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Doggodude: "Good game!"★★★☆☆

Posted: 17/Apr/2024 16:45:56 (1 month ago)

This game is fun, but really hard to complete. It seems like the only way to do so is to pay for hypermode and Zophan canisters.

👍 8👎 0

wolfrunner: "Decent"★★★☆☆

Posted: 14/Apr/2024 14:22:46 (1 month ago)

I’ve been playing this since the first Pokefarm. Honestly…..it’s a decent adoptable game. There are better games such Howrse.com and Chickensmoothie.com (which I spend most of my time on) out there, but this is okay. A fun little time passer while suffering no consequence if you drop it anywhere from a day to a year on purpose or by mistake. I’ve heard negative stuff about the staff at times but ignore it because I don’t interact with staff which is fine. No big loss there. I like a lot of the season events like Halloween, Easter and a few of the special ones that happen from time to time. The only event that really got me hot under the collar was when Kinaster first came out because I was unable to finish it due to not being able to finish one of the later objectives….but se le vie. Don’t care. I can breed my own Kinaster army if I wanted. Z-Crystals aren’t worth it to me because they never work. Tournament prices are a bit pricey for new stuff. I like that I’m getting Zophan free every so often after logging in now, big change and help there. So yeah. Over all…..it’s okay and cute to pass time.

👍 7👎 0

Haydenisepic: "A Honest Pokefarmq Review"★★★☆☆

Posted: 30/Mar/2024 22:28:26 (1 month ago)

A Honest Pokefarmq Review. In My Opinion There Is A Lot That Can Only be Accomplished On Spending Money On The Game. Now you can play as a free to play if you put in hundred of hours Or pay a certain amount to progress faster it feels unbalanced. The Staff And Mods Are Efficient At what they do but Certainly Aren’t The Most Polite. The community is great lots of great users and people. The Art Designs And New Pokemon Are Creative As Well. Overall Pokefarmq isn’t a bad game but there’s a lot of room for growth.

👍 15👎 3

hypermode-12.pngNiet [Adam] replied: 08/Apr/2024 13:47:57 (1 month ago)

For the sake of clarity, I must note that there is *absolutely nothing* that "requires" purchases. Everything, even the premium currency itself, can be traded with other players. While it may take an investment of time, there is no paywall nor any kind of gate preventing free players from accomplishing any goal they may have in this game.

NecroTheZma: "Fun with problems"★★★☆☆

Posted: 11/Feb/2024 00:51:19 (3 months ago)

Pokefarm is a very fun and addictive, however the moderation and general site setup is terrible. I mean... the forums speak for themselves, no search, no way to even look up your own posts unless you save the link... horrible, and It'll never be fixed! yay!!! yippee!!!! Moderation I haven't had any person experiences with, but other reviews speaking of how they tend to be intimidating does not make me feel better. I am already afraid of getting banned just for typing this review, however I must share an experience my friend recently had. My friend reported a profile for having bigoted ( racist and anti-lgbt ) beliefs within their bio, however their request was denied as " politics are not against the rules " and I do not feel safe here because of it.

👍 23👎 7

kaylleena: "only complaint is mods."★★★☆☆

Posted: 27/Aug/2023 23:23:05 (9 months ago)

i love this game. i play it all the time and i constantly find myself checking forums. i've loved making friends through these forums, and seeing how kind the user base is to other people makes me happy. however, it really frustrates me when mods, mainly niet, act superior to users whenever they ask a simple question or make a suggestion. in replies to suggestions i've seen niet literally just post "No." without an explanation or "Sounds boring." he actively belittles people who make suggestions that wouldn't work code-wise or might be too taxing on the server, however i think it's important for him to consider that not every single user is fluent in code or even knows a single thing about it. what seems like a stupid idea to him, may sound like something that's an amazing addition to several other users. it just really upsets me seeing him care for the game but not also the users who make up the game. treating users like this drives people away. without users, you don't have a game. i understand he's stated that he doesn't like pms much or that hes socially awkward, but there is a big difference between being awkward and being snarky, rude, and aggressive to users. yes, i recommend the game. however, i do not recommend posting in the suggestions forums or any other forums where the point is to bounce ideas off of/interact with moderators. some of the moderators have been very kind and helpful, and i don't want all of them to feel bad about me writing this. but please. take the feelings of your users into account. even if you think the idea is stupid, there are so many ways to explain a rejection to them KINDLY. i promise more people will appreciate the game if this one thing can be worked on. please.

👍 62👎 0

Daster: "interesting and at the same time not..."★★★☆☆

Posted: 30/Jul/2023 22:31:27 (9 months ago)

years playing, I never had my melan impyre... and having to pay to "improve melan hunt"... that's why I stopped playing like I used to. many years playing for that HUNT ... 'for what? it never came out. it's almost pay to win. good thing the moderators. the bad thing is annoying that all the best is paying.

👍 12👎 1

Shapeshifter1212: "Average"★★★☆☆

Posted: 20/Apr/2023 07:37:39 (1 year ago)

I think it is a overall very fun game but a bit too addicting. Would be more fun if they developed a proper battle system.

👍 12👎 3

Quaqua: "Cute Pokemon adopting game, but a bit grindy and outdated"★★★☆☆

Posted: 25/Mar/2023 18:29:07 (1 year ago)

It's a nice little pet raising game for Pokemon fans, there's a lot of good things I can say about it: - The community is welcoming and acceptant; - Albinos and Melans spice up the gameplay and add some variation to the available Pokemon species; - Even though there are microtransactions, they're not necessary and you can get the paid currency (ZC) by trading with other players; - There are fun events each week/month to keep you engaged and they give some good rewards too; - Cute original Pokemon species and fusions; - There's no real punishment for inactivity, you could easily take a break and come back without losing anything. (NOTE: Just because the following "cons" section is longer doesn't mean that I feel more negativity towards the game than positivity, I just felt the need to elaborate more on each point) There are, however, a few things that drag the game down, in my opinion. Thing is, I actually played PF1 back in 2011! While this version of PokeFarm feels more modern, it's... not *quite* a modern game. Here are some of the gripes I have with it: - Even though the community *is* welcoming and acceptant, I find it hard to start friendships here. This is probably a consequence of the modern internet: Back in the day there weren't a lot of communication hubs for geeky interests like Pokemon. Forums were replaced by Discord servers, PMs were replaced by DMs and so on. PokeFarm is, at its core, a community game, a relic of a somewhat bygone era of web browser gaming. Probably not a lot of active players feel this way but I just can't grow attached to the player base. Sorry if this point was a little vague; - As a consequence of the existence of Albinos, Melanistics and Deltas, it's hard to hold any special feelings towards regular Pokemon. They feel like fodder, something you use for breeding, evolving and eventually disposing. Everyone's experience is different but even by going through each player's profile, most of them are showing off their S/A/M/D Pokemon instead of any regular ones (maybe aside from their starter); - Want that sweet Melanistic Pokemon or some of that good ol' currency? You'll have to put some work for it. You might end up spending way too much time on clicking others and filling your daily quota of egg hatchings. Although you don't *have* to commit to the grind, for me it feels bad when I don't. Kind of addictive; - Inconsistent art styles throughout the site. Not a problem for some people, it's a little jarring for me though; - The interface feels old, outdated. This doesn't look or feel like a modern website; - Not much gameplay aside from egg hatching. The Pokewalker is a good incentive for going for a walk and Fishing is... well, a thing... but other than that, there's not a lot to do. Some more mini-games would be nice! Or a story mode or something, anything to keep the game from becoming too repetitive. Final thoughts: I think that at its core, PokeFarm is a great game. I truly, deeply wish to see it evolve and expand in the future and I feel like a rework or a reboot is due at this point. Am I enjoying my time here? Yes! It's a nice bit of escapism that I appreciate in my day to day life. Do I see myself playing this game for years to come? Not really. If things stay like this, I'm pretty sure that one day I'll just get bored of it and move on. But for now, I'm just having fun hunting for oddly colored little guys and working on PokeDex :D (Sorry if there were any typos or bad English in this review)

👍 30👎 1

PokmonCollector: "Neat game"★★★☆☆

Posted: 10/Dec/2022 15:52:47 (1 year ago)

Nice game overrall, and kinda addictive. It's a pretty hard game to 'complete' but I think you could totally win without paying ( might be wrong as I've only been on the site for about 2 months ). Staff could be a little less snarky? Especially in threads. It could just be british humor for all I know ( as mentioned in one of the replies ), but still, being British is no excuse for staff to be a little bit less mocking in their replies ( of course not all staff are like this ). And yes, I do know that not all staff are british.

👍 22👎 0

SpiritX: "It’s aight"★★★☆☆

Posted: 27/Oct/2022 20:08:14 (1 year ago)

Despite my time here, I still don’t understand very well, and it’s not the most entertaining game. Mechanics/functions are hard to use at times. But it’s got good quality. Love the Fakemon.

👍 6👎 2

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