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We welcome our players to provide their feedback on PokéFarm Q. Good or bad, your opinion matters! So please, speak your mind. We look forward to hearing from you.

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iEXXUS: "Interactive Community"★★★★★

Posted: 14/Oct/2021 16:20:21 (2 days ago)

I may not have been here very long, but everyone here is very understanding and kind, lending help and giving things if asked. Everyone helps everyone and it's just a wonderful sight to see.

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Keen: "Fantastic Collections <3"★★★★★

Posted: 11/Oct/2021 15:12:23 (5 days ago)

I play this every day for hours XD Collecting not only each pokemon, but also their forms and the pokefusions is just fabulous ^-^ Love this game more than I like the official games ^-^'

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Archie: "Great and relaxing"★★★★★

Posted: 04/Oct/2021 13:49:08 (12 days ago)

It's a great game, with a easy to grasp concept and numerous challenges to achieve. If you're with some free time in hands, join us!

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SunlitLotus: "OMG I'm in love"★★★★★

Posted: 25/Sep/2021 17:41:21 (21 days ago)

If you're easily distracted and easily addicted, be careful this will ruin you LMAO The people are nice too (tho some of those profile... like y'all this is a pokemon game not a platform to change the world) and some will just be like "Oh you're new here have this shiny" which is wild to me o.o I never cared about catching them all when it came to actual pokemon games, but here I really want to!

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Emperor Umbreon: "the best"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Sep/2021 22:48:00 (1 month ago)

this is the best game i have ever played super fun and you will love it to

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Teddybear: "TLDR 5/5 would play again."★★★★★

Posted: 02/Sep/2021 18:28:02 (1 month ago)

Niet if your reading this, this part is for you. Ive been playing pokefarm on and off over the years since my girlfriend introduced it to me in 2009ish. Ive got a lot of bad that I could say about PF but there's equally just as much good. At the end of the day I'll keep coming back and playing. I appreciate the massive amount of time you've put in to this and I'm not here to "bust your balls" over silly things from the past. Thank you for your dedication! Now for anyone else reading this. Ive broken this up in to a few categories id like to comment on. Game Design: This is always a hot topic, the website is constantly evolving and getting better and better. The team always seem to be polishing something and they take community feedback pretty seriously. Is this pay to win? Yes, and maybe: You can grind and get almost everything that paying will get you. That being said its much easier to just pay for a hyper, you get things easier and it supports the devs. Some people really don't like pay to win, and I completely get it but this site doesn't display stupid adds and relies on the community to keep its servers running. Is PokeFarm Q fun? Yes: I absolutely love this place and its awesome to dive in to. Unfortunately I'm also one to easily get burnt out. I always end up coming back in and picking it up. If your easily burnt out, take a break and pop back in every once and a while. Conclusion: PFQ is a evolution that has taken over a decade to evolve into what it is. Its got an outstanding community and it always brings me back. My personal complaints: I just really miss dream world....

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alexisdu53: "perfect game"★★★★★

Posted: 31/Aug/2021 15:08:56 (1 month ago)

litterally the best pokemon game ever created, good fakemons, and nice things to do here, i'll leave a 10/10 (i cant make a good critic please help ;';)

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purliu: "A game I always come back to"★★★★★

Posted: 28/Aug/2021 07:03:18 (1 month ago)

I started playing back when it was just Pokefarm and not PFQ, maybe 2009? 2010? It's been a hot minute. I get burnt out and bored super easily with games, so it's not uncommon for me to try a game and then ditch it within a month. So for me to keep coming back to pokefarm is amazing. I love that there's no ads on the site, and while there IS a premium currency, it's really not needed for the most part. While it does help, you're offered multiple different ways in-game to earn those same perks as people who pay real money, just by spending time on the site. The community is also super great!! Everyone is so ready to help, be it helping trade pokemon to evolve, to sending out shiny or albino pokemon in wondertrade. I've met so many kind people on here. Thank you for the years and years of clicking eggs :)

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KinouSnail: "Doesn't burn my CPU"★★★★★

Posted: 21/Aug/2021 05:40:07 (1 month ago)

There are things that do need money to do on your own, but that's a small portion of the site. Plus, the site needs support from somewhere. It isn't a pay-to-play sort of thing though. It's just for cosmetics, and even then, shinys and melans and such can just be traded with other players. The site deserves the support it gets. Best poke site I've been on! Especially since my pc can actually run it without a video card without absolutely imploding. Been on and off playing it since middle school 3 years ago. No matter how many times I drift away, I always get sucked right back in every summer.

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Vaisakh: "Greatest game!"★★★★★

Posted: 18/Aug/2021 06:16:52 (1 month ago)

I have not played for a long time but this game has some sort of magnetic field that keeps attracting me towards it 🙂. I can’t stop playing this game 😗

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