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Hi! Happy to see an intro thread! I'm Ghibs, and I'm new here! I use all pronouns, but prefer they/them. I recently got a desk job that leaves me with sone free time at work, so this fills in those blanks for me, haha. I've been playing Pokemon games since 2001 and usually try to make a living dex, but the recent DLC paywalls have made me stop wanting to do that. I am also working on a POkemon card living dex! So I will probably do that here, and then branch out into a forme dex. I'm eager to learn about all the site exclusive designs! I work at a sandwich shop and also at a library! I hope to get my masters soon :) I read a lot of books, and play a lot of different games. I lvoe listening to music, mostly post rock. I'm happy to meet everyone here!
uh hi. I'm sugarpaw. an new adult player. its nice too be here. I hope people will help me out in the future. :)
was able to change my profile avatar! 8D
Eomchy's AvatarEomchy
Eomchy's Avatar
Hihi peoples, I literally discovered this game random when I posted into a youtuber by the name of HoodlumCallum, Idk what he was streaming but he went on her for a few months and when I saw the link in chat i followed out of curioucity, and while I dont have to share personally, I will say that the community is so nice and I am loving it here. I have had nice browser game in awhile. I used to love Unovarpg, I grinded that like a mad man, and now I may just do that here may or maynot have stayed up lastnight just doing here because I was having so much fun, also side dont worry about the spelling of my name, just say emo shy, and I love lucario. One day I will have a lucario someday soon, especially now that I know how happiness works.
Hihi I'm Eomchy 😎 My profile pics is a commission work of my oc by the artist named sbeew https://twitter.com/sbeew707 This is eomchy fully realized 🫠 Badge Created by LycanKai
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ladyboss1029's Avatarladyboss1029
ladyboss1029's Avatar
I have a question. Besides "search my fields" is there an easier way to see how many of a specific mon I have collected in my posession? I want to get down to 1 of each so I'm trying to figure out the best way to do so. Because searching A-Z or in order of region takes a good bit of time. And I am very likely to miss some.
Chandevoir's AvatarChandevoir
Chandevoir's Avatar
I just joined! Thought it would be proper to post an introduction :) Hello! o/ I’m Chandevoir, but you can call me Chand or Voir. I’m a minor, and I go by they/them pronouns! I’m still an active student, and I do wander through the internet to find games to play, so here I am. I’m not the best at introductions, so let me let the questions guide me through <3 I love the community already, with its kind atmosphere and welcoming members. How did you find us? Heard from a friend…who heard from a friend xD I got interested, and decided to check the site out. Found it interesting, so why not? So here I am. Would you reccomend us to a friend? Definitely! If I can get them to, of course. I’m one of the few Pokémon fans in the friend group, after all. Any hobbies, are you working on anything cool, etc? I write short stories, play the piano and violin, and occasionally draw! I’m actually considering starting a YouTube channel on social commentary, archaeology, and maybe other things like gaming and singing. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be able to pursue that as an actual hobby. For now, I enjoy studying biology, and am currently writing a collection of short stories about an original universe. I am also working on an original Pokémon design inspired by certain fusions and the Kanto legendary birds! What's your favorite Pokémon? Oh…tough question. My top few are Chandelure, Porygon-Z, Gardevoir, Dragonair and Miraidon. I love most Pokémon, but these five are definitely above the rest :D
kittybaby's Avatarkittybaby
kittybaby's Avatar
Hello, I'm a 20 year old new player. I've known about PokeFarm for years through clickable links on Chicken Smoothie, but haven't decided to join until now. I've been playing CS since 2013 and this site pops into my mind sometimes. I joined this site with my partner after a Pokemon conversation (definesmug). I'm a psychology major IRL with a love for horses. I've recently graduated with a psychology diploma & I'm working towards my bachelors at the moment. I've been taking horse riding lessons for almost 10 years now, taking breaks now and then. I hope I can lease/own my own horse one day. My favourite Pokemon would either be Bulbasaur or Charmander. See you around! :)
TheHalfAngel's AvatarTheHalfAngel
TheHalfAngel's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Sei

Here, you're encouraged to introduce yourself! How did you find us? Would you reccomend us to a friend? Any hobbies, are you working on anything cool, etc? What's your favorite Pokémon? If you've been here for a while.. What do you like about PFQ? What would you change? What do you dislike? Does Steve deserve a shiny? Just a reminder, keep in mind we're still in beta - lots of kinks to fix and what not... but you're more than welcomed to use our suggestions forums for any ideas. :)
Hi! I'm new. I found this after searching up pokemon browser games, and thhis popped up. My favorite pokemon is Leafeon!
ghostfairy's Avatarghostfairy
ghostfairy's Avatar
hello! i just joined a couple hours ago. i found this site via chicken smoothie, where a few people had links to their pokefarm accounts in signatures. i'm pretty new to pokemon in general. i played go when it came out but didn't get my first real game until i was gifted brilliant diamond a couple years ago. i just now finally got around to playing and beating it but it was very hard for me because i am terrible at games, lol. but i figured i'd give this site a shot as well! my very favorite pokemon is probably chansey with clefairy and mimikyu as close seconds. i also really like wooper and tepig. as for personal projects, currently i'm working on writing a concept album! it's very slow going but i'm very excited about it and will get there eventually. :) nice to meet everyone!
Servine's AvatarServine
Servine's Avatar
hey there. im servine and i found pfq looking up pokemon games to play online. i guess i do some reading and play guitar now and then. my favourite pokemon are the snivy line.
JustEmmagine's AvatarJustEmmagine
JustEmmagine's Avatar
ello, I'm JustEmmagine. I just joined yesterday and so far i'm having fun on here! I use she/her pronouns. How did you find us? I saw it on another forum and thought it looked interesting, so I checked it out. Would you reccomend us to a friend? Yep! Any hobbies, are you working on anything cool, etc? I enjoy drawing, painting, animating, writing stories,baking, and playing the keyboard. I'm also working on learning some puppetry and how to make puppets! What's your favorite Pokémon? I like all of them, but my top favorites are: Wooper, Eevee, Maractus, Grafaiai, Smeargle, Tinkaton, mimikyu, and Oricorio.

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