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Xerxes Break's AvatarXerxes Break
Xerxes Break's Avatar
Ohohoh. Hiii everyone~ Absol on old PF, proud member since 22nd February 2010, I feel like a very old user. Abby here, nice to get the name I wanted hehe. I'm a Spanish teenager. Hobbies? Reading, music music and music, writing, drawing, painting figures, hand-drawing, anything art related really. It took me all my hunt until now to get the invitation, which is 310 cleffa eggs. I have to get used to this layout though, which is not easy, might take me some days to get used.
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Kurai9Angel's AvatarKurai9Angel
Kurai9Angel's Avatar
Kurai Here :3 same name on Pokefarm xD I joined almost 3 years ago on Pokefarm (my 3 year anniversary will be in 2 days!) My hobbies are mostly reading, drawing, listening to music, gaming xD and watching lets players having fun. I work full time during the week at a job I hate, but have an interview coming up in a few weeks to hopefully find a better place to work. My favorite pokemon... I'm not sure xD I love shiny Milotic and Leafeon I think the best? Maybe... it changes often. I hatched... um.... lets see, over 130+ Mespirit eggs from my hunt, over 250+ Fairy Togepi eggs, and was in the middle of my Shooting Star Cleffa hunt I think when I got the PM. Honestly I didn't realize it immediately because I was to worried about clicking that I wasn't reading my PMs. This layout's drastically different, and it's tough figuring out how to do friend requests or even get to my farm page xD until I figured it out.
Shadow Lover's AvatarShadow Lover
Shadow Lover's Avatar
Hello Shadow Lover here :) same username as pokefarm I joined pokefarm 1 year ago My hobbies are watching anime, reading manga, playing cards(Cardfight Vanguard mostly), and listening to music. My favorite pokemon is Umbreon and favorite legend is Mew I hatched about 300+ eggs I guess... I was hatching random eggs from the lab and shelter until I finally hatched 1 certain egg and got the pm. Still haven't really gotten used to this layout though... but so far I'm liking this pokefarm.
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Methos's Avatarhypermode-12.pngMethos
Methos's Avatar
Cailtainn over on PokeFarm. I had the opportunity to change and grabbed it. I'm university age, let's leave it at that, shall we? I joined in May of this year, as something to do with my younger cousin. She hasn't logged in for a while, but I found myself hooked. Hobbies... so far as gaming, at the moment I wander between PokeFarm and Neverwinter. Other hobbies are writing, particularly fanfiction, music (piano), and archery. Favorite pokemon is a bit difficult. I maintain that the best pokemon are still the first two generations, but have an abiding fondness for Poochyena. Hyenas are neat. Favorite Legendary has to be either Articuno or Suicine. Pretties. As for the invitation... somewhere around 100 eggs? Mostly Poochyenas and starters. The layout is definitely more user-friendly, but I'm hoping we'll be able to adjust some sizes. It's great to have nice big buttons to interact, especially for folks using tablets and phones, but I'm not sure I need them to be that big. I'll wait for any more feedback until I've actually hatched an egg.
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Cami Kira's AvatarCami Kira
Cami Kira's Avatar
Hello ^-^ Cami Kira here, I've been a part of Pokefarm since 11 Mar 2012. Was quite happy to receive the Beta invitation (usually never get to join such kind of things ~ unlucky) Love everything here so far. Hatched 300+ DeathStar's 140 Rokon and some random eggs for my very lacking dex. I can't wait to see more of the site. Cheers.
lKiyoshil's AvatarlKiyoshil
lKiyoshil's Avatar
Hello there, my name is Kiyoshi/Kiyo whichever works best for you. I have been on Pokefarm since July 09 2013 so I dare say I will be one of the newer members to beta test pfq. My hobbies are creating, templates, layouts (for imvu and such), avatars. Favorite Pokémon? I can't honestly choose one it's a tie between Emolga, Pachirisu and Togepi. I was on an eevee hunt the first day of the event and I hatched 32 eevees (literally the most I could get from the shelter) then I hatched around 25 random eggs. The second day I restarted my eevee hunt and by the time I finished it I had hatched 106 eggs. I got the invite just before I stopped it. So that works out to around 163 eggs this isn't exact because I didn't really count exactly how many random eggs I hatched so it's just roughly but it was under 200. What do you like about PFQ? I like how the berry is highlighted and how you don't have to click on a berry and drag it to the pokemon. What would you change? I am still uncertain about the random pokemon feeder it's a great idea but I dunno how it will effect the interactions received and how people are going to react to having more one clickers in that sense. But the main thing I would change is probably making stuff easier to find, some of the things people use daily like the interactions lists aren't that easy to find.
Xephion's AvatarXephion
Xephion's Avatar
Hello my name is Xephion. I've been on since July 28th 2011. I was actually trying to do a Pichu hunt, without a radar on that x5 day and got up to 66 eggs without a shiny before giving it quits. I hatched a few random eggs for a couple of days before I managed to get a mini-radar and restarted my Pichu hunt. After about 32 eggs I got my invite to be a beta tester. What do I like about it? The auto-refresh on user pages that indicates someone has interacted with your pokemon. And the highlighted berry tastes. What would I change? Not really sure what I would change except maybe that the trainer card sprites had more variety? If that isn't already a work in progress.
VampyreWolf's AvatarVampyreWolf
VampyreWolf's Avatar
im vampyrewolf been with PF sense feb of 2011 :D it took about 200 or so eggs before i got my invitation but it was worth it :) well i like how its pretty easy to click users and i like how it makes it easy when you start out with the eggs almost ready to hatch :) i dont like how it is kinda hard to navigate and find things but ill get use to it.
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SphynxMagg's AvatarSphynxMagg
SphynxMagg's Avatar
O: I didn't even see this thread until now xD I'm Sphynxmagg, but you can call me Sphynx if you'd like ^ ^ I've been a member of PF since Oct. 6th 2010. I'm a 23 year old wife o3o who is married to a real weirdo xD and we have a 2 year old daughter. I have a few hobbies o3o. I draw, write, >w< I'm obsessed with making tails and ears and stuff (but lately I've been pretty busy since my baby brother has been at my house over the summer)and I looooooove me some video games o3o and zombies...lots and lots of zombies. >3> also...I <3 D&D, even have a Pokemon D&D game xD My favorite pokemon would have to beeee....*flails* I love Croagunk, Ninetales, Shaymin, Giratina, and the list goes on xD I'm pretty sure the day I got the invite I finished my 7 Giratina eggs I had and then I did a Meloetta hunt (100 eggs) a random Pichu hunt (about 50 eggs, no shiny >3>) did an unknown number of random eggs and grabbed some Miltank eggs (was thinking if I wanted to do the hunt or not) hatched the Miltanks and BAM! Invite! it was awesome haha so now I'm starting my Miltank hunt haha. What I like about PFQ? well for me, since I have awful wifi, the whole set up for clicking users is a lot better. I like being able to see what berries the pokemon like and to be able to click that berry without having to click the pokemon first to open that information and so on. I like it all pretty much though, its so awesome! There is actually very little that I don't like and that's mostly just my fault because I'm forgetting a couple things or like when I'm viewing my farm page and I use the scroll button like a dork and it flips through everything xD I wouldn't change much...mostly because this isn't the final product so I'm not really looking to change anything, I'm waiting to see how much more epic this place is going to be. OH! I forgot, I really really love the Pokedex. You guys are awesome! <3
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PadfootTheWolf here, or pokemaniac as some might know me. Tomorrow's my 3 year anniversary on PF, so quite fitting that I got the invitation just half an hour ago. :P I didn't keep track, but my guess is somewhere between 100-150 eggs for me to get the invitation. I'm so excited to see what this new site has to offer. XD
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