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RockingGirl's AvatarRockingGirl
RockingGirl's Avatar
HI im Mothie i heard about this site from my friends and i love pokemon and breeding for shinys and stuff ive been playing pokemon since i was 8 years old w Diamond as my first,i havent been playing much of th games now but this seems right up my alley! i love al the weird fusion pokemon?? they look very cool and I cant wait to get my own and help others get theirs ^w^
Mini Mart Avatar from Rock It Girl! by Tanaka Minoru
stelar's Avatarstelar
stelar's Avatar
Hey! I'm Stelar, I'm back after a 4 year hiatus. I'm 30, autistic, and queer, and I like drawing/animation, languages, music, and video games. I've been catching Pokemon since the early '00s, I first started with the playing cards. I haven't played many of the videogames though, I've only ever beaten Leaf Green, and I've only started Diamond and Ruby. I always love admiring all the new sprites though. I've been here since PFQ, I first came here through clicking people's eggs in their signatures on avatar sites like Menewsha. I think my first egg hatched was a Bidoof.

meme source: 4chan
I have fields and fields of favorite pokemon so it's hard to pick just one, but I am really feeling Noismog lately. When I last was playing, I was shiny hunting Snorunt, so I'm continuing the hunt now. So now I feel really attached to the little guy. I mean look at him, he's got his own little tent... <:
Stelar || They/Them || lvl 30 Nature: Impish || Type: Grass/Psychic
Plasma7373's AvatarPlasma7373
Plasma7373's Avatar
Greetings I am Plasma, I'm gay. My favorite pokemon is leafeon and my first egg hatched was Volbeat I found PFQ from a random google search and decided to stick around because I like shiny hunting I have been playing pokemon since I was 7 with my 3ds and Black 2. I fell in love with the game and it has become my life ever since. I haven't been on the site for long and i'm already shiny hunting for my favorite mon :3
She/Her Very fruity 😈
Zephyriss's AvatarZephyriss
Zephyriss's Avatar
Hi. Im Zephyriss though I prefer Zeph or Zephyr. Im 20 and use they/them pronouns. I found the site through a facebook group. My favourite Pokemon is Litwick with Mimikyu being a close second and Ghosts are my favoured type. Nice to meet you all ☺️
Annihilus's AvatarAnnihilus
Annihilus's Avatar
hi there! im annihilus! I'm 26, she/they! I found this site via a forum signature on flight rising! and well i've always had nostalgia for pokemon and this site looked oerfect for me (and to scratch that pet sim collecting type itch/hyperfixations i like!) i picked out shinx as my starter, mostly due to nostalgia since I think it was back in pearl/diamond? where I caught and raised a shinx as essentially my partner pokemon <3 I have far too many fav pokemon but i'm fond of Pyukumuku, mainly since I think they're so cute 🥺 and my favourite legendaries are Yveltal & Giratina! lovely to meet you all!
MakiBoo2002's AvatarMakiBoo2002
MakiBoo2002's Avatar
Hi, I'm Makiboo, or i can just be called Maki. I came on here cuz I saw it on chicken smoothie, figured id try it. so far so good, pretty fun
ShadedVoid's AvatarShadedVoid
ShadedVoid's Avatar
Ooogh I might as well say hi since I've been thinking of poking my head in the forums The name's Feral! I'm 18, she / they pronouns and I've been into pokemon for,,, As far back as I remember. I vividly remember playing a pokemon mystery dungeon game on my ds and getting stuck lmao I think I found this place through someone's signiature in another forum game and I've been here since! Although I did take a year or so off because my interest died down. Currently shiny hunting growlithe right now since that's my favourite pokemon. No luck so far Hoping to stick around and get to know people here ^^
Ppf done by NathanTheCookieShark on Toyhouse ^^ I'll toss in other stuff if I remember
DINOFZ's Avatar
Hi! I'm Dino, 17, it'its I'm here to collect fossil pokemon and possibly make some friends. I plan to be semi active (so when I'm not working or at school) and will probably eventually join some roleplays. Feel free to message me if you like any of these things... Paleontology, geology, general prehistoric media (example: Jurassic Park), nature, collecting figurines or other items, etc.
Pfp belongs to Universal Studios
johnvogo's Avatarhypermode-12.pngjohnvogo
johnvogo's Avatar
Hi! I'm John, 22 fruity he they. I just really like pokemon, but in real life I'm going to school for linguistics haha I know a few languages by this point I recently got my friends into this game and now we're just gonna have PFQ sessions which is honestly super chill. I'm probably gonna farm for a shiny flygon ASAP. But like, yeah, that's just me!!! Idk what my friends are gonna do Anyways, my other interests are music, movies, foreign media and I'm also a big sports fan (hockey) nice to meet y'all btw i found this game through someones forum signature so yeah pls keep doing that people that do that :)
Jammerjamz's AvatarJammerjamz
Jammerjamz's Avatar
Hello!! I'm Jam, and my pronouns are they/them. I found out about this game from someone mentioning it in a discord server I'm in, so I decided to check it out! I'm an artist, and Pokemon has been a huge interest for me for years now. The first game I played was Diamond after one of my mom's friends gave her their old ds, which she gave to me when I was younger. It's really hard for me to pick a favorite pokemon since it changes so often, but a few that I really like are Scolipede, Togekiss, Mawile, and Mareanie!

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