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S/A Complaining Thread

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Tikru97's AvatarTikru97
Tikru97's Avatar
1000 eggs, 2 shiny Occident Shellos but no Orients. I would just need one shiny orient, that's it.
Mischevïous's AvatarMischevïous
Mischevïous's Avatar
This is just wonderful. On my Eevee hunt, I hatched a melan at 77 eggs. Sure, it was a pretty melan and I love it, but after the melan, I hatched one albino, and one shiny. Can you guess what happened next? If you guessed dry spell of 350 eggs, congrats! I broke my chain of 600 something eggs. When you get a melan on your shiny hunt, then you get a dry spell of 350 eggs. Yipee. I'm grateful for the melan though.
Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
Gumshoe's Avatar
1 shiny vamp gligar in 216 eggs with full boosts. sally......... i dont mind this during regular hunts but this stings real bad for exclusives ;-; could u pls stop sal
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Mimthyss's AvatarMimthyss
Mimthyss's Avatar
I always max out my albino radar, I have Hypermode, I have Ubercharm, but there are some days I get nothing. No shinies, no albinos, let alone melans..! But my chain is going strong and I'm hoping for the best... does make me laugh that people consider albinos as rarer than shinies, but overall I've found over twice as many albinos than I have shiny Noibats loool
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Citadark's AvatarCitadark
Citadark's Avatar
i'm not the most active man to play PFQ. but like, i started this shiny hunt in 2017... n we've been given like, two ubercharms and free hypermode since then. i've gotten one albino in this entire streak before a single shiny?? :sob: i just wanna hatch one shiny dude
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Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
Gumshoe's Avatar
270 eggs and no albinos???? 150 of those eggs being z-crystal boosted legend eggs??? O|-< pre-posting edit: just now hatched first albi of the day. christ. woulda been nice for it to be one of the 150 legend hatches but f i n e . e___e
a dry spell of albinos in a 800+ hunt. THEN I HATCH THREE OF THEM IN TWO DAYS bruuhh at least i have my albino
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Rolling Star's AvatarRolling Star
Rolling Star's Avatar
the last shiny i got was two years ago, ive not gotten anything since, no albino, no shiny, no melan, currently at a 151 chain for snowpoke, albeit ive never had a shiny charm/ubercharm/hypermode
ReginaCordium's AvatarReginaCordium
ReginaCordium's Avatar
I haven't hatched a shiny in what feels like AGES I think I've only hatched albinos this week. At this point, I'm starting to think my shiny charm is broken :')
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MistLeaf's AvatarMistLeaf
MistLeaf's Avatar
Me again. Same hunt, but I think crossing the 1,000 egg mark and still not having a shiny grants license for additional complaining. If I don't buy boosts beyond the PokeRadar, I do not deserve shinies, apparently. Up to 10 albino Pachirisu now, though. They taunt me.

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