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Niet's AvatarNiet
Niet's Avatar
This is a thread where you can post your opinion of the new site in general. Because not everything is a question, bug report or suggestion! Feedback is REALLY important in this stage of development, so please don't hesitate to post any and all thoughts you have regarding PFQ. That said, if it is genuinely a suggestion for the site, it should probably go in the Suggestions forum, so... I'm sure you can work out where what you want to say should go! Hijacked by the lovely, fluffy, and adorably ferocious Sei: It should be noted that this is NOT a help thread. Any questions you have that do not pertain to the changelog (found here) will be deleted. If you are found posting multiple questions in this thread, it may end up with you being muted for a day for spamming in this thread. Please use the Help forums if you have any questions that require assistance. Thank you!
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sweetpoison's Avatarsweetpoison
sweetpoison's Avatar
I have to say I love the random eggs/pokemon option that comes up as soon as you go to the site, it makes clicking a lot quicker and I actually find it fun.
Mea's AvatarMea
Mea's Avatar
I have to agree with Sweetposion. I love how easier it is to interact with other's pokemon/ eggs. It's much easier on mobile devices, which I normally use. I can't think of anything at the moment but I will be sure to say if I one up with something. I also would like to say that I love the fact you can move pokemon from party to fields so easy! I have a hard time on PF doing that, which makes me go turn on my ancient laptop. It's so easier here!
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Kurai9Angel's AvatarKurai9Angel
Kurai9Angel's Avatar
I love the fact that you highlight immediately which berry the pokemon likes, and the berries are already loaded on the page. At first I wasn't sure how I would feel about Unova being available from the very beginning, but after earning the privilege to be a Beta Tester I really like that being available. It makes it easier to start with everything at once rather than having to wait a long unknown period of time to earn the Unova pass to unlock some more pokemon.
Tenacious's AvatarTenacious
Tenacious's Avatar
I agree with everything that has been said before. The random Pokemon option is a great feature and makes things a bit nicer. The ability to already see what a Pokemon likes and having the berries there immediately is also very convenient. Though the Unova Pass was a nice challenge, I would prefer not to go through it again. I would like to see a challenge like that again on this site, however, but more for a side quest instead of access to an entire generation of Pokemon. This site, putting it simply, looks amazing so far. I think it will be a great improvement and I look forward to everything to come on this site!
Meepers's AvatarMeepers
Meepers's Avatar
So far I wanted to say that I love what I have seen so far, like above have stated the Berry Likes and dislikes being highlighted are pretty awesome as are the random pokemon to click on the front page - loving that as it is easier! However adding to this, I found it a little hard at first to work out how to be able to see the like and dislike berries in their original color and I needed to ask for help to find how to change the colors via a theme - little clueless there on how to do those. For the random pokemon part I'd suggest maybe having a way to hide what you have clicked already for the day as its a little annoying to continue resetting it and getting pages of already clicked ones and then finding an egg you haven't clicked yet. I did also notice its a little hard to find the friend request button and PM button on peoples user pages (Once you know where it is, its pretty ok, but perhaps making it a little more obvious would be a good idea?) For now these are just a few things I have noticed so far, but honestly I am loving the improvements on this version!
Niet's AvatarNiet
Niet's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by PruEevee

For the random pokemon part I'd suggest maybe having a way to hide what you have clicked already for the day as its a little annoying to continue resetting it and getting pages of already clicked ones and then finding an egg you haven't clicked yet.
It does try, up to 20 times, to find something you haven't interacted with among the set of Pokémon it chooses from. So if you're getting the "Load another" button then it means you're pretty much done with the random interactions and should make some non-random ones.
Kurai9Angel's AvatarKurai9Angel
Kurai9Angel's Avatar
Hm, one other thought I have (though I'm sure it's something to be implemented later on in PFQ's life) having a way to sort the users online page. I love the features you have on regular Pokefarm allowing you to sort in other ways minus who's been active recently.
Eltafez's AvatarEltafez
Eltafez's Avatar
I can't help but wonder if there will be something like SuperLite in the future. While eggs/Pokémon are very easy to click, the party page is, at some times, annoying to scroll through-- especially on a mobile device-- because of the eggs/Pokémon being underneath each other (click, scroll down, click, etc.) Wouldn't it be a bit handier to have the About section next to the Trainer Card, and the 6 eggs/Pokémon in 2 columns underneath those? Will there also be an option to turn off the animation when hatching eggs? It's nice to have it, but it's very slow on my mobile devices-- and it might be frustrating to those who have to leave quickly and want to hatch all their eggs first. I love how you can store bookmarks and have the smaller menu filled with them. It's a neat feature and very handy. ^^ I also like PFQ's layout. It's easy on the eyes and yet has enough colours to distinguish everything.
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Niet's AvatarNiet
Niet's Avatar
@Eltafez: Unfortunately that would limit the size of the "about" box to the height of the Trainer Card - it does expand, to some length, to give more space. As for the animation, click anywhere to skip it and go straight to the result.

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