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Eltafez's AvatarEltafez
Eltafez's Avatar
...Oh. :o I'll definitely try that next time I hatch one. And regarding the party page, it seems I'll have to get used to scrolling down a lot. Oh well, clicking will be more of a challenge then. x)
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VampyreWolf's AvatarVampyreWolf
VampyreWolf's Avatar
so far i like it. i especailly like that the new eggs are half way ready to hatch for the new users and the other eggs from the lab when starting out are also partly ready to hatch. very great :)
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Xerxes Break's AvatarXerxes Break
Xerxes Break's Avatar
I think this is very nice. I mean the design is still simple and stuff, but I like the interaction system, the trainer cards, the egg adopt and hatch moving/animations, the way the sub-forums are displayed. I still don't know how to do some things, but I'll get used in some days. I saw a small typo on the front page when you log in, there is an "aready" that should be "already" :3
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Elpis's AvatarElpis
Elpis's Avatar
I haven't been on long, and I'm having a bit of difficulty figuring everything out, but I am certainly enjoying everything so far. I like the userpage layout a lot. It's easy to navigate, and easy to click people and their fields. I've had a number of minor issues with fields on the old site, but I haven't had any problems here. I love the new party clicking mechanic, since you don't have to worry about double clicking something and going to the summary page and then having to navigate back to the userpage. The random pokemon/egg feature is neat, but I can't help but wonder how those interactions would be treated when there are more people on the site. Would you end up one-clicking a lot of people? Would it create more hate for one-clickers or would it make people more tolerant of one clickers because they themselves use the random pokemon feature? The interactions sent and received are a little bit difficult to find, but it is easy enough to navigate back to them once you've found them. I'm so used to it being under the party that it's a bit difficult to wrap my head around them being in a different place. I like that the option to adjust your username is there, though I personally don't think I'll use it. All in all, I really like the layout of everything. Once you figure out where everything is, it's wonderfully easy to navigate. It's nice that there are multiple things contained on the same page; it cuts out a lot of loading time. I'm hoping there will at some point be an option to sort the users online list, it's not a big deal now with 10-20 people online at once, but it might be a bit difficult to find people you haven't clicked as the number of people on the site grows.
Niet [Adam]'s AvatarNiet [Adam]
Niet [Adam]'s Avatar
Fun fact: Did you know that on PFQ you can report individual Pokémon? If you see a Pokémon with an inappropriate nickname or Custom Description, scroll over to the last panel of its Summary and you'll see the relevant options for reporting it directly. If three people report the same Pokémon for the same reason, that user will receive a System PM asking them to take a look and resolve the problem. In this way, the community helps moderate the site! Users with large numbers of reports against their Pokémon, or those who do not heed the warning given by the System, will be brought to the staff's attention for further action, but hopefully there'll never be any need for this. PokéFarm has an amazing community, probably one of the best on the internet, so that's awesome!
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Methos's AvatarMethos
Methos's Avatar
Question from someone with minimal programming knowledge: would it be possible to have internal refresh buttons, such as with the Pokemon Tracker/Shelter on PF, for the Users Online page and Party tab? Or is it necessary to reload the page each time?
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Niet [Adam]'s AvatarNiet [Adam]
Niet [Adam]'s Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Methos

Question from someone with minimal programming knowledge: would it be possible to have internal refresh buttons, such as with the Pokemon Tracker/Shelter on PF, for the Users Online page and Party tab? Or is it necessary to reload the page each time?
The Party page reloads itself automatically. The Users Online page will have more features added.
TabbiMae's AvatarTabbiMae
TabbiMae's Avatar
So far I really enjoy the site, I love the Party page. I was a little upset by the fact the eggs didn't show a difference as they got closer to hatching but the animation is adorable and makes up for it in a huge way. I also like the Users Online page, it's easier on my eyes to see who I haven't clicked although that might also be because of how few members there are. I agree with Elpis, the Received Clicks is difficult to find and a bit tedious to go to every Pokemon and see who clicked what.
Kimie's AvatarKimie
Kimie's Avatar
I like it here a lot so far. The layout is pretty and you can find the staff user pages fast if needed, it's very organized even if I didn't find everything immediatly but that will come in time. Interacting will be way more earier with mobile devices and tablets and the hightlighted berries are very helpful to click a little faster. I also like the new clicking system in the fields and in parties that the links/pokémon you have interacted with are hidden, again it helps with clicking. But I noticed yesterday whil clicking with my iPad that sometimes the whole party disapears and instead there is a 'Thank you' wirtten like after you clicked an interaction botton. I needed to refresh the page to click the rest of the party. The new display for you Pokémon with different shapes etc. is also pretty cool and also that you can choose which color and which information will be dispayed, but this one seems to not like it XD Will there also be an image which display you whole party like on PF? Organizing your Pokémon on the fields and moving them from one field/party to another is much easier now and I am very thankful for that, because sorting them has been very annoying on PF. Also the information at the bottom of the fields are very helpful to place the right Pokémon onto the right fields. The new PokéDex is awesome! The drawn pictures are very cool and I like that there is a question mark instead of the Shiny picture, so you will have to register it's entry like the other dex entries. The division of the information is also good and I like the statistic view on the front very much. Okay, that's all I can think about now, but in conclusion you all did a very good job so far and I hope it will get better and better with new features and old as soon as they will be available :)
Xephion's AvatarXephion
Xephion's Avatar
I've noticed that on the front page that with the three slots for interaction sometimes it gets stuck and the berry options don't appear while the pokemon's taste in berries does. Otherwise I like the new design and that the user pages refresh on their own. Very useful thing to have.

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