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Hello I'm rusty! My age range is about 13-17 (minor) and I use any pronouns! I mostly prefer it/they as binary pronouns confuse me. despite English being my first language grammar and spelling are not my strong suits and its often hard to get my point through causing me to edit my messages a few times to get it right, I am absolutely OBSESSED with Pokémon!! it happens to be a hyper fixation atp :3! I'm also very open to making friends and just talking to people in general, I'm still figuring out the website and BBC in general so any/all pointers are very welcome! Q: How did you find us? A: I've played before but sadly lost the login to my prev account, I believe from my first time I was shown this site by some friends! Q: Would you recommend us to a friend? A: tbh it depends on the friend but totally 100% would! Q: Any hobbies, are you working on anything cool, etc? A: At the moment my hobbies happen to be pretty sparce 3: but for the most part I partake in; Art! (on occasion), I travel often, play video games, I also collect dolls and Pokémon cards (I plan on starting to collect horror comics and movies soon!) but that's the most of it tbh, I'm not working on anything too cool but I plan on making some plushies and possibly cosplay soon :D! Q: What's your favorite Pokémon? A: ragh that's SUCH a hard question because I love so many! But I think if I had a top 5 (In no order) it would be: Umbreon, Hisui Zoroark, Primarina, Alolan Vulpix, and all versions of Necromza (this list is subject to change) and as a little addon to this my top favorite types have to be Water, Fire and dragon 100% (we were so robbed of dragon type Charizard :((( )
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