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We welcome our players to provide their feedback on PokéFarm Q. Good or bad, your opinion matters! So please, speak your mind. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Asteri: "pretty a-okay"★★★★★

Posted: 19/Feb/2018 04:36:02 (11 hours ago)

this is a good site, i enjoy it and met some nice people. 10/5

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AlbinoNinetales: "Disappointing to say the least"★★★☆☆

Posted: 16/Feb/2018 15:25:35 (3 days ago)

In most cases this website can be rather fun, but in my experience, I found myself starting to have a certain bitterness towards the website. Let me explain; The biggest problem I had was with the in-game currency. Almost all of the "premium" or "luxury" items such as the Costumes, the Star-tier shelter pass, and egg passes cost Zophan canisters. As someone who prefers to not spend money on online games, this was very hindering to my experience. it didn't make it harder but rather it took the fun out of things causing me to almost completely abandon this site. The staff say you can trade with other players to get this Premium currency but I rarely found anyone willing to trade their canisters. It even says on the ZC page that "we may give them out as part of a promotion, or there may be opportunities to win them." and within my time of playing on this website for almost a year now, i have never seen any of these promotions or "opportunities" to receive them. My second problem with the site is minor, but it was irritating. The tone of a few members of the staff were rather condescending and arrogant. It felt like the admins were belittling me, my friends and i would assume other users. (like I said, minor, but people should know) In addition, my friend was incorrectly warned by a staff member, that he was "Begging" for Someone's Pokemon, when in reality, he was making a large offer for a rare Pokemon. (when they didn't reply, he just left it at that and didn't continue to ask.) I also have a problem with the review system. "Reviews with 80% negative user feedback are excluded from totals." Here's my problem with this; there are people out there who write genuine reviews and get down-voted and receive negative feedback because they are disagreeing with something people like (this site.) So in turn, their reviews are removed from the page and cant be seen by the people who need to see them. And finally, I have a problem with some of the game mechanics. for example: in order to get Type: Null one must have six ultra beasts in their party and go to the Aether house, where all six ultra beasts are consumed to receive a Type: Null egg. the problem here is the fact that a person is loosing SIX of their Pokemon in exchange for One. it all feels like too much for just ONE Type: Null. not only that you are required to have BOTH Solgaleo AND Lunala in your party before you can even get one UB. and with the rarity of the Eclipse flute (the summon item) it makes it ten times harder. The other problem I have with the game mechanics is how long it can take a person to build up enough interaction points to purchase the Albino Radar, as well as getting 1 million credits to buy the pokeradar and the pokeradar plus. Overall, I wouldn't really recommend it to my friends or anyone in general unless they like wasting their time. it was fun to play in class, but I ended up resenting this site in the end. if anyone has any questions feel free to message me and ill answer them the best I can, when I can (like I said I'm rarely on) Thank you for taking the time to read this review. I hope it helps. -AN

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Mm Supers: "Mm supers"★★★★★

Posted: 16/Feb/2018 14:13:28 (3 days ago)

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Nice gamer

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niceart: "It's average, but still fun"★★★☆☆

Posted: 15/Feb/2018 20:20:31 (3 days ago)

I have a lot of complaints with the site from the few years I've been here from bugs and not making up for bugs (it'd be nice if we got some sort of compensation for the website being down for some amount of time without warning, like 10gp per hour. Just so we get something for the lost time), and general hostility from the moderators/administrators (reading replies to any well-worded and explained review shows some sort of inferiority complex and it's...extremely intimidating, it makes your administration seem unreachable.) However; I also believe there's plenty of positives to go hand despite the negatives. There's a reason why I do come back to the site time and time again, incentives to log in, reasons to interact, good trade systems and even fun events. (Even if I don't like tournaments, I can see the reason some would). It's addictive, the site layout is easy to understand even for a child, the entire game is simple and easy to do. I love interacting with other members of the community on the forums for trades and so on, most members are kind and understanding and it's lovely. It's lovely and the community is great. Sure, I've dropped off from boredom now and then, but I always seem to come back! Also, I'd say about 70% of the fakemon designs are super nice in my own opinion. Keep up the good work! My apologies for anything that doesn't make sense \o/ TL;DR: Like I said, the website is average, but it's still fun enough to keep me coming back, maybe not enough to spend money on ZC anymore, but definitely to play F2P

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StarThebeauty: "Great time-waster!"★★★★★

Posted: 12/Feb/2018 16:32:00 (6 days ago)

Whether you're busy or bored, there are so many things to do and this game never fails to entertain.

👍 3👎 4

BestBoy: "So good!!"★★★★★

Posted: 12/Feb/2018 04:48:54 (7 days ago)

This site is so good for my depression and ocd, it's honestly saving my life right now I don't know why I didn't join sooner

👍 4👎 3

SecretlyNeo: "Interesting and addicting"★★★★☆

Posted: 07/Feb/2018 16:34:18 (11 days ago)

There are many factors to this game that draw me in. The shelter aspect is very interesting, and that's where I spend most my time. I like that here there is more than just battling. It makes me love Pokemon more and keeps me entertained. I give this a four star and not a five star, because there are a few nit picks that I have. I don't have the money to spend on the internet or online games. Hypermode requires that money spending. However, that doesn't ruin the whole experience. I like trying to get all the summon items, credits, and gp. It feels like a rush. I highly recommend this website to anyone who has extra time on their hands

👍 5👎 3

Perseverence: "Very Interesting and Very Fun!"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Feb/2018 13:05:40 (12 days ago)

I've been playing this game for a while now and I find it very fun and very addicting, It gives me a chance to kill time and to just play a game based off of one of my favorite series!

👍 4👎 4

Åsh Këtçhûm 1: "cool"★★★★★

Posted: 06/Feb/2018 08:26:20 (13 days ago)

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It's cool, I'm cool, cool

👍 3👎 14

Raichu25: "Simple But Genius Game!"★★★★★

Posted: 05/Feb/2018 23:01:14 (13 days ago)

Just what can I say? This is a simple but genius game, perfect for what it is! I've been playing since PF1 when I was even younger...stopper for a while...but now I'm back with PFQ! As someone who not only enjoys the battle aspect of Pokemon but also their designs/concepts and collecting and caring for them, this is literally the perfect game. Pokemon here are no longer ranked by sheer battle strength, but however you personally want! By the ones who are the cutest, the ones with the coolest designs, etc...it's all up to you! I'm personally not into the super serious money-spending/super-rare hunting aspect of this game, as I don't have the time nor money for that...but this game is still a relaxing blast, regardless! This is one of the best, and if not, the very best fan Pokemon game there is out there. I'm really glad I came across it! To add more onto things, the community of players/users and the staff/admins are really nice as well!

👍 7👎 1

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