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gawr: "fun game! but i feel like there's a huge wall blocking free players"★★★☆☆

Posted: 11/Feb/2021 01:19:44 (16 days ago)

The game is really fun. I adore it, the EXP share, shelter and albino/melanistic mechanics makes it way better then other pokémon clicking games i've played! Though i feel as if there's too much stuff that can only be acquired by the premium currency, and as someone who clicks a lot everyday, i feel like i'll never get enough credits to trade them for the premium currency, as i plan to stay a free player. It takes too long to save up credits by interacting. I also really dislike the daycare mechanic, i wish it would let us have unlimited adoptions BUT the eggs would spawn way less. I think it'd be more fair that way. I also really dislike how the trade centre works. I wish you could put up a trade and let users offer. But you're required to talk it out with someone on PMs or the Forums. I don't plan on engaging this much in the social aspect of the game so i want to stay away from the forums. But if i need a pokémon or something that i have to trade for, i'll have to force myself to use the forums. Overall its a really nice game, but could use some quality of life(?) changes, to make it more fair to free players.

👍 6👎 0

CreepyYurei64: "It's ok i guess?"★★★☆☆

Posted: 16/Oct/2020 03:42:26 (4 months ago)

I'm giving this three stars cause its not a horrible website. However, I have a few problems with some payments. It gets a little boring in some months. Sure we have events going on, but i wish there was a bit more content. Also stuff in this site is a little pricey. Also, everytime I log in here, the website crashes my chrome. it never started doing that when I started playing on here. I don't know if it's the amount of users on here, or something else, but please fix it as soon as you can. Other than that, the fakemons and pokemon sprites on this site are pretty spot on! (Some of them might need a liitle bit of art redone on them though.) ^^

👍 3👎 1

DanielTheCake: "Could be better."★★★☆☆

Posted: 12/Oct/2020 01:20:07 (4 months ago)

The entire game is pretty well thought out, but the BBCode is hard to find, and it would be more helpful to have all of the bbcode in one list so you can just insert it. Other than that the game pretty thought through and is high quality.

👍 3👎 2

geraltofrivia: "it's ok...i guess"★★★☆☆

Posted: 01/Sep/2020 21:41:33 (5 months ago)

the concept of the game is fun and i enjoy collecting pokemon to my heart's content; however, the pay-to-win type transactions are literally everywhere and the community can be toxic (not always but theres a weird hive-mind mentality when it comes to some elitism in certain social groups) not to mention some mods/devs can't seem to take much criticism from what i've seen on reviews from other sites... the albino pokemon are very pretty, and i'd recommend playing this game as a timekiller, but that's about it. please don't waste your money on the microtransactions.

👍 11👎 4

MÏÑËÇráFt123: "This a great game but bad game"★★★☆☆

Posted: 07/Aug/2020 19:52:31 (6 months ago)

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I love this game but it’s hard to find stuff like I tried to battle someone and it took me 5 minutes to find it

👍 2👎 16

Niet replied: 08/Aug/2020 15:30:39 (6 months ago)

Just for clarity, the option to challenge someone is on their profile page, along with other options such as sending them a message or trade request. We try to keep menu options in sensible places, but are open to feedback. For reference, a screenshot of the menu placement in question: http://prntscr.com/tw9o0i Hope this helps!

Silverheat512: "It's ok, mainly the how long egg take to hatch other than that it's a great game."★★★☆☆

Posted: 31/May/2020 22:49:59 (8 months ago)

It's ok, mainly the how long egg take to hatch other than that it's a great game. I do like the game don't get me wrong.

👍 3👎 7

blueberrycupcake: "Fun little time waster"★★★☆☆

Posted: 18/May/2020 15:26:34 (9 months ago)

Very well made game, and good to pass time, but it definitely feels like it's geared toward people who are willing to pay monthly to get upgrades, and I find myself getting somewhat frustrated at the much better stats of almost everything, since I don't have enough money to use it on things like this. Other than that, it's very enjoyable and the community is very friendly!

👍 4👎 3

Index154: "Decent"★★★☆☆

Posted: 15/May/2020 09:13:25 (9 months ago)

It's a neat game to kill time with when you're bored and it can actually be pretty addicting too. At the core it's all about giving experience points to other people's Pokemon/Eggs and hoping that they return the favor. That's not very engaging by itself but there are enough other things to do and enough regular events to keep you coming back. The community is pretty nice from my experience so far. Haven't had any interactions with staff members so can't say anything about them. The Pokemon variety is good, it's also cool to have multiple different "shiny variants" in the form of albinos and melans. So there's a lot to collect with some things being a million times harder to get than others. My main problem with the site is that it does a really good job at making you want to spend your money on the game by having many little inconveniences that entice you into skipping them. It also makes sure that you don't make too much progress each day in order to spread out your activity and as such make the premium subscription more appealing while also making it necessary to purchase it for longer periods of time. Because of this I'm having this internal struggle about how I know that I'm wasting my income on just a couple of fantasy creature sprites... but at the same time I really want to have them because that's the power of collectathon games I guess. Navigation around the site is okay, finding explanations for all the mechanics is a bit of a process though. One thing I find unnecessarily inconvenient is the breeding (or in other words the biggest part of the shiny hunting) process: Even if you get yourself two parent Pokemon that are nearly perfectly compatible, you'll only be able to adopt 6 eggs from them each day, no matter how many you produce... (or 12 with the paid subscription). To get more eggs you have to adopt them from the Shelter where they've been released to by other players or yourself. My guess is that the intention of this is to make the process more involved or more community-oriented. But to me it's just annoying. Having to reload the Shelter for minutes until I finally get the egg I'm looking for is not fun and it sometimes takes what feels like ages, even with the hidden bonus you get from having a chain. And I don't even wanna imagine what it's like when you're hunting a Pokemon that almost nobody else is producing eggs for... And this leads into my second large complaint about Pokefarm. It's somewhat connected to my first point but more specific: You can upgrade the allowance for daily shelter adoptions by buying upgrades, but it seems to take a considerable amount of time (or alternatively money) to obtain these. And it feels weird to be forced to unlock something by playing the game so you can gain the ability to... play the game more. It's essentially a time-lock that can be upgraded but the upgrades themselves are time-locked. Except that you can remove that lock by paying with real money. Rather sly. And yes, I know you can get the daycare passes on the market but the high level ones cost a considerable amount of money that you're better off investing into the super-pricey Pokeradar anyway. Collecting the credits to buy these things takes time as well and not really less time than getting them yourself. For me, someone who's pretty impatient with stuff like this, - and shiny hunting is bascially my main goal here - this is frustrating, especially since you have to hatch such a huge amount of eggs anyway. I'm willing to spend a lot of my time and do tons of interactions to hatch as many eggs as possible... and it feels like this daily limit just puts artificial brakes on my progress to keep me playing the game for longer so I have to pay for a longer period of Hypermode. Even though I already gave in and bought an upgrade for the shelter I still feel this way. In my opinion a player should be able to control their own rate of progress in a game if they put in the necessary effort. Time-locked content is just a bummer. I somewhat understand that the site probably lives off of making users return every day for long periods of time but I simply don't like that and it's not a choice I can agree to. So to sum it up, I'm in a bit of a love-hate relationship with the site and that's why I tried to give a somewhat middle-ground score. I want to enjoy playing the game as much as possible but these issues just make me feel a bit disappointed whenever my activity is hampered by them.

👍 18👎 2

reuel66: "It's okay"★★★☆☆

Posted: 22/Feb/2020 09:32:56 (1 year ago)

It's a nice little game but over time it just gets grindy and boring without having to pay for stuff, Melans and albinos are basically just pointlessly waiting for them to hatch with your ULTRASUPEROMEGA COOL GAMER GIRL SHINY MEGA UBERCHARM RADAR and just praying that one of the 6 eggs will get you a melan (and in the end only getting like 2168238 shinies and albinos ) Interactions are pretty meh aswell they give you rewards sure but all you do is just feed the other person's party and click 6 times then just move onto the next page, it's sorta boring I have some sort of template that puts all the interactions and the next page button into one space and that makes it easy, eliminating the method of moving my mouse, But it still kinda hurts my finger. The community's cool I guess. They're pretty nice. That's literally all I have to say about them. Anyways, i'm giving it a 3/5. You can play this if you have an obscene amount of time on your hands, sure, but if you don't like killing time just for some special collectible stuff in endgame, i'm not sure if this is the thing for you.

👍 11👎 7

PikaGamer189: "Image failure"★★★☆☆

Posted: 06/Nov/2019 18:11:58 (1 year ago)

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its really good but the image uploader it sometimes becomes a paper tear image ive checked to see if ive done it right they seem to work fine at first then eventually are gone i know its common but is there a way so it is not so annoying?

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