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Duchess-of-glory: "Thank you for your existence"★★★★☆

Posted: 16/Mar/2024 18:37:59 (1 month ago)

Thank you for existing. I don't have access to the main games because i'm not allowed to have video games (other than my ipad), and this helped me to get the pokemon i wanted without actually playing the games! the reason why i give a 4/5 is because when i joined the site, the buttons are hard to understand. and before i close out of this review, i hope i'll one day access the main games and refer this site to some of my friends.

👍 5👎 0

Heartmint: "Misleading game title; it should be called pokeclick or pokecollect instead"★★☆☆☆

Posted: 15/Mar/2024 23:59:58 (1 month ago)

When I'm searching google with the keyword "game pokemon farming" what I had in mind was a game where I could grow berries and taking care of pokemon. Then I found this game, the top result of my Google search. I was happy, thinking I could find the perfect game I want, only to be disappointed. Sure we do that here, taking care of pokemon and growing berries. But taking care means just one click a day, and growing berries doesn't even have a significant impact in the game. "But we take care of them more than clicking". Yeah, we also need to put them into the correct field and that's it. Maybe it's because I'm a newbie and the other "taking care" feature is not unlocked by me yet, but if the main theme your game implying is only unlocked after weeks of playing, you're already wrong in the first place. "But the berries can be used to make poke blocks, which can improve the contest stats". For a contest that's not even hosted by the staff, only by players. Maybe my ideas of a "farm-like" experience is different from the game creator and other users, but im certain that it's not to far from the truth. Based on this game, the closest thing we do is not farm, but meat processing factory. Lastly, I want to give the biggest thumb-up for the community this game has. This community is easily the best I've encountered in all my years of playing game and surfing the internet. They're very helpful and supportive to a ridiculous degree, doing things that 100% will get them scammed in every other community for helping people. I can confidently say that I'm not playing this game for the game itself, but to be a part of this wonderful community

👍 13👎 13

ÇATTATAT: "super silly and fun"★★★★★

Posted: 14/Mar/2024 19:07:58 (1 month ago)

the silly!! yay!! Honestly really addicting, I play this game while in lectures (collage sucks, but this doesn't!!!!!)

👍 8👎 1

SeptileSpeed: "this is one of the best Pokemon fan games ever"★★★★★

Posted: 09/Mar/2024 00:40:57 (1 month ago)

👍 3👎 7

Hauntsaplenty: "Fun! Love the custom sprites and variants"★★★★★

Posted: 09/Mar/2024 00:04:19 (1 month ago)

the party clicking can be a little finnicky due to the "click again to open" popping up under the names but field clicking is super speedy for credit collecting and is just very nice to do in general.

👍 5👎 0

Tonksona: "Fun site for collectors"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Mar/2024 14:10:50 (1 month ago)

This site scratches the itch of finding a new way to collect Pokemon. Their fake regionals are good enough that I wish they were real, and it's a new way to pass the time with a fun loving community. I highly enjoy his site.

👍 9👎 0

YÉËtüSYøÌñKúS333: "Have been playing since 2019, game is still playable"★★★★★

Posted: 06/Mar/2024 23:53:54 (1 month ago)

Hello hello! I've been playing this game since 2019, and I can confidently say that I love it. The community is vast and helpful, there's little to no scamming within the trading shops/threads, and the staff is incredibly helpful. That's not to say the game is perfect. No game is perfect, especially not a game that's been run off the same code for years. However, not only are the site creators aware of this themselves, but they're actively taking huge steps to freshen it up. New things are coming out right now for the first time in forever, and I'm genuinely excited. This feels like it's going to be a fresh start for PFQ while not undermining or changing the game for the worse for veteran players. I've had wonderful chats with multiple staff members over the years of playing, and Celle especially is one of my favorite staff members. I've recently gotten incredibly close to finishing my dex, and yet I'm not worried about what this could mean for the playability of the game. After I finish up my dex, I know that more Pokémon will be released as the game goes. Also, while it's definitely a main goal to complete your dex, it's not required to enjoy the game in its entirety. Something that really makes me come back to this game is the community. I mentioned it a little bit up above, but I haven't really mentioned it in its entirety. Everyone who plays this game for fun is on your side. Back when I started playing, I had a good friend. She doesn't play anymore, but I used her shop constantly. I bought many shinies and albinos from her, and in turn, she helped me get my Pokeradar. After she quit playing, she had gifted me most of her account upgrades. While I miss her every day I play without her, I'm not the only person who's been helped by a thorough member of the community. Many people I see on this game are incredibly helpful. They help out the newbies, and in turn, the newbies help them grow as well. I am so thankful I started playing this over other games in 2019, and I'm excited to see how it continues to grow and flourish. To many more years of Pokefarm Q! ~Yeet

👍 6👎 0

Astrifera: "A Great Game!"★★★★★

Posted: 06/Mar/2024 03:55:51 (1 month ago)

It passes the time, and there's usually always something to do. It's a chill environment, and you can play at your own pace. Thanks to all involved in creating, expanding, and maintaining this awesome Game!

👍 4👎 0

DeeNara: "Awesome poké themed farming game!! I'm hooked fr!"★★★★★

Posted: 01/Mar/2024 13:51:27 (1 month ago)

👍 6👎 1

RubyDarling: "Simple, free and passes time"★★★★★

Posted: 28/Feb/2024 15:58:02 (1 month ago)

I love PokeFarm, when I'm waiting to be somewhere I can just click mindlessly or if I'm running errands I can have my pokewalker out and gain things. There's no ads to pressure you to buy any of their services, their administrative team is friendly,professional and helpful. They have weekly events and tournaments you can take part in. Whether you're a collector, a casual player, or something in between, PokeFarm keeps it simple, and fun. You CAN purchase things with real money, but you need to find the corresponding tabs. This game is 100% free to play by your choice. Did I mention it's customizable too? You can change the site backgrounds to suit your interests by going to farm > tools > site skins

👍 5👎 2

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