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S/A Complaining Thread

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nanamou's Avatarnanamou
nanamou's Avatar
in the past at least 7 sei days i have not gotten a shiny i have never hatched a troll and i only hatched 1 pair of twins have i mentioned lvl 7 radars and sei days do not work at all for htching specials?
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I'm using hypermode and Ubercharm but it's been 200 eggs since I last hatched a shiny and while a had a couple of albinos today least before that it had been a good 200 or so since I'd last hatched my of those as well, and that's on lv 7 TT
LunarHibiscus's AvatarLunarHibiscus
LunarHibiscus's Avatar
Even with both hypermode and a ubercharm i have not once gotten my shiny quil yet and i am already at 240 eggs and soon to be 246. Yeah i'm grateful i gotten plenty of albinos but by arceus i want my shiny quil. She was the only good thing out of the hunt so far.
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Ethenin's AvatarEthenin
Ethenin's Avatar
I hatched 300+ eggs in the past few days for my Shinx hunt and today I just realized that since the tournament's going on, it's not chaining XD I dunno whether to laugh or cry XD
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SGStudios's AvatarSGStudios
SGStudios's Avatar
I have hypermode, ubercharm, albino radar, and a shiny charm going for the last several days. Gotten a ton of shinies of course, but only 1 albino lol. I guess they really are a lot rarer.
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MintyOscar's AvatarMintyOscar
MintyOscar's Avatar
Lvl. 6 Radar yesterday, Lvl. 7 today 200 eggs later and no albinos and 2 shinies Come on Sally, all I need is an albino and I'll be done.
Vespira's AvatarVespira
Vespira's Avatar
I have the shiny charm, uber charm, pokeradar, and hypermode so I decided to do a Chikorita hunt for fun since it was PotD (yesterday). I was thinking it would be an easy one since boosts and PotD bonus. Guess what? 235 eggs in and NO shiny. I got 5 albinos and no shiny. I just want one shiny to be done with it
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Selitha's AvatarSelitha
Selitha's Avatar
ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) Y'all, I almost just screamed. I had enough Delta points for 2 eggs, so I just went with the first 2 in my party, and.... OF COURSE EGG #3 WAS ALBINO. ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽
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MintyOscar's AvatarMintyOscar
MintyOscar's Avatar
I guess I can't complain about Sei day, I got two more shinies from the hunt. However, another 7th Level Radar down the drain. I've never had this bad of luck with albinos before.
SaltyUwU's AvatarSaltyUwU
SaltyUwU's Avatar
Mmmmyes Me: oh look! a sei day! *activates a z-crystal to go with my HM, Ubercharm, level 7 albino radar, and shiny charm* *gets 1 shiny and 1 albino after 140+ eggs* ; v ;
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