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Sei's Avatarhypermode-12.pngSei
Sei's Avatar
Here, you're encouraged to introduce yourself! How did you find us? Would you reccomend us to a friend? Any hobbies, are you working on anything cool, etc? What's your favorite Pokémon? If you've been here for a while.. What do you like about PFQ? What would you change? What do you dislike? Does Steve deserve a shiny? Just a reminder, keep in mind we're still in beta - lots of kinks to fix and what not... but you're more than welcomed to use our suggestions forums for any ideas. :)
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Neffi's AvatarNeffi
Neffi's Avatar
Okay then, I shall start~ I am Neffi and I'm a random 18-year-old Polish girl. I've been on the old PokeFarm since January 2010, which means, pretty much since it was open. I'm oooold~ As for here, I've been here for, uh, 16 hours or so :P As for how I got here, well, Sei knows best uvu My hobbies include mainly drawing, both on paper and on tablet, and playing the piano. I love Pokemon, animals (especially dogs, cats, predatory birds and horses) and fantasy cratures such as dragons. My favorite Pokemon, uh... Gotta say Ninetales, but there so many others I love~ As for PFQ, well. It's still unfinished, many things are still going to change. So far, it looks good, even on my old, small, dying netbook. I'm sure it'll look even better when I move to my better laptop. :3
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Grimmew's AvatarGrimmew
Grimmew's Avatar
Hello, I'm Serra, but some call me Sezou. I am now 31 years old (yeah I'm old lol) and am engaged to a great guy. I have been on PokeFarm since November 2010. I've been on here since last night. I love to play Pokemon games and hooked on a trading card game called Magic the Gathering. I love to play the Sims games. I love to write and used to draw a lot. I am completely addicted to the online show/anime RWBY. Of gens 1-5 my favorite pokemon is a tie between Mew, Shaymin, Ditto, Zorua, Victini, and Eevee. I got a promo code from an awesome staff member <3 There's a lot I like about PFQ already, easy to navigate is one. I also like how much faster/easier it is to click pokemon/eggs and how easy it is to field click as well. I also love how much easier it is ot set our own skins. That's just to name a few things right now. Since the site is still a WIP, I'm not sure what I would change yet, if anything.
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Eltafez's Avatarhypermode-12.pngEltafez
Eltafez's Avatar
Hello there~ My name is Eltafez and I'm 19 years old. I've been on PF since July 2010 with a few hiatuses here and there, and I registered here on PFQ over an hour ago. The invitation PM really surprised me. Most of my friends had been hatching eggs the whole day in the hope of getting an invite, while I was more happy-go-lucky on getting shinies. I think I hatched 200+ eggs due to my shiny legend hunt. Anyhow, erm... I love drawing (both traditionally and digitally), reading and writing. I'm starting college mid September and I'll be taking the course of IT. As for my current opinion on PFQ, I'm actually a little overwhelmed. It's quite nice, yet I kind of miss the simplicity of PF's party page. X) The party space is certainly bigger than I'm used to, so it'll take me a while to get the hang of clicking. ^^ so far so good. c: Edit: And my favourite Pokémon is Mightyena~
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Khes's AvatarKhes
Khes's Avatar
Hai thar c: I'm Khes and I am 17 years old. I am Spanish. I have been on PokéFarm since late December 2010 - since Christmas, to be completely accurate - and I have been here since yesterday morning. I got my promo code from an awesome friend of mine, who happens to be a staff member, he goes by the name Sceada. I love listening to music, reading and writing, amongst other things. I am currently not working, as I am still studying. In case you want to know, I study nature and health sciences. PFQ has a lot of things I like even if it is still a WIP. Interacting with both parties and fields is much more efficient and faster. And the Farm page is way more organized. I am looking forward to the activation of some of the counters in the bottom right, too. I don't think I can take many flaws out of the new site. Nevertheless, I will get my brain working so I can think of some suggestions for it. ^-^ E: Edited to fix a typo. ^-^"
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Numbers's Avatarhypermode-12.pngNumbers
Numbers's Avatar
Hello c: Im numbers! And I am almost 15 years old. Ive been on pokefarm since umm.. April 27, 2011 to be exact. And i registered here just a bit ago c: The invitation came out of nowhere and i totally wasnt expecting it. <3 I really enjoy a little bit of everything, especially reading. I like the user pages better now! ^o^ It's a lot more efficient and i love the new trainer cards. o: Currently, i see nothing that really needs to be changed, i just really need to get used to PFQ's layout. c:
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Mea's AvatarMea
Mea's Avatar
Hi, :3 I'm a 18 year old American girl. I've been on pokefarm since July 29th and I start college in less than two weeks. I lost count how many eggs I had to hatch to get here but I'm excited about testing this version out. I've been playing pokemon since the start when pokemon red and blue were released, then yellow. (I think I can't remember). I stopped watching the anime after the 3rd generation. My favorite game is Black 2, and unless I can a 3ds I won't be playing x or y. I love my music and I love Skillet, Skrillex, Nightwish, shinedown a d some of the final fantasy sound tracks. I also love o role play but with the current state of busy-ness I'm about to get into I won't be doing much. As for PFQ, I like how the interacting is and it's much easier on my mobile device. The only thing I find right now is if I use it vertical the banner at the top has a suggestion that I orate for better viewing. I don't mind it, I find it more difficult on horizontal, but that's just me. Other than that I can't find anything wrong so far.
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Torva's AvatarTorva
Torva's Avatar
Hello everyone, Im Torva and Im 16. I've been on Pokefarm since Jan. 17th of this year. Im not a real social bug, but, I will talk when talked to lol. I just got my invitation just a bit ago and here I am. I was around 156 eggs when I got my invitation. One thing I like especially so far here on PokefarmQ is its way easier to click eggs and pokemon and know which user you have clicked by the color of their name in the users online area. I have to explore some more so. Thats me in a nutshell.
Ms Peepers's AvatarMs Peepers
Ms Peepers's Avatar
Hello everyone!! I'm Ms Peepers and I am 18 years old. I have been a PokéFarm member for a little over three years now. I love to draw, mainly Pokémon, but other things as well. My favorite pokemon is Giratina (Hence my PokéSona ^^) Hmm.. I'm not really sure how many eggs I hatched before I got my invitation, it really came to me by surprise. I was sooo happy when I saw the pm that my eyes started watering a bit, I wanted to be part of the first few to test PFQ. What do I like about PFQ? Hmm... Everything, its so much easier to navigate and more interactive with each specific user. I can't wait for more things to be added! What would I change? NOTHING! I love it the way it is so far. <3
SparksSystem's Avatarhypermode-12.pngSparksSystem
SparksSystem's Avatar
Hey everybody, I'm DarkNova181 (as you can see) and I'm 19 years old. Back on the original PF I'm known as XJesstheFoxX though. My favorite Pokemon at the moment is Zorua. It switches almost daily from Zorua and Eevee. Maybe I should just have 2 favorite pokemon, that would make things easier. I joined PokeFarm on February 19th 2012 and have been coming on every day since. Seriously, I think there's only been two days I haven't been on and that was because of a power outages. I lost count of how many eggs I hatched to get the invite, but I know it was more than 300, probably around 400 eggs. I really like how easy it is to make custom site skins. I probably should have explored the site more before I tried making one, because I wasn't sure which colors went where and I created a huge eyesore XD. I also really like how the berries have colored backgrounds to tell you if the pokemon you're feeding likes it or hates it. As for things I would change, I'm going to say nothing so far. It's a little difficult to find your way around at first, but once you get the hang of everything then it's ok.
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