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panpixel's Avatarpanpixel
panpixel's Avatar
Hello! I'm Pixel, although most people who know me from this site know me as Poppy, since I've had that name since I first joined and I just got a name change a few hours ago. I used to be Poppy Charmander ^^ I figured I'd reintroduce myself since I pretty much quit playing a while back but just started playing again. I do that a lot now that I think about it... oopsie! Well, hopefully I won't bail on everyone again. I don't really know what to say, as I suck at introductions, but feel free to PM me if you want to chat :)

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Have any questions for me? Feel free to PM about anything!

Hi everyone! I think I heard about this site a couple of years ago, and for some reason didn't get really into it at the time. Someone mentioned it in a random Reddit thread, and now here I am, barely two weeks in and playing obsessively. I played Pokemon Blue on the gameboy, missed a couple of generations after that, then picked it up with Soul Silver and have played every gen since. Aside from this site, I'm super into reading fiction of all types (and good biographies), watching movies, writing, taking pictures, and hiking. My favorite pokemon is Ludicolo and I don't know why. Maybe it's the hat? Anyway, I'm open to chatting with new people, so if you're into PMing strangers, or need to trade pokemon for evolutions, I'm your lady!
knickknacks's Avatarknickknacks
knickknacks's Avatar
Hi all! I’m Knick, and I’m happy to be here! I’d heard about/seen pokefarm around but finally decided that, since I’ll have a bit more time on my hands in the coming weeks, to try my hand at this game. I think it’ll be suited to me seeing as I like Pokemon in the most casual sense- I never played any of the games, but have always thought they’re neat! I’m intrigued by the idea of albino pokemon/color variants other than the traditional shiny! Completionist that I am, I’ll certainly be looking forward to trying to nab some of those! Currently I’m working to hatch my first batch of eggs. With my limited knowledge I think I know what at least one of them is- but regardless, I’m excited to welcome my first few pokemon (: Hobby-wise I enjoy running, doodling, bursting into song and, apparently, amassing pixellated critters. I don’t think I have a specific favorite pokemon, though I’ve always had a soft spot for eevee and its evolutions, because come on. too cute.
Hey, call me Anachron! I've been playing Pokemon since Crystal back when I was little. My favorite pokemon is Dunsparce for reasons I can't explain. I found this site looking for pet games like Flight Rising, and my excitement for Pokemon demanded that I try it out. I love it so far! I love the color variant idea and I can't wait to see more of this game. I've always been more of a collector of pokemon I like than a strategist, so I'll probably be pretty absorbed with picking eggs I think are cool. :D
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Katastrophy's AvatarKatastrophy
Katastrophy's Avatar
Hi everyone I'm Katastrophy - though everyone just calls me Kata! :D I found this place after I spotted an advert on Facebook and thought I'd give it a shot. I've been playing since the days of Pokémon Blue and Red (I was a Blue player), and the last I played was Y. I've dabbled in a bit of Pixelmon here and there since then. I somehow managed to rope my bestfriend SapphireTheFox into playing... it's safe to say she's almost more addicted than I am to being here! I'm also into reading and writing.. not sure if I'll dabble in forum roleplays just yet... and I love meeting new people, so do leave me a PM! :) As for favourite Pokémon I adore Vulpixes, Gardeviors, Umbreons, Dratinis and all the baby pokémon! I'm still learning the ropes of Pokéfarm but I think I'm doing alright so far! :D
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kaiserqueen's Avatarkaiserqueen
kaiserqueen's Avatar
My name is Kara! I remember playing this game before Q came out- about.. 2010? It's so nice to see it still up and have the same mechanics (plus, a bunch more!!) I didn't think i made an account on this version, but I actually made one in 2014, neat! I'm glad to be back. I found a couple screenshots from my old photobucket of my old account: How long have you been playing?
i drew my own icon & you can find my art here --> https://twitter.com/domushen
Fimbulvetr721's AvatarFimbulvetr721
Fimbulvetr721's Avatar
Hello! I'm Fimbulvetr but most call me Fim, all the people Ive talked to so far have been extremely nice! I joined a little over a week ago and its been really fun, Im still trying to get a handle on what to do but figuring it out is part of the fun :) How did you find us?: saw one of the pokemon sprites on a either ChickenSmoothie or Sylestia (I forget wich) and decided to check it out, it seems great here so far :) Would you reccomend us to a friend?: Yup! it would be fun to play together if I could ever convince them :P Any hobbies, are you working on anything cool, etc?:usually play other online games, do art on CS, and read a lot of books! What's your favorite Pokémon?: Probably Aracnine, since it was my first memorable pokemon card, or Dialga since I thought it was the coolest pokemon when I was a kid
PFP made by me :)
Pavliseb's AvatarPavliseb
Pavliseb's Avatar
Hello, my name is Pavlínka and I've been playing for a long time until I stopped. (Who would have guessed!) I know I tried to come back two years ago but I only ended up changing my profile. For some reason. Which I find interesting. I crave some game with forum in my life at this point. I'm kinda scared that there is way too many new things to catch up. And I'm sad I missed so many click weekends, probaably! I'm pretty impressed that I remember my password! Anyway, have a great day.
LadyKira's AvatarLadyKira
LadyKira's Avatar
Hello everyone! I'm LadyKira, but feel free to call me Kira, or pretty much anything really! :) I found this game a day ago, and I'm just learning the game, but as of now, I'm having fun! So, sorry if I mess some sitewide etiquette up. XD I'm an avid reader and have written a few short stories, and am currently working on a not-so-short story, so ye. I hope we get along very well! I'm a little socially awkward, but feel free to contact me if you want to chat! Thanks for reading this far! Hail Mimikyu!
AFKay's AvatarAFKay
AFKay's Avatar
Hey! Found this through the yarolds site, wasn't too interested at first but gave it a shot and love it already! I am an avid fan of photography and spend much of my time practicing it, along with reading and just relaxing in nature. I will endeavour to return all clicks and always happy to chat! Also LadyKira, funfact, I found it quite amusing seeing you as I am also called Kira! I was named after the alien Kira Nerys from Star Trek. Pleased to meet another Kira! Anyway, pleasure to be here and happy to meet new people!

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