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Toxel's Profile

5,773 / 10,240
Hatch progress 56%
5,771 / 10,240
Hatch progress 56%
5,771 / 10,240
Hatch progress 56%
5,771 / 10,240
Hatch progress 56%
5,771 / 10,240
Hatch progress 56%
5,771 / 10,240
Hatch progress 56%
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Type Race:
Tectonic Rage (Ground)
Joined: 06/Jun/2017
Starter: Helioptile
Rank: A Champion
Nintendium Normal Gemwish Badge
Adamantium Fire Gemwish Badge
Adamantium Water Gemwish Badge
Nintendium Electric Gemwish Badge
Adamantium Grass Gemwish Badge
Adamantium Ice Gemwish Badge
Adamantium Fighting Gemwish Badge
Nintendium Poison Gemwish Badge
Adamantium Ground Gemwish Badge
Adamantium Flying Gemwish Badge
Nintendium Psychic Gemwish Badge
Nintendium Bug Gemwish Badge
Adamantium Rock Gemwish Badge
Adamantium Ghost Gemwish Badge
Adamantium Dragon Gemwish Badge
Adamantium Dark Gemwish Badge
Adamantium Steel Gemwish Badge
Nintendium Fairy Gemwish Badge
pairs uft pwyw [link] go team ground! [link] points: 1322

About Toxel

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  • Looking for
  • Fields / Clicks
  • Milestones
  • PMs / Dexing / RTE / Free fields
  • thanks for clicking!
  • 19 + they/them + autistic
  • server time +10
  • Favourite pokémon: Toxtricity, Xurkitree, Blacephalon
  • Favourite types: Poison, Ghost, Electric
  • Vivillon pattern: river
  • Maravol pattern: prism
  • PMs: yes, check last tab
  • Spars: yes, I use a shiny mega lapras
  • Trade evolutions: I can help with any except shelmet / karrablast, send a labelled gift
I collect Toxel and Toxtricity I will also accept any unwanted Xurkitree and Blacephalon! I'm always looking for gems, zc, relics Will buy medium gems for 10k / 10 / 2 each Current preferred gem types: (updates often)
My fields are S&S! plz let me know if you notice something in the wrong field I click 1:1 or more when I can, feel free to pm if I don't click you before reset

part 1

Starter 06/Jun/17 Variant 08/Jun/17 From Sibley
Obtained Exclusive 12/Jun/17 From poddostarline Mega 26/Jun/17
Shiny 04/Jul/17 Random Chance Legendary 09/Aug/17

part 2

Delta 24/Aug/17 Won Exclusive 07/Oct/17
Pokérus - 09/Oct/17
Custom Sprite 06/Jan/18 Albino 17/Apr/18
Melanistic 06/Dec/19 Delta Special 25/Dec/20 From Spritzee
feel free to pm me! I probably will not respond to small talk but I'm always happy to help if you need anything PM if interested in:
  • Dex trades: all my pokemon are up for dex trade except for account locked ones
  • RTEs: I have a lot of rte/easy to evolve pokemon in hidden fields
  • Free fields: anything in my last field is free
avatar: pic of toxtricity's ingame model edited by me || code by sceptios (free to use)
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