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howdY! i'm feverentAcolyte (tYpicallY going bY AcolYte or [FA]), mY pronouns are theY/them and i'm college dropout -v-. i found PokefarmQ through some friends of mine on another petsite called Flight Rising (where i use the same username, check out mY lair!). i plaY a lot of video games like Pokemon, Minecraft, Hollow Knight, Rain World, and others! i draw and write sometimes (not verY well, though), plaY LANCER and Anime Campaign with mY friends, and work on mY familY's farm. some of mY favorite pokemon are the Rowlett line, Absol, the Larvesta line, Growlithe, and anY horse pokemon!.
StripedWoulf's AvatarStripedWoulf
StripedWoulf's Avatar
hello, I'm Stripe Woulf, they them pronouns. i found the game through a post on instagram and decided to check it out. i enjoy playing a lot of different games and have been playinf pokemon since the origonal games came out in 98. i love a lot of pokemon, but growlithe, sylveon, rockruff, and marinie are some of my favorites
Amieg's Avatarhypermode-12.pngAmieg
Amieg's Avatar
G'day, I'm Ame, an 18 year old uni student. My preferred pronouns are he/they but I'm agender so refer to me however you want to lol, I also have social anxiety and autism so I can be really awkward in social situations, very sorry about that ^^' I found this site through another petsite (Flight Rising to be specific, I also go by Amieg on there if anybody wants to say hi :D) since people were showing off their 'mons in their forum signatures and I figured that hey, I like Pokemon and I LOVE clickable petsites, so why not? I like drawing and playing video games quite a bit, currently working my way through playing Neo: The World Ends With You as well as doing a bunch of art of some OCs of mine. I have a lot of favourite pokemon, but my uber faves would have to be Suicune and Lugia. My first Pokemon game was Heart Gold so I'm really attached to that generation haha, I also love cat pokemon.
Social interaction scares me, apologies for any awkwardness ^^' Avatar is a jangmo-o designed to look vaguely like Moros from Hades 2, drawn by me. l.pnga.pngMo-o eggs without a melan: 1300o.pngx.png Journal - 9.5 hrs ahead - he/they/any - death wings: 0/500 - F2U bait
Hello I'm rusty! My age range is about 13-17 (minor) and I use any pronouns! I mostly prefer it/they as binary pronouns confuse me. despite English being my first language grammar and spelling are not my strong suits and its often hard to get my point through causing me to edit my messages a few times to get it right, I am absolutely OBSESSED with Pokémon!! it happens to be a hyper fixation atp :3! I'm also very open to making friends and just talking to people in general, I'm still figuring out the website and BBC in general so any/all pointers are very welcome! Q: How did you find us? A: I've played before but sadly lost the login to my prev account, I believe from my first time I was shown this site by some friends! Q: Would you recommend us to a friend? A: tbh it depends on the friend but totally 100% would! Q: Any hobbies, are you working on anything cool, etc? A: At the moment my hobbies happen to be pretty sparce 3: but for the most part I partake in; Art! (on occasion), I travel often, play video games, I also collect dolls and Pokémon cards (I plan on starting to collect horror comics and movies soon!) but that's the most of it tbh, I'm not working on anything too cool but I plan on making some plushies and possibly cosplay soon :D! Q: What's your favorite Pokémon? A: ragh that's SUCH a hard question because I love so many! But I think if I had a top 5 (In no order) it would be: Umbreon, Hisui Zoroark, Primarina, Alolan Vulpix, and all versions of Necromza (this list is subject to change) and as a little addon to this my top favorite types have to be Water, Fire and dragon 100% (we were so robbed of dragon type Charizard :((( )
Misha ˗ˏˋ★ˎˊ˗ any pronouns ˗ˏˋ★ˎˊ˗ Pfp credit

Orpheus43's AvatarOrpheus43
Orpheus43's Avatar
Hi. Call me Orpheus. My pronouns are he/him, and I just recently turned 21. I got my first pokemon game, Pokemon Black version, when I was nine, and Pokemon has been an on-again off-again hyperfixation of mine ever since. I'm here to collect and raise some of my favortie Pokemon, and maybe make some friends along the way. I'll probably add more to this post if I think to, but either way, I look foward to meeting you. Q. Where did you hear about us? A. A friend on a Discord server introduced me to this site. Q. Would you recommend us to a friend? A.Depends on the friend in question, but if I find one who I think would be at least interested, yeah. Q. Any other hobbies, or cool things you're currently working on? I really, REALLY, like video games. I'm currently working towards a degree in game design, and might end up studying law. I also like collecting plushies, the most recent addition to my collection as of this post being a Samurott plushie from the Pokemon Center. Q. What's your favorite Pokemon? A. This question is somehow both mind-numbingly easy, and at the same time, next to impossible. For the sake of my heart, I'm going to say it's the Oshawott line, all 4 of them. Oshawott was my first Pokemon ever, but even beyond that, I still think it's adorable. Dewott is one of the only middle-stage starters that I actually like, being just the right mix of serious and cute. Samurott was easily my team's MVP in my first Pokemon game, and the Hisuian version is so cool, made even better by the fact that the latter is really good in Competitive. I do also like other Pokemon besides them (Salamence, Rowlet, Fuecoco, Scizor, Tinkaton, Appletun, Haxorus and Koraidon, just to name a few), but my first is still my favorite. Q. Does Steve deserve a Shiny? A. I don't know Steve all too well, but I don't see why not.
pokecat-tt's Avatarpokecat-tt
pokecat-tt's Avatar
i just joined, heard of this place from another pet site :3
hi all! everyone welcome to my tiktok @ _pokecat_
finley-m's Avatarfinley-m
finley-m's Avatar
Hi, I'm Finley (or you can call me Flurry). I have ADHD and I am an avid Meowstic enjoyer. I like both forms, but if I have to choose, I like the male Meowstic better. My pronouns are they/he. My Discord user is meroldknight if anyone wants to be friends. I like Project SEKAI, Bungou Stray Dogs, Hypnosis Mic, Blood Blockade Battlefront, and lots of other stuff. I'm Chinese.
PFP Art by me
HAL.exe's Avatarhypermode-12.pngHAL.exe
HAL.exe's Avatar
hello, i'm HALitosis (it/its, though they/them, xe/xyr and he/him are all fine too). we found this place through a click thread on chickensmoothie, but i'm pretty sure we'd heard about it before then too and just never took much interest. click sites aren't usually our thing but i've been fronting a lot lately and like them more. we don't really have any hobbies. sometimes i dabble in html for neocities sites and such. as for favourite pokemon, it's hard to remember off the top of my head but i like gen 1s a lot in general (nostalgia reasons) and various ones from diamond and arceus. magneton rules.
Sessuro's AvatarSessuro
Sessuro's Avatar
How did you find us? a friend mentioned it. Would you reccomend us to a friend? yes they told me about them game and linked me here. Any hobbies, are you working on anything cool, etc? writing a book or two.. over 800pages done. What's your favorite Pokémon? cubone/marwak What do you like about PFQ slightly confusing. i feel like there shiuld be more/better tutorial. What would you change? a guide as to how do battles and such instead of having to figure out alot of the aystems that the tutuiral doesnt even guide you towards. Does Steve deserve a shiny? yea. everyone deserves a shiny
Made on Gaiaonline avatar system then edited in pixlr by me.
IvesPleadies's AvatarIvesPleadies
IvesPleadies's Avatar
Hey y'all! I'm IvesPleadies, or just Ives. Any pronouns are alright, im licherally pixels to you so who give a care? I actually don't remember where I saw this site, but I utterly adore it!! I really love writing and playing with small bits of code! Maybe I'll make a forum signature, who knows. It's lovely to meet y'all.
Hello, I'm IvesPleadies! I use any pronouns and I'm pretty new here. I really adore Pokemon but I don't really get all the lore from the games, anime, or any other bit of it, lmao. Does anyone know what to do on this website?

Favorite Pokemon I own

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