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Fyreglyphs: "A Great Laidback Site!"★★★★☆

Posted: 18/May/2024 22:19:21 (11 days ago)

As a big fan of Pokémon since I was a kid, this site fulfills the laidback sentiment the games originally provided - plus some! I fully recommend it for those who are looking for a chill, clickable and collectible experience! The interface is a bit daunting, don’t get me wrong, but the staff and other people are friendly enough to provide guides in the forums that really helped me! I’ve been playing this site for years and I’m still finding new things! They have several help guides to go through for every beginner and those who have experience under their belt. The economy system is a bit much, and can be difficult to handle, but users can either buy straight from the market, trade in custom shops in the forum, or just buy straight from the site with irl money - I love the variety! Having a lot of the currency right of the bat helps a lot if you want to get everything all at once, but a lot of the gameplay requires time and patience to get far. Safe to say this site has a lot to get through, but like the main page says, take it at your own pace. There are always new features and updates they provide, and they always post on the News Feed about them!

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astrobat: "Addictive and fun! But also grindy and kinda pay-to-win. Regardless I love it."★★★★☆

Posted: 08/May/2024 02:26:29 (22 days ago)

I've been playing for about two months nonstop now and I really love this site! If you're a fan of collecting, browser/clicker games, or just pokemon in general you'll probably have a blast with it. It's mostly a solitary game but the trading & discussion forums are always bustling, and the monthly Type Race events really bring users together for a fun experience! However, it has its quirks and sometimes flaws, which I will lay out and then explain how I am able to look past them. Firstly it is one heck of a steep learning curve for new players. There are a LOT of mechanics to learn about, a whole economy system with 3 different currencies, and lots of player vernacular/site-specific acronyms. As a collection game about pokemon, it's inherently very daunting, since there are currently 1000 pokemon and counting. However, the Help subtopic on the forums is very active and receptive to questions from new users (as far as I've seen.) Plus, the forums also have detailed guides on most of the site's mechanics. Secondly, most of the game is quite a grind and heavily RNG-based. Every method of obtaining pokemon (besides the players that give away mons for free) is tied to a resource that either costs money or you get a limited amount of per day. This results in lot of gameplay loops where you're constantly looking for more sources of currency or simply having to wait for the next day to continue progressing with your pokedex/shiny hunt/etc. However, the variety of mechanics usually means that if you run out of one specific resource for the day, you can typically pivot to another task to occupy your time. I have never run out of things to do while playing this game. Lastly, there are some pay-to-win elements. The rarest (and therefore most valuable) pokemon are absurdly rare, and many of the boosts/items that help lower the steep odds of hatching them are bought using the most valuable currency (that can be easily bought for real currency.) The monthly-subscription-style boost, called Hypermode, provides a variety of bonuses that function as noticeable quality of life upgrades to normal gameplay. I will never judge the staff for monetizing Pokefarm - in fact, I am glad that there is a monetization route, because that means that the site will live on. Also, there are ways to get the aforementioned valuable currency without paying real money via a weekly login bonus & trading with other users - it's just a much slower process. Just be cognizant that if you aren't spending real money to unlock the premium bonuses, it will take you longer to reach certain milestones. Be patient and don't compare yourself to others! There are also plenty of totally free ways to raise your odds of obtaining rare pokemon besides the premium bonuses, most of which are directly tied into the game's collection progression. It's definitely not ALL pay-to-win. Regardless of whether you choose to spend money or not, you'll still feel proud of your accomplishments. Miscellaneous praise: the staff are constantly adding new features and most users are very friendly!

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hypermode-12.pngNiet [Adam] replied: 18/May/2024 12:05:40 (11 days ago)

Thanks for the balanced feedback! I'm acutely aware of the steep learning curve PFQ has grown to have as more features got added but the Tutorial stayed the same as it was 10+ years ago. I do plan on reworking and expanding the Tutorial in particular sometime in the next couple of months to address this exact issue :)

hypermode-12.pngtexeoghea: "Consistently Improving"★★★★☆

Posted: 23/Apr/2024 02:46:48 (1 month ago)

i was on the original PokeFarm site, and i play on here every so often. im not very involved in the forums or community, but i read the news posts. the staff seem committed to trying to keep the game interesting and fair for all players, and do their best to take public opinion into account. niet, the guy who writes all the code, also seems like hes doing his best to make sure the site runs smoothly and has interesting gameplay. while i personally havent been a fan of *every* change or addition, i respect the staff's attempts to make the updates as pleasant as possible for everyone. given the massive userbase and the very different kinds of people Pokemon fans can be, i think this site has done its best to keep up. forum interaction is also optional, although i should note that other players are willing to trade for currency and items that can be otherwise hard to get. if you like idle games, clickers, and collectibles, youll probably like this site!

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LucarioWasTaken: "Decent"★★★★☆

Posted: 02/Apr/2024 07:37:58 (1 month ago)

👍 3👎 6

Duchess-of-glory: "Thank you for your existence"★★★★☆

Posted: 16/Mar/2024 18:37:59 (2 months ago)

Thank you for existing. I don't have access to the main games because i'm not allowed to have video games (other than my ipad), and this helped me to get the pokemon i wanted without actually playing the games! the reason why i give a 4/5 is because when i joined the site, the buttons are hard to understand. and before i close out of this review, i hope i'll one day access the main games and refer this site to some of my friends.

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Dachsbuns: "The Pros and The Cons!"★★★★☆

Posted: 03/Feb/2024 19:36:40 (3 months ago)

Hello! I’ve been playing this game, actively, for the past year. Which is, in concept, a good thing! For the game itself, it’s a wonderful concept. It’s extremely addictive, fun, and it’s a great way to spend time and effort! It’s rewarding to collect your favorite pokemon, to join events, to hatch specials.. all of these things make pokefarm an extremely addicting game, and very fun! There are two issues, though. If you’re not willing to spend on the game in invest in every boost, you likely won’t get many specials. TO BE CLEAR: you CAN get “zc” (the primary currency) through other means that real currency, such as scouring for boxes, selling breeding pairs, etc. It’s just very slow. And also, there was a new log in bonus added for 10zc every 5 days, which helps if you’re active! But it IS possible! The other main issue; the moderation. Every experience I’ve had with moderation has given me SEVERE panic attacks, which I normally have no issue with. If I’ve done something wrong, I will usually do my best to fix it in accordance to the claim made. The primary issue is the way they tell you that you’ve done something wrong. They’re cold, short, and even once; the moderator didn’t even tell me WHAT rule I broke. They sent me, a dyslexic person, to the rule page, and I had to make a list of things I DIDN’T do wrong. They told me AFTER the fact of which specific rule I broke, but I was already paranoid and anxious at the point. I informed them i was anxious at the encounter, but they didn’t show a single ounce of concern, or to even think to lighten up how they were handling the situation. They only apologized after I informed them a SECOND time that I was anxious, and I just deleted the entire thread I was being informed about. In short; the moderators need to be more friendly. They scare people away from playing, and interacting with others. I’ve seen users end up leaving the site due to the moderation alone. And while I absolutely adore the gameplay, the users running the site are making me want to leave due to anxiety. TLDR: The game is fantastic in concept; it’s fun to hatch, collect, and it’s great for pokemon fans of all ages and kinds. But, it’s very grind heavy for non paying players, and the moderation can be very “cold”, and genuinely just… scary. I’m giving it four stars. The game, again, is fantastic. It’s everything you could hope for in a clicker. But the moderation makes the game less appealing to a lot of users.

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hypermode-12.pngGarthic [Jamie] replied: 04/Feb/2024 14:36:47 (3 months ago)

Thanks for the review! I just wanted to take the opportunity to let you know that we have looked in to the cited situation that you mention in your review and are looking in to ways to improve the handling of such situations. We're sorry that this occurred and will be handling things appropriately so that, moving forward, this isn't a recurring problem.

Cherrythegoober: "I enjoy it! (Have a small issue though.)"★★★★☆

Posted: 28/Jan/2024 10:18:22 (4 months ago)

It's nice and don't get me wrong I love this place but I do have a few small issues with the mods. Now don't get me wrong I understand the mods are trying their best and they have their own issues outside of this website..but some of them come off as really harsh at times and even sometimes act really superior in a way (don't get me wrong I think some of them are super cool!)? Once again I understand it, modding is hard and i can't control how the mods are feeling these days. I get it. But sometimes it's to a point where I..kinda feel genuinely scared of them in a way? (Honestly I feel anxious even writing this review, like they're gonna message me and be upset about this.) I think this is mostly a me issue though. TLDR: Love the game, mods kinda scare me.

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Harpy Harë: "esta bien juego pokemon"★★★★☆

Posted: 19/Nov/2023 20:28:00 (6 months ago)

Es un buen juego para pasar el rato a pesar de lo poco que ofrece. Amo la comunidad a pesar de sus defectos. Sé que la gente tiende a criticar a Niet y a los demás administradores, pero están haciendo lo mejor que pueden. Los nuevos fakemon son interesantes de ver. Mi única preocupación es que la variante Pokémon y la mamá falsa tardan más en evolucionar.

👍 3👎 1

illyisme: "Fantastically addictive!"★★★★☆

Posted: 03/Nov/2023 16:26:13 (6 months ago)

PFQ is really fun, though there are some changes I think would fit better: One is that I think the rewards for doing the tasks are too low, for example: Mega evolving five Pokemon only gives you a little more than 3,000 credits, and you rarely obtain mega stones, and the ones in the market are very expensive. For beginners, I think starting off easy with small amounts of credits and easy tasks are fine, but as the player progresses, I feel like they should be rewarded more for harder tasks. Another change is to create more ways for players to obtain currency, more specifically ZC and GP. You can only get ZC (as far as I know) by buying it with real money or another player trades you ZC, but that's it. But overall, PFQ is a really fun game and I suggest it to everyone!

👍 8👎 1

ShuckleNamedJack: "Cool feautures"★★★★☆

Posted: 02/Nov/2023 15:49:21 (6 months ago)

There's lots of cool features here, but if I had to pick one, it's Pokemon genealogy. I like how you can see all of the ancestors of a mon all the way back to a lab egg. Only downside of this site? It's addicting. VERY addicting.

👍 5👎 1

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