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Nikkos: "Wonderful!"★★★★☆

Posted: 05/May/2021 00:36:42 (13 days ago)

Haven't been playing long. Absolutely in love! Better than competitors!!

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fyrebrite: "Good, as a Game"★★★★☆

Posted: 30/Apr/2021 05:25:52 (18 days ago)

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Honestly I'm very fond of this site. I've played off and on for years now. It's a very well done game. All the staff care about the players and the experience. All the changes and new regions added over the years have greatly improved my enjoyment of the game. I enjoy games where I can adopt, evolve, and interact in other ways with my critters. This game has contests, dojo sparring and user created gyms, plus a wide variety of site events. It is mobile friendly, which is incredibly important for me. Most things I actually enjoy more on my phone than on a computer. It is not a pay to play or pay to win kind of site. Obviously, things progress quicker when you upgrade to hypermode. I don't mind donating to the site with how much I play and enjoy it. The biggest draw back for me is community based. This is a GAME and a game that is supposed to be CHILDREN friendly. There are so any politically based comments in user profiles it makes me incredibly uncomfortable. I do not enjoy having to interact with people because I feel like if I don't think they same thing as them, they are going to react poorly. This is not the place for such things anyway, especially if people are not kind to one another even if they believe different things. If you want to make changes in your community, state, country, world, go out and do it. Telling people not to interact with you if they don't agree doesn't set a good example in my opinion. Let's all just enjoy the pokemon and filling our dexes.

👍 1👎 4

Adeleine: "addicting"★★★★☆

Posted: 29/Apr/2021 20:07:32 (18 days ago)

Super addicting, definitely the best forum-based game i've played. but there isnt much to do.

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PikachudittoUwU: "good but..."★★★★☆

Posted: 21/Apr/2021 18:26:18 (26 days ago)

It's an excellent game love it but I wish when you dress up the pokemon you can adjust the accessories to be bigger and smaller and I also wish you didn't have to buy shiny charm and albino radar. Also wish there were another way to get zc

👍 1👎 1

rat eggs: "pretty good!"★★★★☆

Posted: 30/Mar/2021 18:06:46 (1 month ago)

this is an incredibly addicting and enjoyable game to play! as somebody who knew pretty much nothing about pokemon when I started, it's a good introduction to the pokemon universe. however, if you want results, be prepared to work hard for them... I don't currently have a job so I have a disgusting amount of free time to click, and even then I haven't reaped as many rewards as I would have liked. I understand it's mostly luck based, but as somebody who can't spend money on the game I would like it if obtaining premium currency/hypermode (especially) were just smidgen easier, but even then it's actually much more feasible to play free and get results than some other similar games I've played! honestly, other than that, no complaints :)

👍 7👎 1

Mso: "It's ok but could be a LOT better"★★★★☆

Posted: 01/Mar/2021 09:00:58 (2 months ago)

It's a great game I enjoy playing it but something that bothers me is seeing so many political hashtags, even entire threads about "determined lives matter". In my opinion a pokemon game is not a place for this. This is an online game and in my opinion, talking about political things should be against the rules, just like in many other online games.

👍 6👎 6

Pinesoda: "Pretty good!"★★★★☆

Posted: 03/Feb/2021 18:39:37 (3 months ago)

I've only been here for a few days but I'm getting used to this game. The tutorial's a bit long, and you have to figure certain things out by yourself, but other than that you can just make your own objectives and enjoy this passive edition of pokemon.

👍 4👎 0

Tyramo: "Nice game to pass the time"★★★★☆

Posted: 29/Jan/2021 16:27:42 (3 months ago)

I started my game at the end of the summer and I can say that it is quite exciting. I got to know the Pokemon world better and this mini-game really helps relieve stress! But I must say that I have to leave this site. I don't know if I will come back here or not, but I got bored. It's quite difficult for me to click 1000+ times a day and catch eggs, searching for shiny Pokemon is completely tedious for me.

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Galamence: "Overall pretty amazing, maybe too many microtransactions."★★★★☆

Posted: 23/Jan/2021 18:06:30 (3 months ago)

I've been a veteran of PokeFarm for many years. Ever since around 2011 I've been playing the game and honestly it is a lot of fun and very enjoyable. I took a break between when the old site was dissolved and when the new site was launched, but I came back in 2017. Overall, the experience is extremely fun. The community is very wholesome and is one of the best online RPG communities that you can find. It is a wonderful experience and is very interactive. The art community especially, the talent of some of the artists on here simply blows me away. They've done an incredible job! I only have one issue though, and that's with how prevalent microtransactions can be. I understand the need to fund the website and to generate multiple streams of revenue to maintain its upkeep and for the owners and staff to be compensated for their hard work. It is essential that microtransactions be allowed to keep the website running (especially with the continuing rise of AdBlock). However, I feel like in order to compete with other players on the site and to build a decent farm that is on-par with others in the community, a significant amount of real-world money has to be spent to make long-term progress. There are a lot of "Gold" and "ZC" upgrades across the sites that are required in order to enjoy the site to its potential. These upgrades require an extremely high amount of grinding over a long period of time, or they can just be bought outright. These microtransactions may not be absolutely required to progress, however long-term progress is very limited and difficult without buying these upgrades, even if I just buy the subscription model of hypermode, I still feel the need to buy many of these microtransaction account upgrades in order to meaningfully progress. Again, I understand the need to fund the site's operation and the owners do have to make a profit. I also agree that some of these transactions are essential to ensure the smooth operation of the site. I just feel that sometimes it can be slightly too excessive and a bit too weighted towards pay-to-win, but of course that's just my brutally honest interpretation. I do want to reiterate though that this site has been amazing and the community is spectacular. The team has put a lot of work into it and it's truly wonderful how much detail goes into each of the mechanics. As a web developer myself, I know its not easy to operate a site like this. Keep up the good work =)

👍 13👎 0

SkinZnikS: "Amazing game, Annoying activists."★★★★☆

Posted: 22/Jan/2021 22:56:49 (3 months ago)

This game is amazing. Very fun and addictive. I started playing and was not super impressed until I unlocked all the features and realized how large it is! Now I'm hooked and can't stop collecting!!! I'm lowering my score from a 5 to a 4 due to the number of annoying political activists on the site though. Every 10 user profiles contain some sort of politically charged hashtag or comment. I've reach out to the admins regarding this but was told it's not breaking the rules. I understand this is the case so I did not fight it, but this is a Pokemon game and this type of stuff definitely does NOT belong here.

👍 4👎 9

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