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MCA - Mass Click Association [Open!]

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Suríya's AvatarSuríya
Suríya's Avatar
Mass Click Association

Welcome to the MCA!

Looking to interact with users who aren't in the users online list? Are you a fanatic breeder who wants more people to click for eggs? Or do you just have an insatiable hunger for clicks or clicking? Whatever the reason, you've come to the right place! The Mass Click Association (or MCA) holds users who have clickable Pokémon and those who love clicking. In an effort to make it easier to click and because it is directly related to Mass Clicking the following resources may make field clicking easier for those who don't mind modifying their PFQ experience: — The CSS Field Stacking CodeThe PFQ Quality of Life changes Userscript Please note that the MCA is not affiliated with running either of these codes and all questions about them should be directed to their respective coders.


  1. PFQ Rules apply (obviously).
  2. Do not ask for clicks - this is still a form of begging.
  3. If you'd like to be on somebody's click list, politely ask them via PM.
  4. You must have at least 300 clickable Pokémon to join.
  5. Do not complain about not getting clicks back or the like.
  6. Please do not post on the thread until you are a confirmed
    Confirmed Means: You have gotten your welcome instructions from myself, Shazi or Garthic in response to your joining application. A confirmed member can log into the MCA Panel with the given information. Just sending an application is not a confirmation of your membership.
  7. Click, click and click! Or not.

June 30, 2022

In anticipation of the Wishforge Revamp the Clan Owners of the MCA are planning an overhaul of the Member's list and Member's information area of the MCA Site where you log in to update your field amounts! Planned Updates:
  • Preferred Berry Type Sorting Members will be able to specify whether their fields have a large amount of one type of berry preference pokemon (Sour, Spicy, Dry, Sweet, Bitter). This will be indicated by a matching berry icon.
  • Preferred Pokemon Type Sorting Members will be able to specify if their fields focus on a specific type of pokemon (fire, water, grass, etc). This will be indicated by a matching icon of the pokemon using the V-Wave page type icons.
  • Post Link Indicator To go along with the above updates getting icons the [P] that indicates a Member's post link will be changed to an icon as well.
That being said, the Member's listing will also have a bit of a tweak done so that the indicators for these two sorting types will still look neat and tidy! We look forward to offering you these updates. As always, please take this time to update your personal hoard numbers through the MCA Panel as well. When the MCA update is live we will make an announcement so that you can also add your preferred berry and pokemon types as well :D

Past Updates

March 14, 2022 07:14

It has been some time since I updated the MCA thread with an fresh copy of the Member's list. When a person has not logged into the MCA Panel in a while you get flagged as inactive in the Clan. This will eventually, possibly (can't remember), drop you from the display on the Member's list. If you have not updated your numbers recently please login here: https://pfq.eltafez.com/mca and do so! After 72hrs or so from this announcement I will update the member's post with hopefully more accurate information. If you have forgotten your login or need a username change due an on-site name change you can request a change of username or PW reset from myself or Shazi and we will PM (on site) a new, temporary password for your MCA Panel. Please remember to change it to something you'll remember later - preferably not your PFQ password. As always if you have any questions, let us know.

July 20, 2020 22:28

Cheers everyone! The last update of the Member's Post was last month in June. Please log in to your MCA Panel account, update your field numbers and type, as well as any other information, before the 1st of August when I will be taking an updated version from the Staff side of the MCA Panel and posting it to the Member's Post! As a reminder, we DO have a Staff Run Discord where members of the SCA, MCA and PFQ Click Group (as well as a surprise NEW Clan coming!) are located. This link can be found in your Welcome PM as well as the first page of the Clan. Please remember that you should not post here until you have gotten a Welcome PM from one of the Clan Supervisors indicating that you have been added to the MCA Panel and welcomed into the membership!

August 25, 2019 09:53

Hello everyone! A little bit of news for you all, Elta has been hard at work and moved us over to a new site (with a lovely dark mode) since she would like to keep her URL for her personal stuff. The new site can be found here! all of your details should be the same but if you have trouble logging in, let myself or Suriya know and we can reset your password for you~

June 19, 2018 21:56

MCA Panel Link For those of you who are not on the Discord and missed this annoucement... The site is now working. I need to update the member's post on the site. You are considered 'active' if you have logged into the Panel in the last 2 weeks (the system automatically determines this. It will also determine you to be active if you login). If you are active on PFQ please login to the panel and update your numbers. If you are unable to login, please let me know and I can reset and resend your password. If you have had an official name change, I can also change your name to reflect your new name on the MCA Panel. Please help us get everything up to date so that I can make updates to the Clan. Thank you.

May 31, 2018 22:21

The Official MCA Tiers Challenge has been posted! The official start date is 01/October/2017 -- please do not begin your challenge until reset to the first day! Further updates to the Challenge will be posted here and on the thread for visibility. Please make sure that you keep up to date with any changes! :D

May 31, 2018 22:21

There is now a Discord Server to replace the Skype chat group for this group. As the SCA and MCA are run together, both of them are included in this Discord. The PFQ Click Group also has a channel here as a sister-group which you can join via the information post as well! If you are not a member of any of the groups, you will be removed from the server.

May 31, 2018 22:20

A new Skype chat has been created for those who wish to join it. You are not required to do so in order to be a member, but it's an option in case you do! MCA and SCA Members Chat. Please don't join the chat unless you are a member -- this is a members chat... I thought it could go without saying. Please note that this chat will follow the rules of PFQ as there are members of all ages that will be able to join it... with the exception of advertising. This will be because we are the MCA which promotes mass clicking, and we are the Shiny Collectors Association in this chat -- so it will also serve as a place to swap and receive mass clicks as well as summons if at all possible. Some of you may know that I am not huge on drama. I have a no-tolerance policy for it, Garth and Shazi do as well. If you cannot, or will not, keep drama out of chat, I will remove you. Other than that, follow the PFQ rules (child-friendly please!) and we should be golden~

April 8, 2017 20:52

Main post updated with current information. Suriya and Shazi take over the MCA.

March 14, 2017 21:51

Eltafez passed the torch of the MCA to Suriya.

How to join

The MCA Panel is where you will maintain your data, such as Pokémon count and fields style. Once you join, you will receive information pertaining this. Now, the real deal. Sadly, all existing data was wiped, so we will have to start anew with a clean slate. That means members who joined before the remake will have to go through the member application process again to be added. To join, please send either Suriya or Shazi with the following form. We provided an example to guide you.
Name: Profile: Style:
Eltafez (Remove accented characters.) https://pfq.link/@Z This link please S+S (Please choose the one that applies to you from the list below.)
Style Definitions: Please be sure to categorize yourself properly through the MCA Panel.
  • S+S: Sorted and Stacked; See Suriya's fields. This means sorted by berry preference (one per field), and stacked in one stack for easy clicking.
  • Sorted: Pokemon are sorted into berry preferences in one field, with 5/6 stacks of pokemon for berries.
  • Stacked: Single stacks, not organized by berry type. See Suriya's breeding pairs fields.
  • Random: As it sounds. Your pokemon aren't sorted, or stacked but rather all over the field.
Once you get a reply back, you can create your Member Post. What you put in it is up to you (eg. introduction, your clicking list, what you hoard, etc.) but please refrain from posting all of your Pokémon in it, as it could eat up precious data for those who have a limit. Want to advertise your participation or link back to your members post or the MCA in general? You are welcome to use the banner made by Suriya below~
Current Hunt: Dunsparce (Mega) Chain Length: 0 — Shiny Total: 0 — Melans: 1/3
All UFT pokemon can be found in my fields. No trade PMs please.
Shazi's AvatarShazi
Shazi's Avatar
Mass Click Association

Last updated: April 6, 2023

Information & Reminders

  • Members, please try to keep your count up-to-date and check it at least once every 2 weeks. You can change your count and fields style in the MCA Panel at all times.
  • Members are sorted by their fields style, then by alphabet, for easier access.
  • Members will be marked inactive when they don't log into PFQ for over a week
  • Members will be removed from the list when they don't log into PFQ for over a month. To be added again, notify Suriya, Shazi, or Garthic

Sorted & Stacked (216)

[1 - 1,000]

[1,001 - 2,000]

[2,001 - 3,000]

[3,001 - 4,000]

[4,001 - 5,000]

[5,001 - 6,000]

[6,001 - 7,000]

[7,001 - 8,000]

[8,001 - 9,000]

[9,001 - 10,000]

Stacked (14)

Sorted (17)

Random (29)

498 Ice Fangs
102 Gray Stones
Mass Click Association - My Shop - Guide to 90%+ Pairs
Signature by Cele, Avatar by Me
Suríya's AvatarSuríya
Suríya's Avatar
Mass Click Association Owners Roster
Meet the people who run the Mass Click Association!
Image by DuchessLunaire for Suriya, Shazi and Garth's use only.
Suríya's AvatarSuríya
Suríya's Avatar
Mass Click Association Supervisor Suriya

Heya all~ I'm one of your friendly neighborhood moderators, sneking my way around the site. I have taken over the Mass Click Association from Eltafez as she has become too busy to update it. I will be running it with the other Clan Leaders, Shazi and Garthic alongside the Shiny Collectors Association and the PFQ Click Group.
  • Relevant Information
  • Associated Clans

Field Clicking Preference

I prefer to click Sorted and Stacked fields. By this I mean single-berry stacks in a field as opposed to 5-stacks in a field for each berry type.

My Field Style

My fields are single-berry S&S. Most of them are Spicy preference though there are some non-spicy pokemon in places that were Wishforge or overfull shiny fields. If you find any stacks out of alignment with the others, please let me know.

How to get on my Daily Click List

I will only add S&S or Stacked fields to my daily click list; if you have neat fields, I will add you and go through your fields at reset when I tend to click for eggs. You may send me a polite PM to be added.

PFQ Click Group

The PFQ Click Group uses Skype Discord in order to help each other hatch parties. We welcome users no matter what their activity level, whether they be a newbie who needs help filling their egg dex, or seasoned players who need a bit of a hand hatching those parties for hunts. Click on the tab title to read our rules and then PM Suriya or Shazi with your Skype Discord name and we'll get you hatching in no time. While not an official PFQ Clan, it is being run alongside two official clans so I consider it an honorary clan anyway~

Shiny Collectors Association

The Shiny Collectors Association deals with people who shiny/albino/melan hunt and collect summons for legendary hunts. It is a collective of these people working in tandem to further the goals of its members by providing assistance to each other. This Clan may be familiar to those who were on PF1 or who were members of the clan from a couple years ago.
I am located in the PST (GMT-8) timezone and should be your first stop when joining the group. If I am not online or you are in the same timezone as Shazi (she's AEST/AEDT/GMT+10) please message her if it's easier for you to coordinate timezones. We will be able to help you with the Member Stats page on the MCA Panel if we are on at the same time that you are requesting to join.
{ Credits }
Template not free to use, for Suriya's use only; made by BananaLizard and edited by Suriya. Art done by Naiaya for Staff portraits.
Shazi's AvatarShazi
Shazi's Avatar

Shazi the Blepspeon

Hi i'm Shazi one of the art staff members, I make the pretties. I also help Suriya and Garth out with the clans we all run together. I'm in constant contact with Suri when she and I are both awake, and more or less the same with Garth~

Important stuff

  • Clicking Habits: I am not an every day mass clicker, but I have a set group of people I mass click to begin with and usually proceed to either pokerus hunt or search for people with sorted and stacked fields. I don't like to click random fields or fields of 5/6 stacks
  • My Fields: I try to keep my hoard fields sorted and stacked in the center of the fields but occasionally I miss one or two pokemon or I go on an adoption spree and forget to stack the new hoard field.
  • Click List:I have a primary list of particular people I click most often, these are people I have found to have my preferred field organisation, I have a secondary list of poeple who I click after that. If you want to be on my secondary list, drop me a PM and if I like your fields well enough you'll go onto my primary list

Click Lists

Art and code by me
look at me, I'm different!
Mass Click Association Supervisor Garthic

Hi there! Aside from running this clan, I also assist in the running of the PfqCG (PokéFarm Q Click Group) and I am the original creator of the Shiny Collectors Association which I now run with Shazi and Suriya. I don't really get the opportunity to click as much as I'd like but that's simply a result of the job I have - as such, I adore stack and sorted fields - mine are mostly stacked (all sorted - but I do need to fix a few fields up because I'm, honestly, pretty lazy regarding them! :p ). I'm always available for assisting people, so feel free to PM me at any time~ My timezone is GMT (the server is UTC
GMT timezone observes DST (daylight savings), UTC does not - this is why the server time is not the same as my time for half of the year. o:
), though I'm often awake at silly o'clock in the morning as well.
Suríya's AvatarSuríya
Suríya's Avatar
We are open! Go forth and post your member posts!
{ Credits }
Template not free to use, for Suriya's use only; made by BananaLizard and edited by Suriya. Art done by Naiaya for Staff portraits.
Meu's AvatarMeu
Meu's Avatar
welcome to my clicktchen
Hey I'm Meu and I've been playing this game for more than six years. Fields: After my first few fields, I have 7,000+ sorted and stacked Pokémon. Clicking habits: I click for Pokérus often and I mass click sorted & stacked fields when I'm bored. I prefer to click sorted & stacked fields with upwards of 3,000 Pokémon.
primary list
secondary list
shop + journal + credit
if my journal is deleted: Art Credit: Avatar & About Me: Zan Forum Signature: Silver
phone lines follow us, like heartbeats in the dusk hold my hand and gush, sweet landscapes from the bus
Torterra's AvatarTorterra
Torterra's Avatar
Hey everyone. The name's Torterra.

Field Information

3000+ Pókemon in my fields. The first few fields are unstacked because of "drop-off" fields, but the rest are stacked! Some pokemon are in private fields.

Secondary Click List

Profile Picture made by Toast Cat. Used with Permission. Signature made by Wardove
ÉrrähM's AvatarÉrrähM
ÉrrähM's Avatar


Ahoi-hoi! I'm Errah, your friendly neighborhood Lettuce Lady! I probably spend far too much time on this website, but when I'm online, I'm usually clicking... I mass-click a lot.
What You Should Know
  • Clicking Preferences: The completionist in me demands that I click every pokemon in any given user's fields... because of this I prefer to click fields that are single-berry sorted and stacked.
  • Clicking Habits: I have 2 lists. My primary click-list gets clicked nearly every day. My secondary list is a list of back-ups that I run through supposing I get through my primary list and decide not to rus-hunt. If you want to be on my secondary list shoot me a PM; but fair warning--I will only add you to the list if the majority of your fields are single-stacked. Of course, being on either of these lists will not guarantee that I will click you every day.
  • My Fields: With the exception of the first few fields and the melans in my very last field, all of my fields are single-stacked in the upper right corner. I currently have ~5900 sorted and staked pokemon.
Code and Art by Shazi For ErrahM only

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