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If your username has been changed, PLEASE do one of the following: • Send me a PM including the date of your granted permission(s) under your old username. OR • If you're requesting a new sprite, inform me of the name change and include the date of permission(s) granted under your old username. Thank you!


Hello, Sei! I would like to use a sprite made by PFQ: [b]My pfq.link:[/b] [url][/url] [b]Sprite(s):[/b] [b]Usage:[/b] [b]Who's making the sprite:[/b] Thank you!
To find your pfq.link: This can be found on your party page: I need the one I've boxed in - the second one. :) YOUR REQUESTS WILL BE REJECTED IF THEY DO NOT USE THIS FORMAT. This is because I NEED THE SECOND pfq.me link! An example of a filled out forum would look like this: Hello, Sei! I would like to use a sprite made by PFQ: My pfq.link: [url]https://pfq.link/@s[/url] Sprite(s): Noivern Usage: Recolor Who's making the sprite: AlyssaNights in her [url=URLHERE]shop[/url] Thank you!
# Frequently Asked Questions
1 What sprites do I need to ask permission for?
The Graphics Team has sprited the entirety of Gen 6, Gen 7, Albinos, Melans, and all Mega pokemon - even canon ones. If you wish to edit a sprite from any of these categories, you need to ask for permission. If you want to edit a sprite from gen 5 and below, permission isn't needed (unless, of course, it's a mega - canonical or not).
2 Can I use the "x" sprite to display in my journal/shop/about me/ or use it as an avatar?
If there are no edits being made to a sprite, you don't need to ask for permission. Permission is only needed when you are going to recolor, fuse, or make any other sort of alteration to one of our sprites. This means that you can also use these sprites as an avatar without asking for permission (so long as it's not edited) and you must state that the design you're using is an exclusive and belongs to PFQ where ever you place credit (signature, journal, about me, etc.)
3 Can I make art of [x] fakemon/ fan mega?
Absolutely! Fanart is always welcome, and we'd love it if you shared any and all fanart with us! We have an image gallery and would love to showcase your work there! If you have a submission, PM Garthic about this! All we ask is that you please credit PFQ for the design of the fakemon. So, if you were to draw an Orkit, you would say 'Art by me. Orkit belongs to Pokefarm Q'.
4 I run a sprite shop, can I just have permission to use all sprites made by PFQ?
No. We do not allow "blanket permission". Blanket permission means asking for permission to use a large amount of sprites all at once. Because these are hard to track, we do not allow users to ask for this.
5 Can I use [x] sprite for a shop order
Please have your shop customer post in this thread - the sprite is for them - they'll be the ones using it around the site, so they're the ones who will need to ask for permission. If you run a shop, please include this (or something similar) in the first post/ rules section of your shop: • If you wish to order a sprite made by the PFQ staff team (Gen 6, Gen 7, all Mega Pokemon, and all exclusives), please use the [url=https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/4783/Sprite-Permission-Request-Thread/post/844167]Sprite Permission Request Thread[/url] and request for permission to have the sprite edited by me. When making your order, please include a screenshot of Sei granting permission to have me edit the sprite for you. Their post here should look something like this. I'll use Mega Mightyena Q as an example: "Can I please have permission to let [SPRITE SHOP ARTIST] to [TYPE OF EDIT (ie: recolor)] Mega Mightyena Q?" I will then grant permission for the both of you to use the sprite in question. They should then return to you with a screenshot of the permission - if they don't, please feel free to PM me about this!
6 Can I make my own albino or melanistic?
PFQ did not come up with albinism or melanism. If you wish to make your own version, you're more than welcome to! We encourage creativity. However, if you want to use our specific pallete used on a Pokémon and put it on another, please ask! Always better to be safe then sorry.
7 Can I edit the melan 'x'?
These are free to edit so long as it's not a sprite made by PFQ - For example, you're free to edit an Albino victini or a Melan Poochyena since we didn't make those, but if you want to use our albino or melans in something like a shop banner or a customized avatar, then permission will be needed.
8 Can I use the dex art for [x]?
Apologies, but we're not allowing users to use the dex art for anything. It's commissioned work, and as such, is for our use only. This includes displaying it in your about me.
9 What's the difference between Personal Use and Private Use?
Personal use is defined as using a sprite or artwork for anything you see fit - posting it in your journal, about me, using it as an avatar, stuff like that. Private use is where it will ONLY BE SEEN BY YOU OR PEOPLE AT YOUR HOUSEHOLD. Private use is something we can't regulate - downloading our sprites for reference, making a wallpaper, making a background for the site.. this is all considered Private use, and as such, permission isn't needed. Once it's posted in a public area (INCLUDING personal messages), it's no longer private and permission may be needed to display it.
10 Can I use [x] sprite off-site without editing?
It depends on what's meant here - please post what you would like to use off site and list your reasoning as to why. If permission is granted, please provide us with a link to where it is off-site so we can add it to the first post.
11 How many sprites can I get permission for in one post?
Due to the formatting of the table, and for the sake of my sanity, a maximum of ten sprites is permitted per post. Any more than that and I'm afraid you'll have to make another post requesting more at a later time. Keep in mind when you say something like "the flarbat line", which includes gender differences, that means it takes up THREE spots - male and female are included since they're the same species.
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