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Amieg's AvatarAmieg
Amieg's Avatar
G'day, I'm Ame, an 18 year old uni student. My preferred pronouns are he/they but I'm agender so refer to me however you want to lol, I also have social anxiety and autism so I can be really awkward in social situations, very sorry about that ^^' I found this site through another petsite (Flight Rising to be specific, I also go by Amieg on there if anybody wants to say hi :D) since people were showing off their 'mons in their forum signatures and I figured that hey, I like Pokemon and I LOVE clickable petsites, so why not? I like drawing and playing video games quite a bit, currently working my way through playing Neo: The World Ends With You as well as doing a bunch of art of some OCs of mine. I have a lot of favourite pokemon, but my uber faves would have to be Suicune and Lugia. My first Pokemon game was Heart Gold so I'm really attached to that generation haha, I also love cat pokemon.
Social interaction scares me, apologies for any awkwardness ^^' Avatar is a photo of a pizza rat that has been featured on various news sites, drawn over by me so that said pizza rat looks like Dante from Devil May Cry (specifically him in the 3rd game, which is what the logo is from as well) 9.5 hours ahead of server time. Journal
0/500 for melan hunt
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