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InugamiChi: "Pen Pixel Kunst, dårling alt annet. - Norsk"★☆☆☆☆

Posted: 10/Aug/2023 13:57:54 (1 month ago)

Spillet 'Pokefarm' står overfor flere utfordringer som direkte påvirker spillopplevelsen. Fremdriften i spillet er betydelig treg, og mengden engasjerende innhold er begrenset. Dress-up-funksjonen mangler substans, og mye av det tilgjengelige innholdet fremstår som utdatert. Det er spesielt frustrerende at spillet legger til rette for pengebruk, selv om en stor del av innholdet ikke klarer å fenge og virker avlegs. Å investere penger for å fjerne begrensningene knyttet til tidsstyrte oppgaver synes ikke som en gunstig avgjørelse. Dette blir spesielt påfallende når man vurderer at spillet har vært tilgjengelig i lang tid uten synlige forbedringer – noe som kan gi inntrykk av at økonomiske interesser går foran spilleropplevelsen. Det er også flere kommentarer fra andre om administratorers oppførsel og behandling av spillere som er bekymringsverdige. Det kan derfor være mer fornuftig å vurdere å investere tiden din i et annet spill som tilbyr en mer tilfredsstillende opplevelse. :/ På en positiv note, er det verdt å påpeke at spillet har imponerende pikselkunst på Pokémon-sprites, men dessverre virker dette å være den eneste overbevisende faktoren som holder spillet sammen.

👍 18👎 4

Niet replied: 11/Aug/2023 12:33:18 (1 month ago)

Takk for din tilbakemelding. Det er riktig at det ikke har vært mye synlig fremgang, men mange oppdateringer har vært bak kulissene. Forbedringer av ytelse og ventetid, samt justeringer av spillingen er gjort. Med litt flaks vil vi ha noe synlig å vise til i nær fremtid.

ArtCactus: "its mediocre at best"★☆☆☆☆

Posted: 31/Jul/2023 05:09:51 (1 month ago)

Its okay. def pay to win. I have been on the site since 2018 but only recently got back into it in hopes of trading my stuff for chicken smoothie pets or something. Its a horrible, slow paced, time waster. Alot of games like this are, but this is by far the most blatant cash grab ive seen.

👍 19👎 11

ShadØw KØbØld: "Oh my GAWD this game is TRASH!"★☆☆☆☆

Posted: 31/Mar/2023 19:25:22 (5 months ago)

I've been here for a few years, and over the years (Started in 2020), this game has grown progressively more and more dismal in performance. - They're trying to glorify themselves. "Reviews with 80% negative user feedback are excluded from totals." That's literally what they say on the intro screen! They're literally trying to play down people's opinions, and sometimes just being downright abusive & cruel to other players! I'll admit, Cele is really nice, but the Absol needs to get a psychiatrist. - Toxic people not being handled. -just like another user said, completely similar to Global Pokedex Plus. Layout is similar, Sprites are similar, IDEA is literally the same. -Neit's a downright jerk! I've looked into a few rejected suggestions, and a lot of them are just Neit being mean to the people who suggested things. Some are really groundbreaking, others not so much, but only a select few involve Neit ever being nice to somebody.

👍 50👎 31

Niet replied: 08/Apr/2023 14:13:41 (5 months ago)

I would just like to clarify that "Reviews with 80% negative user feedback are excluded from totals" refers to the thumbs-up vs. thumbs-down that users reading your review can use to provide their opinion on whether your review is helpful or spam. You're not the first person to accuse us of using this to "bury negative reviews" and "boost our rating score" but it may come as a surprise to you that our total average review score would actually be **higher** if we did not filter out "spammy" reviews. I feel I must also point out that it appears you have made no attempt at all to engage with the community. I looked to see if maybe you had had a negative experience that might have motivated this review, but found nothing at all. If you want toxic people to be handled, **report them.** While the moderation team does occasionally find and deal with issues proactively, the vast majority of problems are reported by other users to bring them to the attention of the mod team, who then handle it as soon as they can. If "toxic people are not being handled" as you claim, it's because YOU aren't pointing them out to us. We do what we can, but the community has its part to play in helping us do the best we can.

TheRazzleberry: "My honest review after 2.5 years of play, and a 9 month break"★☆☆☆☆

Posted: 25/Nov/2022 06:42:08 (10 months ago)

I recently came back to this game after leaving for 9 months over the RMT debacle. I'll get my biases out of the way immediately, I had these issues before the RMT decision, the RMT decision was just the straw that broke the camels back. Before then I could tell myself that the slim progress I was making after I stopped paying to play could return some dividends, however minor, if I found myself in desperate need. With the removal of those, and 9 months to cool down and play other time wasters, I now want to distill some criticisms that people need to see for this game and add my voice the chorus. -This game is pay to win in the extreme. It is a click-based gatcha game with similar progression rates to things like Clash of Clans, Raid Shadow Legends, etc. but with even less gameplay. It is, essentially, a slot machine for pixels. Now here comes the "technically you can play it for free" yeah, you can do the same in those gatcha games but only if you want to progress at 1/10 the rate and 1/100 the efficiency. Here it may be even worse, especially starting out. You're going to need to drop some cash, get really lucky, or play for months before you see even a modicum of progression. They try to hide "energy" behind their scouring mechanic where you wait real world hours to (maybe) get boxes that (maybe) contain progression elements. Or... you could always drop $20 and get them quicker? If you do not want a really penalizing gatcha run. Now. -The site mods and admins are all extremely deceitful and most are rude and aggressive on top of that. The owner himself fosters a vile environment and finds it acceptable to lash out and talk down to users merely asking questions (once again just read the RMT thread from about 9 months ago and see if that's the kind of guy you want to bring your problems to if you have any, I will especially point out where a user talked about trading with a staff member mere weeks before they implemented a ban on the RMT). -This ties back into my previous point but updates are slow, minor, and usually just facilitate more "fear of missing out" to drive sales. I have no illusions that the site is constructed in a way to make as much money as possible, and I truly believe the RMT debacle (seriously just look up real money trading Pokefarm and read staff comments, that'll give you more than any of these reviews) was nothing but another move to bolster sales. Finally, I'll add, there are plenty of time wasters elsewhere, there are other click based pokemon games skirting the lines of copyright infringement even. I would suggest trying one of those and giving that thread a peek I mentioned before trying this game out. At best it's a streamlined browser based gatcha with terrible customer service, and sometimes outright abusive behavior from staff.

👍 107👎 26

roses are rosie: "bad"★☆☆☆☆

Posted: 06/Sep/2022 23:21:15 (1 year ago)

without hypermode the game sucks

👍 61👎 46

Niet replied: 08/Sep/2022 13:42:31 (1 year ago)

Without Hypermode, the game shuts down due to lack of money to keep the server running. Seems like a fair exchange to me.

ShadowEcho: "ngl. disappointed"★☆☆☆☆

Posted: 12/May/2022 21:08:47 (1 year ago)

Not only is it atrociously time consuming to make progress, but from what I've seen, the staff isn't very transparent/responsible. Nevertheless, I'm surprised Nintendo hasn't sued, after all, you're making money off the game (the countless pay to obtain aspects, like hypermode), and Pokémon is a Gamefreak/Nintendo owned property... (While Pokémon uranium gets shut down despite being a free to win fangame. Man...) Also wasn't there another game like this? Feels like déjà vu, and from what I've seen, this one will be replaced by another one? Will you let us take our Pokémon over or nope?

👍 58👎 31

Niet replied: 13/May/2022 13:31:51 (1 year ago)

- PFQ is a game that will take a long time to "complete". I realise that's not for everyone but it's not inherently a bad thing just because it's not for you. - Have you seen any of our News/Announcements lately? How much more transparent or responsible do you want us to be? What more do you want from us? Genuine question, since you point out "flaws" but offer no solutions. - Please see the "Copyright notice" linked on every page, as we address this. Uranium was shut down because it cheapened the brand, PFQ adds value to it without detracting from existing stuff, so it's tolerated. - PFQ is a Pokémon collectable game. There are others like it, "collectable games" are hardly a unique idea. I like to think we do things better than other similar games but that's a subjective matter. - I am working on a new game, yes. Game devs tend to do that. Funnily enough we don't tend to enjoy having just one project to work on day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day... In my case, it took about 10 years of non-stop work for me to realise I was burning out and needed to work on something new. I'm sorry that this offends you. Your review is appreciated but I feel you haven't really made any effort to inform yourself before making it... And where you have informed yourself, you are misinformed. I hope this clarifies a few things for you, and if you wish to discuss further you are welcome to contact me.

SilverStreak: "Not worth the time and energy"★☆☆☆☆

Posted: 27/Mar/2022 09:26:20 (1 year ago)

[The contents of this review have been removed by request from the author. -Niet]

👍 26👎 19

Niet replied: 30/Mar/2022 12:44:02 (1 year ago)

After discussion with the review author, they have requested I remove the review. This note is being left for posterity.

Milah Silvermoon: "Just don't"★☆☆☆☆

Posted: 19/Feb/2022 21:53:28 (1 year ago)

I wanted to wait a while before posting this, but I feel like it's finally time. I've been on site for a little over a month, and as a relative newbie here's what I've noticed; 1. Some of the staff are great, but the vast majority are completely unprofessional and the site owner, Niet, is the worst of the lot. If you have interactions with them be prepared to be talked down to, have great ideas shot down without any consideration, and also deal with the staff worshippers who think they can do no wrong and you're wrong for disagreeing. 2. The recent attitude in a lot of the announcements about "oh you don't agree with us/we can't make everyone happy so it's killing morale and making it hard to work on things!" is very concerning and is a form of emotional manipulation. By saying that they're trying to make the users feel bad for being upset with them over things like getting zero warning for the increase in HM prices and the scramble afterwards to deal with the backlash, or for saying that the repeating events every year are boring or whatever. The fact that the staff as a whole seem to think this kind of wording and manipulation is perfectly okay to say in announcements just kinda confirms the lack of professionalism. 3. There are several accepted suggestions that have not been implemented despite years since their acceptance, and several rejected ones that are great but we aren't given a reason why beyond "No, never going to happen". Is it just not possible to implement, would it be too difficult with the site's current code, or something else? We'll never know, because we aren't told. 4. Niet is working on a new site, but has repeatedly told people to not be focused on it just yet and stay focused here on PFQ. But also it doesn't seem like the site gets any major updates unless it's policy changes or the like that just get completely dropped with no warning. Apparently Niet has insisted he be the only one coding/working on the site (based on what I've been told in the forums after suggesting the staff get additional help for the coding issues) for whatever reason, so he's not only trying to build a new website but run this one as well and I feel like that can only end in disaster. 5. This site is very pay to win; good luck chasing anything other than normals unless you're willing to buy them off people or are willing to pay. And they did recently nerf the shiny rate, which makes shiny and melan hunting even harder. This is, apparently, to address the fact that as people are melan hunting they're hatching a lot of shinies and the market is 'flooded' with them, but now it's just nearly impossible. 6. To make melan hatching easier there's the coveted Arceus rank; have all eggs and regular versions of Pokémon registered in your dex. This is almost impossible to do on your own due to the site still forcing trade evos (instead of having an alternative for people who don't want to entrust their babies to others) and just how many Pokémon there are. Every few weeks new fakemon come out too, adding to the amount people need to hatch to obtain or keep their Arceus rank. Worse the tournaments that source the new fakemon only give 5 tokens for getting the hardest difficulty, but the new ones cost 12 tokens - which means you get less than 1/2 needed for a new egg if you don't get in the top 100 to get the free one awarded at that point and depending on what the tournament requires that could be nearly impossible if you're newer as you get beat out by the people who have been here for years and have the time to spend here. Overall this site looks cute, and I can't deny the community is great. The recent Valentine's Day event has highlighted that more than ever! But the staff are unprofessional and think emotional manipulation is okay, this place has been basically abandoned to work on a new site that'll come out who knows when while expecting the current users to stay here on the pay to win model, and doing anything even if you pay is still extremely difficult and time consuming. So unless you've got a lot of spare time and disposable income to spend here and you can put up with rude staff I'm going to say......Just don't.

👍 183👎 21

AstroCat: "Not Worth Putting Money Into"★☆☆☆☆

Posted: 30/Jan/2022 21:59:58 (1 year ago)

I started out playing the original Pokefarm many years ago. I never got competitive with it, I just enjoyed roleplaying and chatting with friends and ocassionally grabbing an egg or two. Was not competitive at all. However I did end up buying a few things that I had liked. Then they decided to scrap the original and come up with this. Though we were able to bring our original pokemon over, they are also account locked so you cannot trade them, which really sucked for those who played competitively. Once moving to PFQ I started to play more competitively, on top of enjoying the roleplaying and art forums. Even though they say you don't have to pay to play, if you want to play at ALL the way the game is meant to be, you have to either have no life and play constantly to earn money from other people, or pay to play. The object of this game is to hatch out eggs and try to get specials. (Shiny, Albino, and the most sought after 'Melanistic' which happen when a pokemon hatches out shiny AND albino.) The problem is, without buying the perks and the monthly subscriptions (hypermode), your chances of getting shinies are rare, and your chances of hatching a melanistic are even more rare. Even after paying for hypermode to give you a chance for shinies/melans: Your best chances to hatch a melan is to get shiny charms, which are $1.50 for one and is only good for one day unless you buy a shiny charm box ($20) to recharge it for gold you have to earn in game, which doubles your chances at getting a shiny. Uber charms ($2 each) last a month, and help double the chances of your albinos. The only thing players can do in game to help their chances at getting a melanistic, is to get something called Arceus rank, which means you have hatched every single egg type and had every single pokemon registered in your pokedex. In order to achieve this, you have to make sure you constantly hatch out any new eggs, and when new tournaments are released with new fakemon, only the top 100 people can get this free. Otherwise you have to fork out money to buy tokens from other people in order to buy the egg you need to get Arceus rank. Years of playing, and playing VERY regularly and ruining my sleep, I almost always fell short of the 100th rank. And even if you do get Arceus rank, it is also affected by Hypermode. Even with the hypermode, shiny charms, uber charms, and arceus rank, it sometimes takes months to hatch a melanistic out. So while they classify this as a free game, if you want to play seriously at all, you'll need to either lose a ton of sleep for a CHANCE, or just fork out money to play fully. On top of this, there have been problems with staff for years. Don't get me wrong, some staff have been super helpful through the years and I cannot thank them enough for the work they did. But some can be downright rude, and the rudest of all is the owner of the site, Niet. When people make suggestions and what they would like to see changed or fixed in the game, almost every time Niet responds either sarcastically or gets snippy and just makes threats. (One of which I personally experienced when some of us were suggesting to fix Arceus rank being so unatainable, he ended up telling me he should just ''Get rid of it all together then" instead of any of our numerous suggestions at trying to fix it.) Other staff had admitted they have to often read his posts because of how rude he can be, and if you read through these negative reviews, many he has edited or he'll simply come back with a "not true at all" comment. One of the reasons I decided not too long ago to stop playing, was because he was talking again about wanting to make a new pokemon game because this game isn't what HE wants himself anymore, and made a public announcement that doesn't go away until you open it to read it, about past trauma, despite repetitively saying that this is a kids game and not to talk about adult things publicly. When PF1 switched to PFQ, I was fortunate enough not to have played enough on PF1 to be effected by this, but when I realized he may decide to do this again, I decided I was out. This was fun for a while, I enjoyed the sprites and the thrill of hunting, but it IS something you need to put money into if you want to hunt your own melanistics. And frankly, Niet needs a reality check. If you don't like this game, sell it and make a new one. Don't take past mistakes and regrets out on the users that pay for this game.

👍 139👎 16

Lynavleder: "Terrible site owner and direction"★☆☆☆☆

Posted: 28/Jan/2022 14:29:23 (1 year ago)

I have not actively play for a while now but I lurk on Pokefarm Q every few months to check if the site is ever getting better. I am pleased to announce that the site has only gotten worse since I went on hiatus and that I made the right choice to not come back. 1) Site has little to no updates for an "active" game. New exclusive pokemon being added like clockwork every other month, despite people saying that they're tired of endless tournaments/MCWs, does not count as an update. These features also break very often despite being automated. Every update that is not one of these brings some sort of controversial news or rule change that makes the site harder to play. I started to dread seeing the news bar before I made the decision to log out and browse forums that way. 2) There are no QoL improvements. There are no updates to suggestions approved years ago. Niet is saying he is putting off those because he will implement them on the new site. The new site, the one we have not had an update about in over half a year. I suspected Niet was previously simply sitting around most of the day, then the userbase slowly realized that things never got updated on site, so he announced the new site. and now that he has the excuse of not working in the current site he is doing the same. Even the "regular" promised Dev updates have gone silent. The admins have 0 sense of consistency, work ethic, or discipline and this will not change. 3) Site owner is flat out someone who acts like a 16 year old who never grew out of his snarky, uhm actually stage. I know he is neurodivergent. This is not an excuse for him to behave so terribly, and frankly it is ableist for people to defend him with that excuse. I and every other neurodivergent person have issues with our mental condition being associated with despicable behavior as a site owner toward his audience. I am still in awe of the time that he dismissed someone's opinion on another controversial thread by saying to the effect of "you haven't even hatched a melan, your thoughts aren't valuable on this subject." If this is how ou act toward your userbase and the other mods have to reign you in like a rabid dog, then this is why no one wants to engage you in conversation. I know this will hurt to hear. It needs to be said. Being Coddled all his life and being told that it's okay every time he acts inappropriately is how Niet turned into such a terrible person to interact with. I personally think that PFQ is a case study in how to transform a thriving site and community into a ghost town with a ridiculous mayor complaining no one wants to play his game. No one cannot deny that site activity is slipping, and if it tumbles to its grave I will not be sad to see it go. Peace.

👍 132👎 27

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