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We welcome our players to provide their feedback on PokéFarm Q. Good or bad, your opinion matters! So please, speak your mind. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Kitkatmeowzie: "Good Game"★★★★★

Posted: 04/Dec/2018 22:35:51 (5 days ago)

Is very good and great because of the new update, of us being able to FINALLY being able to personally customize our character. Anyways, it was good EVEN BEFORE that update! Good job and keep up the good work!

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SlushG2: "Fun and Addicting"★★★★★

Posted: 02/Dec/2018 17:32:53 (7 days ago)

One of my friends got me to start playing 2 years ago and because of them I love playing this game and the unique pokemon designs are amazing my favorite is Lunupine.

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Palutena: "It's good but"★★☆☆☆

Posted: 01/Dec/2018 20:45:33 (8 days ago)

Now the site itself is fine. It's fun to play and I love the exclusive's designs! There's just one Very personal but Very Big problem I have with it that drove the score down. The legendaries being unnecessarily given a gender really ticks me off. I'm agender and really connected to them, because they're like me! And there's so few other characters that are genderless/nonbinary PERIOD. And now, there's even LESS pokemon like that! And to put icing on the cake, Garthic's response in a thread where the topic was suggesting to have genderless legendaries was pretty offensive! Just because I'm agender doesn't mean I can't have kids!! And the legendaries don't even breed! As for cosmog, they could've easily just given them an item to evolve to either Solgaleo or Lunala! And if one of the /admins/ has this opinion, I can only imagine what the rest of the staff thinks. If people like having legendaries with a gender that's fine! The toggle idea was a really good one! I also wish there was more variety with the avatars, but I can understand that would probably be a lot of work/it could get added later on.

👍 5👎 10

Garthic replied: 02/Dec/2018 17:51:40 (7 days ago)

I want to open with this statement before I get in to anything. I do not feel like our game is the right place to push identity politics. Now, that said. First and foremost, I want to clear up a misconception that you have - the gender icon doesn't refer to anything's personal identification, it refers specifically to their biology. They are more than welcome to be characterised and given personal identification if that's what you want for them! That's exactly what the "Custom Description" is for on all Pokémon. I have no idea where you got the impression that I would believe an agender individual would be unable to have kids. Of course you can. That's basic biology. What you identify yourself as does not change your biology. I have made an attempt to find a post I have made on this subject matter by searching the suggestions forum for threads including 'genderless' and 'legend' and I have failed to find a post which coincides with your statement regarding 'what I had said'. More alarmingly, I have failed to find something which would lead to your given statements regarding me and my supposed beliefs (which I evidently don't believe, and never have, because that would be silly). To be clear, the only thing I did find that could be near to what you're suggesting was from 2 years ago and, so far as I can see, had nothing to do with what you're putting forward. I would also like to note that if the legendaries do not breed then how do we have thousands upon thousands of them? Their egg group is listed as "undiscovered", not "sterile". Just because we, as trainers / breeders, have not discovered it yet, does not mean that it does not happen. Also, if I may bring up Manaphy as part of my evidence that they do indeed breed - Manaphy breeds a non-legend, Phione. As for Cosmog, this falls in to the category of 'evidence that Legends do have genders (meaning biological, not identity)'. If you look at the Dex information for Solgaleo and Lunala then you will see that they are distinctly noted to be male and female, respectively. Your generalisation of a group of people is... Alarming, to say the least. If you are willing to lump a group of people in to said group using the concept of "guilty by association" then I harbour concerns about the intention behind your statements... Especially when your attempt at demonising THE ENTIRE STAFF is based on an INCORRECT ASSUMPTION regarding one person's "opinion". To be clear, even if that WERE my opinion (which it is not!), applying 'me' to the rest of staff is straw-manning them and that is horrible. Please do not do that. As a final note, and to be absolutely clear, the icon next to your Pokémon depicts its 'Biological gender'. That is not it's identity. Just because it is born with a male or female icon depicting its biology, does not mean that it can not identify as 'agender'. Or 'genderfluid'. Or anything else for that matter! It most certainly can! ALSO! Regardless of anything that I said, you ARE able to modify those icons using the skins / custom modifications - this can be done on the user-end. There is a downside to this, however. Unless Niet is incorrect (I asked him for this information so I could provide it), you won't be able to target Legends specifically when doing this, so it would be a case of 'all or nothing'. Not ideal, but if you really don't want those 'biological gender' icons there then you can get rid of them all if that is something you would like to do! There would be the downside of being unaware of whether or not a Pokémon is male or female for putting them in to the Daycare, mind you... But at the very least, it's an option available to you! If you're unsure on how to do that (and want to do it) then please feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to provide you with the relevant code to put in to your skin modification! All in all, we're more than happy to help. Your issue is by no means invalid and you're absolutely entitled to feeling the way that you do... However. I will never allow, stand by, or ignore when incorrect information is used to attack either myself, or any of the wonderful people who support us and help us to grow. I hope you understand where I am coming from on this matter and that the information I have provided is useful / helpful to you.

Melrose: "Rating speaks for itself"★★★★★

Posted: 30/Nov/2018 18:01:24 (9 days ago)

I've been on since the original and while I do take extended breaks and binge, I am always drawn back in. It is very easy to pick up where you left off amd the community is wonderful! This site has had a lot of love and time put into it over the years and I feel is fully deserving of support. On a related note, it is the only website game I have ever bought anything from.

👍 1👎 0

Gdyfufi: "Addicting but Amazing!!!"★★★★★

Posted: 28/Nov/2018 12:17:40 (11 days ago)

PFQ is sooo much fun!!! I LOVE raising Pokémon, hatching eggs, participating in tournaments, trading Pokémon, and more! All the fakemon are also adorable, along with all their made-up megas. Playing from my phone can be a bit challenging, but I play on it all the time! Go PFQ!

👍 1👎 1

Chibiterasu: "Gotta click 'em all."★★★★★

Posted: 26/Nov/2018 02:04:02 (14 days ago)

My numeric keypad's + button has never seen such use.

👍 3👎 1

AsteroidPizza39: "LOVE IT"★★★★★

Posted: 23/Nov/2018 22:01:17 (16 days ago)

I started playing 35 days ago. My daily access combo is 35. Why is there no 999/5 rating option?

👍 5👎 1

divzybean: "It's a lot of fun!"★★★★☆

Posted: 23/Nov/2018 19:38:09 (16 days ago)

I've only been playing for a little bit, but Pokefarm is very fun. It's easy to learn, and it fits a variety of play styles. I only have one glaring complaint, though; it can be very hard to navigate the site and find what you're looking for.

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Niet replied: 25/Nov/2018 10:54:47 (14 days ago)

Hi, if you have specific problems then please consider letting us know, either in the Help forum or with a Suggestion on how to improve :)

lisander: "Love the game!"★★★★★

Posted: 23/Nov/2018 19:07:06 (16 days ago)

Played a lot on the first version and fell in love, but had to quit when the first version stopped but I'm all in again now!

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NightVisions101: "Just an all around great game"★★★★★

Posted: 21/Nov/2018 09:01:14 (18 days ago)

An amazing community, everyone's so nice ^^ I started playing this game way back in 2016 and I took a huge break, like over a year break, and as soon as I came back I found it very simple to come back and start playing right from where I left off! I have met some amazing people, all of which are kind and cool, the staff are all friendly and are willing to help, they make this game fun to play :) Thank you to all the community and staff ^^ 11/10 would recommended

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