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PfqCG Basic Information

The PFQ Click Group uses Discord in order to help each other hatch parties and further their hunts. We welcome users no matter what their activity level, whether they be a newbie who needs help filling their egg dex, or seasoned veterans who need a bit of a hand hatching those parties for hunts. Unlike most groups, we don't have a side chat where users can interact; this is because first and foremost, we are a click group and have found that chatting distracts people from participating in clicking each other properly. *As a general rule, we don't add people to the group on Niet Days. There is just too much going on to get a new person settled on such a busy day.

Who runs the group?

The group was started about a year ago by Suriya and RedCydranth but is now run by Suriya, Shazi and Garthic alongside the Mass Click Association Clan and the Shiny Collectors Association Clan. If you are interested in joining, you may message Suriya or Shazi with your Discord name after you have read all of the information in this Journal entry.

What are the rules of the group?

1.) If you are active in the group, posting new party links and getting clicks from others – you are expected to return the favor — and yes, people do pay attention. If you notice someone not doing this and they are active — please let Suriya or Shazi know in a private message. 2.) When returning to be active, please read back through the most recent new party links and click them. You are not expected to go back hours to find parties to click, but the most recent ones would appreciate the time you took to look. 3.) Yes. You may announce your “Same Party” when the day rolls over to get people to click again. There are no activity rules when it comes to be reset time. 4.) It is encouraged but not expected that you use the double-click method (using Chrome, clicking in logged in mode, and Incognito guest mode) your fellow hatchers. We are aware that many people do not use Chrome and most can only click one time per party. Do not feel pressured to click twice if you do not wish to do so. 5.) YES. You may suggest people to join the group who are actively hunting shinies or melans and who are willing to participate in the objective of the group. Please let Suriya or Shazi know who you would like to see in the group and one of them will send out the invitation. Alternatively, you could have your friend read these rules and message one of them yourself. 6.) Please keep drama you may have with other members at the door. This should not become a place filled with fights, animosity and uncomfortable situations. Especially since there is no chatting. 7.) Chatting should not be done in the click group. The objective of the group is to assist each other with hatching parties. As such, please do not post narrative in the click side with your parties. (Asking if you posted a party or things along those lines is fine. General discussion is not.)

How is activity tracked in the PfqCG?

Activity isn't done in this group the way it is in other click groups. Real life comes first, before PFQ, and we are aware that members may not be on daily or even weekly. As long as you are clicking others back when you are posting parties you are considered to be participating in a satisfactory manner. We do not kick people from the group for being 'inactive' and so you may hatch at your leisure without fear of being removed. In this way we are more lenient than other groups when it comes to activity.

What happens after I apply to join the group?

Once you apply to join the group and everything is sorted there... the process is very quick: 1.) I add you on Discord using your provided Discord Username
NOT your display name
. 2.) You are added to the correct role in Discord to allow you to see the channel. 3.) You are able to see the PfqCG channel where party links are posted. 4.) Redacted -- we use Discord now. Skype tries to die because
It tries to catch up to the parties to a certain extent -- buckle up! Skype may crash.
there are many people in that group.
We thank Sally that we are no longer on Skype where it tries to die when new people are added. 5.) Your In-Game-Name
See also: IGN
is changed (either by you or us) to the one you have on Pokefarm. 6.) You post your party link that has your username in it
Looks like: https://pfq.link/NAMEHERE -- or https://pfq.link/Suriya and is found above your party.
. 7.) ????
Background, Sally-based RNG stuff happens. We like to give her offerings to make things happen. Sometimes it works.
8.) Profit.
(By which I mean, parties hatch and you may get cool stuff from the eggs.)
Simple as that. As long as you click the last few parties, you are golden. You are not required to click through the entire member list before posting. Ever.

Do I need to click everyone before I post a party?

No. While we do provide a link to all members in the Click Group, you are not required to click them all before you post a party. If you simply click the most recent parties posted by other members, that is enough.

How do Niet Days work in the PfqCG? I don't think I can keep up!

You should not expect the sent/received number of interactions to be even, nor are you required to hit every party, but you should be making an effort. If you are posting parties, you need to be clicking them. If you see someone posting and not returning clicks, please let myself or Shazi know immediately with a screenshot. Even if it's one of us doing it. If an obvious effort to keep up is being made, you don't need to worry about being reprimanded for not clicking back. Different badge levels and EHP levels on eggs mean some people may hatch faster or slower than others and this is taken into consideration. Members of the group pay more attention to the interaction exchange on a Niet Day and can tell if you aren't clicking parties. They can tell even more when you click in the fields to make the interaction levels even out to make it appear as though you are clicking. This sort of thing is not permitted and may see you removed from the group.

How can I advertise the click group?

You can use the This Image to link to this Journal, or to Suriya directly. One way or another they will end up reading this informational entry~ This is what it looks like, isn't it cute? The image was made by Shazi for the use of the click group members and you have permission to use it for this purpose. The code looks like this:
  • [url=https://pokefarm.com/forum/post/1306599][img]https://pokefarm.com/upload/Shazi/PFQCGButton.png[/img][/url]

More Frequently Asked Questions

“Do you have a requirement for the amount of eggs hatched per day?” No, no we do not. Whatever eggs you hatch, or pokemon you are working on evolving through the day that you choose to post is just fine. “What is the rule or posting at reset time?” The same as any other time of day. You can choose to post or not. At reset, the previous clicks from the day before aren’t counting making it a new party of clicks you can get from everyone. Post away! “How can I prove I read all of the information?” When you message Suriya or Shazi to join the click group, include the words "Soggy Tasmania" either in the PM title or the body of the message with your Discord name. We will be looking for this as proof that you have read through everything and it will serve as your agreement to abide the rules of the group. “My friend wants to join. Can I add them?” We would prefer if you have them message us after reading the information in this post to make sure they understand the rules and what we are about. This way we can also keep our records up to date. It also serves as a contract of sorts when they agree to follow the rules after reading this and still asking to join. “I have problems with someone in the group; what do I do?” We are a welcoming group. If you have problems with someone you can choose to ignore them, leave the group if you can’t be civil, or drop the drama and try to get along like adults. As the click group is not a chat, your personal drama should not hinder you clicking their parties. We (the group admins) will not remove or bar someone from joining because you have a problem with them. HOWEVER. If if you (or the other person) are found to not be clicking each other because of a grudge, there will be repercussions if it continues after a warning. "I notice there was a #General chat when I joined, but I no longer see it; why is that?" You are correct, there is a #General channel that you will see on joining. However, this channel is meant for the MCA/SCA Clans which are also run in the same Discord. Think of them as "Sister-Groups". You can have access to the #General tab if you are a member of at least one of the Clans as well as the click group. Please PM Suriya if there is anything you think should be added to this list.

Joining Application

Some people wanted one of these to make it easier... please make sure you read through ALL of the information found in this journal before PMing this form to one of the people who run the group to join.
  • Hello! I would like to join the PfqCG and have read through everything in the information post... [b]Discord USERNAME[/b]: (Not your display name.) [b]I have read all of the information:[/b] (Now prove it) By submiting this application I have promised that I read everything and know that I should report people who are not following the click group rules to Suriya, Shazi or Garthic. I also promise to follow them myself!
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Template not free to use, for Suriya's use only; made by BananaLizard and edited by Suriya. Headshot Art done by Naiaya for Staff portraits. Art of Suriya, Shazi and Garthic by DuchessLunaire for the use of the PfqCG, MCA and SCA Admins only.
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