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We welcome our players to provide their feedback on PokéFarm Q. Good or bad, your opinion matters! So please, speak your mind. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Keileon: "A fun distraction"★★★☆☆

Posted: 19/May/2019 22:39:11 (1 month ago)

Some of the individual section rules are dumb (I've had a problem with the Contest rules in particular for a while now) and the game gets grindy/frustrating/unfun when you don't have irl cash to spend on ZC, but it's a good game to waste your time on if you have nothing else to do. Coding isn't the most accessible to those that don't know it very well, but if you are experienced with it you can do quite a lot. The mass release option is nice but irritating to use as it doesn't always register your clicking and it doesn't have the drag-to-select feature that mass moving does. Some things such as Day Care eggs and (early) shelter adoptions are restricted a little too much for a player without Hypermode or ZC to spend. Overall I have both a lot of criticism and a lot of praise, and the game is fun on a surface level.

👍 2👎 0

Jupiter34: "its ok?"★★★☆☆

Posted: 15/May/2019 23:46:00 (1 month ago)

this game is ok but some of the rules are wonky not to offend.

👍 4👎 3

Niet replied: 16/May/2019 08:23:21 (1 month ago)

Could you be more specific? We can't fix anything if you don't tell us!

CaptainBritish: "I'm enjoying it, though I do have issues."★★★☆☆

Posted: 13/May/2019 00:07:33 (1 month ago)

So, maybe it's not appropriate for me to post a review three days after joining the game however I understand for a website that has been going as long as this one it can be hard for the devs to fully see what newcomers do. So with that, I've got a few suggestions to improve the new player experience. - The current website UI is extremely confusing to a new player. I think the first day or so of my playing the game was mostly spent trying to figure out what every icon in the top bar is, what every section of the site does and how to play efficiently. Everything important feels like it's buried beneath menus, sort of like how Neopets was back in the day when you'd have to pretty much find all of the important functions yourself hidden within different worlds. I suggest replacing the current "middle bar" with a set of categorized drop-down lists, as right now it's oddly time-consuming to reach vital functions of the game. It's inconvenient to have to load the "farm" page just to look at inventory or access trading, fishing or the dojo? I realize there is a bookmarks page but I feel that is not adequately explained by the tutorial. I just feel like the current UX is incredibly poor, the website feels extremely daunting by modern web design standards and it's likely to scare off some younger players who didn't grow up with the early 2000s web. From the second you look at the website you're bombarded with endless different buttons and functions and very little of it is explained very well. - The current tutorial is woefully inefficient at explaining the majority of the game's systems. I feel like much more detail could be added to the tutorial, for example, it took me watching a YouTube video to understand why interactions were important and how Pokérus functions. I really shouldn't have to read the Wiki to understand how to level up and evolve Pokémon, you know? There is an easy fix to this, short of redesigning the entire website. When you first start a new account certain buttons and functions should not appear on your UI, if you hide functions and only bring them into view as you progress through the tutorial it gives you a chance to explain everything as it becomes relevant and prevents you from overwhelming a new player with information they do not need to know right away. - The currency system is very offputting. Now I'm not saying this as a complaint about the currency system as a whole, I don't really mind it. I just feel like the site could do a better job explaining what it is, why it's there and what you can do with the different currencies. After a few days of playing I've realized that, as free-to-play games go, the currency system is relatively fair. However when I first joined it almost immediately put me off the whole website. I know a lot of the negative reviews are talking about the currency system being unfair, and I think a large part of that may just be that it just isn't very well explained to a new user. -- As a whole though, I'm enjoying the website. I can tell there's been a lot of time and effort put into it over the years, I just feel like it's suffering from a bit of the bloat that comes with a game that has been around for so long.

👍 9👎 0

MagmaTH: "it noice"★★★☆☆

Posted: 11/Mar/2019 18:29:00 (3 months ago)

I hafta say some things I like 'bout PokeFarm Q, for one thing it's awesome & they got not only gen 6-7 sprites(plus fakemon & custom mega evos,) but they also got hybrid pokemon, my fav so far has to be the shinxle evolution line ^^ one thing it lacks is possibly the battling, I'd like it if they had added NPC trainers but that's my opinion, still a good game

👍 5👎 2

TwistedPrincess: "It has some problems"★★★☆☆

Posted: 07/Feb/2019 14:16:06 (4 months ago)

The play is good and the art is wonderful but it has a particular mod that is not only rude but feels it is okay for them to be rude because they are a mod. Instead of coming in a simply asking a few questions they come in with am assuming attitude, guns blazing then wonder and scratch their head as to why people respond to them defensively and try to make excuse after excuse instead of admitting they could have handled the situation better. I may still show up from time to time but I don’t particularly feel welcome or safe around an uneducated and uncontrollably ill tempered person in power. Thank you

👍 5👎 10

Niet replied: 07/Feb/2019 19:57:53 (4 months ago)

If you have a problem with a mod, we have a procedure for that. Please contact Garthic. As you were directed to do by the allegedly "rude" mod in question. We can't resolve the issues if you don't use the resources we provide to help resolve those issues.

Antcrusher: "Wouldn’t recommend to others, good game gone to waste."★★★☆☆

Posted: 29/Oct/2018 19:43:09 (7 months ago)

If you feel like wasting some time logging on every couple hours and hoping an egg has hatched or a Pokémon has leveled up be my guest, though I suppose that’s more just how the game is supposed to be. The staff here seem to be a tad TOO strict to the point where one doesn’t want to be a part of the community. This game is actively worked on, something a good amount of other games can’t say. It’s events are fun, but get EXTREMELY tedious if you aren’t hoarding some random item you’d never use through normal gameplay. Personally I wouldn’t recommend this game to people, if you want something to put in a forum signature than this could be a game for you. The only way to get anywhere in this game is via Hypermode which IS available through trading/filling your Pokédex, however if you want anything longer than (30?) days you’ll need to trade with others, which honestly gets to being a hassle depending on time zones and such. This place definitely isn’t a place for people who don’t have an open mind due to others feeling the need to openly tell people about their sexuality/life choices. Honestly the only reason this game is getting 3 stars from me is from effort put in by the developers, asides from that I don’t see any reason to play Pokéfarm Q.

👍 7👎 11

Niet replied: 30/Oct/2018 08:58:33 (7 months ago)

While I certainly appreciate you recognising the effort put in to this game, I must respectfully disagree with your opinion. If all you're doing is coming on and "hoping an Egg has hatched" then I personally think you're playing the game wrong. PFQ is not an idle game, if you want to make progress you need to take an active part in gameplay. The only reason you progress at all is because other players are out making interactions (and if you're not even online, they can't find your profile to do that) so it's only fair if you yourself take part. Hypermode helps. Of course it does; it's the "premium account" of the game. But it's certainly not "the only way to get anywhere". In fact, it does nothing by itself. What it does is increase the power of your active gameplay, but if you're only coming in to check if things can evolve, well then you won't get much use out of Hypermode. If you'd like to discuss this further, please feel free to PM me and I'll be happy to talk about it!

MapleCloud: "Gameplay is lovely, staff not so much"★★★☆☆

Posted: 28/Sep/2018 14:57:30 (8 months ago)

all mechanics and gameplay is quite fun, and good! only reason why I don't come back after long amounts of time is the way staff interact with their fanbase.

👍 14👎 5

Niet replied: 30/Sep/2018 17:56:12 (8 months ago)

Could you be more specific? (Please contact me so we can try to resolve this.)

Kyriin: "Could be more interesting."★★★☆☆

Posted: 11/Sep/2018 22:31:49 (9 months ago)

I run out of things to do kind of fast. Clicking people isn't really fun, just tedious. Would feel more interested if random events could happen when you visited players you haven't seen that day and clicked their pokemon. Something like a little "!" that you click on their page that tells you such-and-such happened and you got a little reward. Like an evolution item or something small like that. I just want more of a reason than currency to click people. Something to stay online for.

👍 12👎 4

Arrakis: "It can be interesting but not always"★★★☆☆

Posted: 11/Sep/2018 03:58:13 (9 months ago)

There is nothing Wrong with this; it's just that after a time it can be a bit monotonous to keep doing the same thing with the only real progress being in the pokedex filling (which at times is GREAT, but after a week or so you don't pay to much attention). It has things added that are semi-interesting (contests, garden, I kinda like the market method) but it's regular and doesn't change much. Once every few weeks there will be a contest for an egg (that you are unlikely to get of the bat) you have pokemon to feed by clicking, eggs to turn by clicking, voting by clicking, etc. It is very much a click game. You may not get much done without clicking rather often and frequently. But Poke-farm has very interesting fakemon additions. The admins will visit your suggestions if you post them properly (which is rather simple). And you can get most anything without HAVING to spend money (you can if you want but you don't HAVE TO DO ANYTHING [that is somewhat in the rules]) Can be interesting, can be boring, but as long as one is polite all works, and one can always come back later if one is so inclined.

👍 13👎 1

ChocolaTee: "Enjoyable, but kind of forgettable"★★★☆☆

Posted: 08/Sep/2018 17:10:50 (9 months ago)

I have been playing for quite a while, and i really like it on here, but... it reminds me too much of a clicker game, but with a whooole lot of other stuff at first i was doing it just to get the bonuses, but after a while i decided it was too boring, just pressing some buttons, over and over, and over and over. I really wish there was a different way to gain those points, because with all the over stuff to do i just do all that, and i keep on being in the same place, not gaining anything new. unfortunately, i think it's too late to change it since this has probably been like this since the start. besides that? it's fun, but i believe it has more potential. unfortunately a lot of these online pokemon fangames i played had that, each of them usually had potential but it had a lot of stuff that was boring.

👍 8👎 0

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