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We welcome our players to provide their feedback on PokéFarm Q. Good or bad, your opinion matters! So please, speak your mind. We look forward to hearing from you.

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★★★★ 4.59
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Samanthasapphrs: "Pokèfarm Is Wonderful"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 19:21:33 (7 years ago)

Pokèfarm is one of the best multiplayer websites made by fans for fans. All the amazing features allow even the youngest of players to achieve their goals. To be helped, you must help others by clicking the vast amounts of eggs and Pokémon available to enjoy. Several of the Pokémon are only accessible on the site itself which gives Pokèfarm a fresh feel in the quest to catch them all! Berry fields for the harvester, breeder for the well, breeders! This site has everything all the different players of Pokémon could want. Explore and thrive in one of the best fan made websites of all time.

👍 35👎 1

Lgreenbunny: "Very good"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 19:20:29 (7 years ago)

No complaints except for lag, but that only happens during mass-click weekends :c

👍 25👎 5

Pottermort: "Radical"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 19:19:42 (7 years ago)

👍 16👎 59

skîmpyLîar: "Fantastic!"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 19:19:28 (7 years ago)

I was needing a way to thank the staff for doing such a fantastic work in this game. You are awesome, thank you.

👍 52👎 7

Obstagoon: "Very fun"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 19:18:57 (7 years ago)

Very enjoyable, easy to understand and get a rhythm in over time. Community can be very supportive and friendly. Staff are helpful and kind, will help you when you need it. The variations and exclusive are cool and unique. Something you wouldn't find elsewhere.

👍 122👎 7

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