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Eomchy's AvatarEomchy
Eomchy's Avatar
Hihi peoples, I literally discovered this game random when I posted into a youtuber by the name of HoodlumCallum, Idk what he was streaming but he went on her for a few months and when I saw the link in chat i followed out of curioucity, and while I dont have to share personally, I will say that the community is so nice and I am loving it here. I have had nice browser game in awhile. I used to love Unovarpg, I grinded that like a mad man, and now I may just do that here may or maynot have stayed up lastnight just doing here because I was having so much fun, also side dont worry about the spelling of my name, just say emo shy, and I love lucario. One day I will have a lucario someday soon, especially now that I know how happiness works.
Hihi I'm Eomchy 😎 My profile pics is a commission work of my oc by the artist named sbeew https://twitter.com/sbeew707 This is eomchy fully realized 🫠 Badge Created by LycanKai
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