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G'day, I'm Ame, an 18 year old uni student. My preferred pronouns are he/they but I'm agender so refer to me however you want to lol, I also have social anxiety and autism so I can be really awkward in social situations, very sorry about that ^^' I found this site through another petsite (Flight Rising to be specific, I also go by Amieg on there if anybody wants to say hi :D) since people were showing off their 'mons in their forum signatures and I figured that hey, I like Pokemon and I LOVE clickable petsites, so why not? I like drawing and playing video games quite a bit, currently working my way through playing Neo: The World Ends With You as well as doing a bunch of art of some OCs of mine. I have a lot of favourite pokemon, but my uber faves would have to be Suicune and Lugia. My first Pokemon game was Heart Gold so I'm really attached to that generation haha, I also love cat pokemon.
Social interaction scares me, apologies for any awkwardness ^^' Avatar is a jangmo-o designed to look vaguely like Moros from Hades 2, drawn by me. l.pnga.pngMo-o eggs without a melan: 1306o.pngx.png Journal - 9.5 hrs ahead - he/they/any - death wings: 0/500 - F2U bait
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