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Questions About Site Rules 2.0

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As the previous thread was both rather unwieldy and full of misleading information due to various rule updates, this is a brand new thread for asking for clarification regarding the site, trading, forum, and other rules. Please keep in mind that this thread is only for asking questions and receiving clarification. If you believe a rule should be changed or tweaked, please make a Suggestions thread with your reasons. Particularly good or common questions will be added to the posts here at the start of the thread. Rule updates will also be noted here.

The Most Recent Rule Update

October 9, 2021
  • Type Race Rule #3: Players may now make congratulatory posts in TR threads without the posts being deleted as spam. Use of the upvote/thumbs-up is still encouraged.
  • Type Race Rule #4: Players who wish to give away Pokémon to their team members may post about this once in the TR thread; however, team members who want to take them up on their offer need to PM them instead of posting in the thread.
  • Type Race Rule #6: The TR thread host OR the TR raffle host may post once in the TR thread every 24 hours to advertise a team raffle.
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Reserved for questions about the general Site Rules.

Can I hold something down to click multiple times for me?

No. Unless you're using the built-in feeding shortcuts (see the Help/Controls button on your private Fields page), the rule is performing 1 action, for 1 click. This also means that the double-click function some mice have shouldn't be used either.

If PFQ is a British website and British laws apply, why does PFQ still have to comply with GDPR?

We still comply with GDPR in order to still do business in (have players living in) the European Union. Many countries also have a similar statute, but GDPR is the most well-known and the easiest to quote.
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Reserved for questions about the Forum Rules.

I want to place another order in a shop where my last order is the most recent post, can I post again to order?

Not until someone else posts, or a full 48 hours have passed. Your best bet is to edit your previous post to add the new order, and (unless the shop owner has requested they not receive PMs) PM the shop owner to notify them of the updated order.


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Reserved for questions about the Trade Rules.

I have a trade agreement with someone, but they're inactive. Can I cancel the trade agreement?

IF they have been inactive for a reasonable amount of time (you can add them to your VIP list to see how long they've been off the site, up to 7 days offline) and/or you had a pre-existing condition about how long they had to complete the trade (such as a rule clearly laid out in your Trade Shop, which also hopefully allows a reasonable amount of time), AND you've tried to communicate with them at least once, AND you send them a final (polite) communication stating that you are canceling the trade agreement due to inactivity, yes. It's not your fault they're not around, after all, but canceling trade agreements isn't something to be done lightly. If you're not sure whether you've waited long enough, you can PM a Moderator to make sure.

Do hunt slots break the rule about not offering to trade something you don't have?

No. A hunt slot is a reservation; effectively "If you hatch this, I would be interested in buying it for X." It becomes a trade agreement when the hunted Pokémon is hatched, at which time both parties agree to the trade.

Is reselling/flipping Pokémon or items allowed?

Qualified yes. Provided there's no scamming going on (deliberately being misleading about the value of the Pokémon or item), flipping/resale is allowed. Keep in mind, however, that some players don't like it and may choose not to sell to you again.

Can I make "No Reselling" a rule in my Trade Shop?

No. This would be a violation of Site Rule 2A, by telling someone they aren't allowed to do something with a Pokémon they now own. What you can do is say "If you buy from me and resell, I will not sell to you again." In other words, you have control over your actions, not theirs.
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Reserved for questions about any other rules.

How can I use art made by my friend if they've never posted the art online to link to?

Have your friend give you written permission to use the art. Take a screenshot/upload an image of the permission, and link to the permission.


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Viky-ivy's AvatarViky-ivy
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Hi, I need some clarification on the site rules. I recently created this account and my partner wanted to create his own. I was wondering if since we share the same ip address there was a risk that my account was closed
Tarashia's AvatarTarashia
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QUOTE originally posted by Viky-ivy

Hi, I need some clarification on the site rules. I recently created this account and my partner wanted to create his own. I was wondering if since we share the same ip address there was a risk that my account was closed
There's always rumors about this kind of thing and people tend to put stuff about it in their trainer card, but tbh there's no reason to be concerned. Staff won't reveal exactly how they catch multi-account users (it would make the measurers easier to get around), but it is more nuanced than just looking at IP addresses. I'm pretty sure some people, like siblings, even share the same PC without problem. So, in summary: Your partner can make an account, and as long as you both stick to your own accounts it'll be fine. You don't need to put a notice in your trainer card/about/etc.
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Hey, I had a question about avatar art use. I'm using a picture I found on google, but I made sure to say "it's not my art, I found it on google, give credit to whoever made it" in my forum signature and my profile, but is it still rude or against the rules to use it? I don't want to offend anyone or make the original artist mad or upset(I've had my art recolored and stolen before, I don't get that mad because to me it's a sign of flattery, but I can see why other people would get really mad about it) So, um, if someone could tell me what I should do about this I really don't want to break the rules.
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From the rules under "Art Usage":

QUOTE originally posted by Garthic

Players may not use "random images found using Google Search".
You need to 1) know who the artist is and credit them by name/username, and 2) be able to provide proof that you have permission to use the art from that artist or that they have stated that the art piece is free to use This is the proper etiquette to use other people's art everywhere online, not just PFQ. Otherwise, it is considered art theft This post might help you ^^
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