:50 (5 days ago)

A friend showed this game to me, and at first I thought it was mediocre, now it is my favorite game!

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James.Lane: "Great Family Friendly Game"★★★★★

Posted: 10/May/2021 14:30:18 (8 days ago)

It's great, good FanMade Pokemon and Megas. GMax needing to be added to the game. also, im hoping to be able to do trades again.

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FlareonFlameon: "great"★★★★★

Posted: 10/May/2021 03:20:06 (8 days ago)

great! [pkmn=pokefarmlover]!

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alice-1999: "Takes a lotta time.."★★★☆☆

Posted: 05/May/2021 20:57:57 (12 days ago)

So I have been on this site forever and yeah only recently got back into it- was pleasantly surprised to see so many new things! Don't get me wrong I really appreciate it and all the work that goes into it! However- its a lotta work to do some things sometimes- the mass click events sure are cool but at the same time it takes HOURS to get that many interactions. And its not exactly kind on the wrists// fingers :') Additionally - I find it frustrating how the EXP boosts only are considered if they are in the persons party.. If I have to click 10,000 times I feel like it would be fair that my eggs get a boost from clicking fields!- maybe this could be something to consider for larger events like that? Also scour missions! The fact that you can only really get 1 item unless its a berry or even sometimes nothing is frustrating- especially when I don't even use the accessories… also upgrades cost so so much if you don't wanna pay ;-; It took me SO much selling to even get the shiny hunter and that was just credits I have SLOWLY started to get the pokegold for everything else and still need about 3000 more and I only can get it from trading my credits OR by the rare box//scour.. Anyway- these are just a few bits that I personally find frustrating but ultimately understand that it needs to be profitable for you guys + still a challenge. Thank you for all your hard work in making this community!.

👍 4👎 1

Nikkos: "Wonderful!"★★★★☆

Posted: 05/May/2021 00:36:42 (13 days ago)

Haven't been playing long. Absolutely in love! Better than competitors!!

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WFLAW: "Great"★★★★★

Posted: 03/May/2021 17:12:30 (15 days ago)

Very addicting

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