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1233: "😳"★☆☆☆☆

Posted: 23/Oct/2021 01:16:12 (2 months ago)

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im hungry

👍 5👎 39

Alexisadragon: "Money for Melans"★☆☆☆☆

Posted: 15/Aug/2021 18:55:01 (5 months ago)

Money for hypermode, shiny charms, shiny box, uber charm, etc are all thing that you need to give yourself even a chance to hatch a melan (not to mention the time and commitment) . It just feels unfair to those who can't spare that amount of cash monthly. The site is also marketed towards kids, but things like this can lead children to stealing their mom's credit card or even have gambling addictions down the line. It's just not worth the time and money

👍 39👎 23

safi: "eh"★☆☆☆☆

Posted: 26/Jul/2021 00:18:43 (5 months ago)

for what it's worth, i did enjoy a decent amount of time on this site. the playerbase was very friendly and welcoming towards me when i joined nearly three years ago. i've made some great friends on here. i've had some eventful hunts and type races in my time on pfq. ...all that being said, though, i wouldn't in good conscience recommend this site to people. beloved site owner niet, crown king of being as rude as he wants to his userbase. takes criticism about as well as one takes being stabbed. hell, even here in the review section, negative reviews are put under extreme scrutiny or straight up removal. you cannot say your review section is impartial and then go "oh but reviews that are >80% negative aren't shown here". pick one and stick with it. not to mention your hypocrisy, either! let's not forget the infamous news post where you laid your trauma for all to bear as Important Mandatory Reading, but in the same breath you slap anyone else on the wrist for doing the same because "kids are on here, they shouldn't be seeing stuff like that!" uh huh. the weekly tournaments are tedious, repetitive and frankly not worth the effort. they're unbelievably stale now, and to hit the top 100 for that egg reward, especially when new fakemons are dropped and everyone's scrambling to retain their arceus rank, you have to have literally all the time in the world to stay up there. i've seen people lose sleep over it. /i've/ lost sleep over it before, as much as it pains me to admit. it isn't sustainable, it isn't healthy and it certainly isn't fun. hunting is a whole other beast, but despite your fervent denial it is absolutely catered towards paying players. just look at all the whales on this site who dump so much money into zc, and look at all the melanistics they hatch. and then compare that to all those free to play guys out there who put in valiant effort but haven't gotten a single melan. it's still pay to win, no matter how you cut it. the longer i think about this site the more gripes i come to realise i have with it. i could go on all day about inconsequential minor things but i don't have the energy to think or care about pfq anymore. and by the looks of the slowly declining number of online users at peak times, so is everyone else <3

👍 80👎 10

mossypebble: "staff members are bad"★☆☆☆☆

Posted: 17/Jul/2021 13:27:58 (5 months ago)

[Content removed]

👍 14👎 15

Niet replied: 17/Jul/2021 15:53:58 (5 months ago)

The contents of this review have been removed due to violations of our policies regarding illegal content. This action has not been taken lightly but it was required in this case. I apologise for the inconvenience this action has caused.

PrinceNym: "Pay-To-Play, sell your soul"★☆☆☆☆

Posted: 07/Jul/2021 21:21:47 (6 months ago)

When will the staff admit this game is purely a pay-to-play disaster, luring us in with pretty colours

👍 32👎 27

Niet replied: 08/Jul/2021 11:44:49 (6 months ago)

It's... not, though? You don't have to pay to play.

Dragonjedi: "Bleh"★☆☆☆☆

Posted: 19/Apr/2021 20:23:18 (8 months ago)

I only like this site because of the pokemon on it, otherwise it is a horrible site.

👍 15👎 35

Niet replied: 21/Apr/2021 16:43:53 (8 months ago)

Can you clarify on... any particular reason at all? We can't improve without that information!

idiotsquadmsg: "its cool"★☆☆☆☆

Posted: 02/Nov/2020 03:31:56 (1 year ago)

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👍 10👎 68

wickedtruth: "Not really the best game out there."★☆☆☆☆

Posted: 14/Jan/2020 19:43:53 (2 years ago)

Too many events, too much conflict, toxic users.

👍 69👎 113

LightBorb: "Time to move on."★☆☆☆☆

Posted: 24/Aug/2019 07:45:37 (2 years ago)

First I would like to say at first I enjoyed this game. As far as clicker-games go it was enjoyable at first. However, over time, the entire process of hunting became more tedious than fun. Especially with the growing fact you would need to start to spend money to do more. And before this is met with 'you don't have to'; yes, you do. I have played plenty of games where users have more access to premium content without paying - it takes time, but not nearly as long as this site takes. If you want shinies, albinos, or the ever rare melans, you're going to have to either farm for months or pay up to $100 dollars for the chance of even getting one melan. While shinies and albinos are easier to obtain, the big fish is the melan, and that is simply for collection or selling. It comes down to the overall feeling that over time the game simply becomes another money-grab that make one seek out other clicker-games. While yes one can say 'the mods make it obvious you CAN do things without spending a dime' how much time does someone need to spend to have some relaxing poke-farm time? While people are allowed to make money for what they do, especially maintaining a site that caters to hundred to thousands, there is a point where it becomes obvious that money is the end goal; not user satisfaction. The user-base isn't just teens in school; but some young adults who have more than just poke-farm in their life. There should be a way a casual player can enjoy what a hard-core player enjoys. Yet, it seems the mods cater towards those more willing to spend money. [redacted - see reply below] With these two things I've decided that this site is less than what it should be and perhaps it is time to look for a new game to relax with.

👍 138👎 43

Niet replied: 27/Aug/2019 16:42:25 (2 years ago)

Hello. After reading your review, I've made the difficult decision to redact a portion of it due to its content. For obvious reasons, I don't want to have to edit reviews, as that can potentially undermine trust in the review system. As a result, this decision was not made lightly. If you would like to discuss this further, you're welcome to do so in more appropriate channels (ie. PM to an Administrator, or via the Support Centre). Likewise, I cannot go into too much detail as to why this has been done. Suffice it to say that the issue you had (which from our point of view is a non-issue) has actually been made a very serious issue because of what you posted here. The issue you had was confined to a place where it is appropriate to be kept. You broke that "container" with your review, allowing it to spill over where it *legally* doesn't belong. What you did is, honestly, hypocritical, as you have given people the tools to find the content you yourself have a problem with. We had measures in place and you violated them. Lastly, if people lie then the blame is on them, not anyone else. Thank you for your understanding.

Goldshinx: "Terrible"★☆☆☆☆

Posted: 16/Jul/2019 03:47:41 (2 years ago)

nothing but a money grab, worked my backside off day and night and got no where , it used to be a great site, it used to be fun. Once all the money grabbing and drama happened i peaced out

👍 58👎 108

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