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Orpheus43's AvatarOrpheus43
Orpheus43's Avatar
Hi. Call me Orpheus. My pronouns are he/him, and I just recently turned 21. I got my first pokemon game, Pokemon Black version, when I was nine, and Pokemon has been an on-again off-again hyperfixation of mine ever since. I'm here to collect and raise some of my favortie Pokemon, and maybe make some friends along the way. I'll probably add more to this post if I think to, but either way, I look foward to meeting you. Q. Where did you hear about us? A. A friend on a Discord server introduced me to this site. Q. Would you recommend us to a friend? A.Depends on the friend in question, but if I find one who I think would be at least interested, yeah. Q. Any other hobbies, or cool things you're currently working on? I really, REALLY, like video games. I'm currently working towards a degree in game design, and might end up studying law. I also like collecting plushies, the most recent addition to my collection as of this post being a Samurott plushie from the Pokemon Center. Q. What's your favorite Pokemon? A. This question is somehow both mind-numbingly easy, and at the same time, next to impossible. For the sake of my heart, I'm going to say it's the Oshawott line, all 4 of them. Oshawott was my first Pokemon ever, but even beyond that, I still think it's adorable. Dewott is one of the only middle-stage starters that I actually like, being just the right mix of serious and cute. Samurott was easily my team's MVP in my first Pokemon game, and the Hisuian version is so cool, made even better by the fact that the latter is really good in Competitive. I do also like other Pokemon besides them (Salamence, Rowlet, Fuecoco, Scizor, Tinkaton, Appletun, Haxorus and Koraidon, just to name a few), but my first is still my favorite. Q. Does Steve deserve a Shiny? A. I don't know Steve all too well, but I don't see why not.
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