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S/A Complaining Thread

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QUOTE originally posted by MetropolitanKei

My hunt's going slower than I'd like because the pair I have to use is a base 58 due to both being the same OT, with one of them being from the lab, and the other being a shelter adopt. Plus the only specials I've had within 430 hatches are 2 shinies and 1 albino. I think my luck is failing because of the previous quick Treecko hunt.
since i see you're hunting snivy rn, i can send you a serperior or two from my free fields, if you'd like? i can imagine working with a 50% pair is a slog :o edit: OOP OMG...im sorry i just realized i released my serperiors yesterday...

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WELP 1,019 eggs with level 4 albino radar and countless Sei days I only got a shiny and nothing else :') He is my son. I named him that cuz he looks like a bee. I love him.
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Finally got my first shiny of this hunt 23 days, 3 separate chains, and 1,137 eggs in... and he's the wrong nature. I think I've been cursed lol

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Good bonus day today If only the shelter had a decent supply of Minccino eggs so I didn't have to somehow manage clicking, keeping an eye on other sites, and actually hatching the eggs (Also my shiny field is nearly full so I may have to delta all the extra Minccino soon)
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Walking Wake's AvatarWalking Wake
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Gave up on thw Totodile hunt, at least for now. I did got One Shiny, thanks to the Sei and Charm, but. being the One And Only Totodile breeder in the whole site apparently was so demotivating, especially on Niet+Shazi+Sei day lol I didn't had any expectations but I was still led down.
Bruh. Literally. Sally, you kidding me? I have a lvl 6 radar on during typerace and only 1 egg so far became albino ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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Korvaa's AvatarKorvaa
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Level 7 albino radar, 400+ long chain (4.somethng boost for that with rank) z-cryst, hm, tr boost, uber charm at reset 103 dcp today. ive gotten 2 albinos in over 300 eggs hatched today (that includeds the 200 from the shelter+lab ive hatched today....) and no specials from the daycare. like... Im not happy with this hunt honestly. im at 500+ in my chain now. 2 shinies in this whole chain. 4 albinos for the whole chain, and half of that was pre-Type race. (which was like maybe 150 chain? if that?) and both those specials were random eggs. not the chain. ooooof. ouch. *knocks z-crystal on the table* are we sure this thing is turned on? is it defective? Like im grateful for the ones i have, but 500+ eggs and using shiny charms and sei days I should have more to show for it. especially with all the boosts i am using. Edit to clarify: one hatched on feb 5th, feb 8th, both without z-crystal, and then one on val day the 14th, and one on the 12th, both with z-crystal. and just got the two random albinos made me frusterated when the last few days ive gotten maybe 5 albinos (didnt pay too much attention to anything that wasnt kitwurm honestly so its around 5, more or less) from the z-crystal and only 2 of those were kitwurms XD
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330 chain and.. only one shiny and one albino? i haven't hatched anything at all today despite 70-ish eggs with charm, z crystal, level 7 radar, and sei day. literally the only boosts i'm missing are arceus and uber?? but these ralts are still not cooperating??? also the only specials i have gotten have been females when i want gallades. why sally... why.......
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Haydenisepic's AvatarHaydenisepic
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273 / 39 — approximately 1,958.3% boost! Igglybuff wow 273 iggly lol ended up with 4 albinos somehow pooh shiny rates :(
EstherGamer's AvatarEstherGamer
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At this rate by the time I get a serious shiny I'll have enough extras to last me several Snoralts parties...

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