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Well...Hi there everyone, uh-um, not sure where to begin or how to start this but here goes. Well my username on here is different from PF yet, have been a Member on PF for three years now. I joined that site August 18th 2010. So just reached my three year anniversary on that site. My original username from there is TRasenS. Which admittingly, that may seem like a strange username off, at first glance but is only a shortened version of my actual username from elsewhere. Just kind of couldn't get the whole one in, which would of been Throw Rasen-Shuriken if there was not a character limit. So transfering here, changed it..since the original purpose for having my shortened user name on PF, was so those that came with me from my main forum knew who I was. Since I was always known as TRS, Rasen or Throw from that. This username originates from another forum, I was on and have a thing about the word Tempest for some reason, no idea why just like it. Any ways though, my name is Crystal and my age is 24, with my birthday being February 21st. I was born and raised in New Zealand and I'm down in the South Island, Christchurch. Also am always, several hours ahead of the server time and usually half a day ahead of it too. I literally stay up all night and sleep through the day. Just prefer the night to the day quieter, easy to concentrate and just less noisy and a lot of other things is why I like the night. Also do Artistic things and use several different mediums with such things. No idea how many eggs I hatched to get the invite but, done Feebas which lasted over 200 eggs, then about 12 random eggs, then 52 Cyndaquil eggs, then just under 100 Eevee eggs. So over 300 eggs I hatched to get an invite and was on the day after the multiplier weekend. I don't like using emoticon's, smilies or the alike anywhere, however, do use arrow faces at times. As for how people take me, tends to always be misunderstood though. The things anyone should remember about me is that, I am literally really calm and un-phased by a lot of things, also well respected for being known as a blunt but honest person. I tend to or always try and hover around neutral and as for my humour, it's hard to understand and people have called me complex and not easy to read. Though back to humour, it's more or less serious for no reason just for my own amusement and a lot of the time, I mean very little to what I say but get's taken as too serious. Also do have sarcasm and pervertiness added in at times. Personally though, I am really guarded individual and don't trust people easily and therefore, don't have a lot of faith in people quickly nor believe people fully, so have always a slight suspicion. Also it might not seem like it at all, since I'm not great with expressing it through words but am a shy person. I often say the walls of text I type any and everywhere, is a visual representation of how guarded I am and text walls are like my shield. So as with that aside any ways, basically I keep people at a distance and takes a lot of perseverance to really come to know me. It happens a lot that, I come over exact opposite of how I really am..when I'm feeling uncomfortable in a social environment. Since I am usually quite random, weird et cetera. When I finally feel okay around people, like family and close friends. People have often said that I am too nice for my own good too, which is more or less an opinion, I suppose. Also am open though, so I have no problem with talking about certain topics people likely find embarrassing to talk about and that. So onto more Pokemon type of things, I like fire types and my absolute favourite is Flareon. Though I do like other types too but..ones I'm not too fond of would be, poison, ground and bug types. Since I have very few of those types on PF. So any legend that falls under fire I like but there are exceptions. Not particularly fond of, any type of shiny. Umm...So I am not sure how much more I need to add now, so I'm stopping.
Updated: Feb 24th
PF1 User Name: TRasenS. Avatar, buttons, coding done by me. Dex image from the Bulbapedia. Banner made by Tendlex on PF1.
SacredFlame's AvatarSacredFlame
SacredFlame's Avatar
Yo. I'm 29 an living in Reno, NV. I've been playing pokemon since Yellow. I love anime, webcomics, pokemon(oviously), video games(Xbox 360 gamertag T3B S4CR3DFL4M3), an my cat Stripe. I'm real glad to be here for the beta to see how things have been upgraded an how things'll evolve. Allons-y!
KatKlaw's AvatarKatKlaw
KatKlaw's Avatar
Hello! I am KatKlaw, Kat for short. I am currently 19 and living in Kansas. I've been on PokéFarm since 14 December, 2010. I did not, however, get the invite for this site from hatching eggs but from PokéBattlers. I was an active member of PokéBattlers for 6 months or so. PokéFarm Q seems quite awesome, but I have only just started playing. I have loved Pokémon since I was little and received my first Pokémon game, Pokemon Red. Since then, Charmander has been my go to starter and, quite possibly, one of my favorite Pokémon aside from Charizard. I really cannot choose a favorite Pokémon at the time because I love quite a few~ Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope we can eventually be friends~
sarasweet1's Avatarsarasweet1
sarasweet1's Avatar
Hi everyone, My name is Sarah, I'm 16 and live in Washington. I have been an avid user of both pokefarm and pokebattlers and I am very excited to start here. I got my referral from pokebattlers and am very sad to see it go. I remember playing pokemon when I was little, but I have just picked the game up again after a few years. I started with the Kanto region games, but Hoenn is by far my favorite region with emerald being my favorite game version, and Poochyena being my favorite pokemon.
Jellywolf's AvatarJellywolf
Jellywolf's Avatar
Hullo, I'm Jellywolf~ I've been on PF since 2010 (according to my trainer card XD), but I came here by way of the pokebattlers invite. My hobbies are writing and drawing..and internet surfing. I'm a nurse, and this is one of my favorite ways to de-stress myself. My favorite Pokémon? My starter. But I love fire types and fossils a good deal. New things are always shiny, so I'm glad to be able to be here on PFQ. The features have proved to be nice so far. I do wish that the party was a bit smaller (both on the user page and party page), so that users wouldn't have to scroll so much to get to the end.
Avatar is from (the most resourceful and awesome show) Horrible Histories, Series 3, Episode Five.
*****'s Avatar*****
*****'s Avatar
Howdy all, I'm SNAFU (same as PF and PokeBattlers). Got my referral code from PB. Started PF in Jan of 2011 because my oldest daughter was on. Kinda got hooked after that. I'm old (oldest daughter is 21 in September). I'm from Oklahoma, USA. I spent 6 years in the US Navy, been married twice, and have 5 kids. Love to read, play on the computer, and spend time with the family. Can't wait to see this site fully up and running.
Aria's AvatarAria
Aria's Avatar
Hi hi! I got into this game through Pokebattlers. I'm 16 and I can't handle over the top things. I had a fasination with Pokemon from a very young age, and i'll continue to do so. Ran
Wosprig's AvatarWosprig
Wosprig's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Golden Tempest

I was born and raised in New Zealand and I'm down in the South Island, Christchurch.
Nice to meet another kiwi! Christchurch is such a lovely place. Were you there in the earthquake? Anyway, introduction! My name is Wosprig (pronounced 'Woo'), I'm 16 and live in New Zealand, I'm on the North Island, in the Wairarapa (over the hill from Welly). I've been on PokéFarm for three years now. I got here through PokéBattlers. I like drawing, writing, reading, watching anime, and playing video games. My favourite book series is Harry Potter, so expect many references! Pokémon Sapphire was the third video game I ever got and Yellow was the first video game I remember playing. So Pokémon holds a special place in my heart. If you were to look at my video game collection you'd discover that almost half of them are Pokémon. :) I'm also interested in computer science, design, and Japanese. I'm a little awkward with words sometimes and tend to make a lot of sarcastic comments. I also REALLY like puns, so learn to expect those. I: dislike conflict; am bad at making choices; don't like to pick sides; and I'm really bad at criticizing people. I'm also really bad at endings, so here's the awkward end to an awkward introduction!
Stardastarly's AvatarStardastarly
Stardastarly's Avatar
Hi! My name is Star, and I'm 14 and live in the epic New Zealand like that Wosprig above me. I originally joined PokéFarm way back on May 19th of 2010, and never left. I got here from PokéBattlers. (Only managed to hatch like, four eggs when they were giving the invitations out on the original :b heh.) I love drawing, writing (usually only FFs :b), reading awesome books and playing video games. Although, the only games I tend to ever play are Pokémon and Animal Crossing :b But hey, they're still games! Not to mention I like going on the computer. But that is sorta obvious. (or is it? :0) I've loved Pokémon for at least the past 6 years (not sure exactly how long :b) and it's been a major part of my life since. My favourite Pokémon are Starly and Sylveon. In real life, all I'll say is that I can act very differently than how I do online. It depends though. And I'm just going to end this introduction of sorts here because I can't think of anything else to say. So, umm... bye?
こんにちは。 ~ Avatar made and drawn by me ~
Wosprig's AvatarWosprig
Wosprig's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Stardastarly

like that Wosprig above me.
"That Wosprig", thanks Fi. You'd think us being related could be noteworthy? Just an idea. So, to add on to my intro: I have a younger brother and sister, (Star and Ewie).

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