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S/A Complaining Thread

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angelatos's Avatarangelatos
angelatos's Avatar
this is more of a minor complaint and it's actually not that mmuch of a complaint, but I feel like it should still go here haha so yesterday was a sei day, right, and I was trying to hatch this party of eggs before server reset and of course they hatch AFTER reset and I get a shiny lol

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GingrrCat's AvatarGingrrCat
GingrrCat's Avatar
Excuse me as I overdramaticize and rant about a hunt I did a few monthes ago So for October I was on team dark for type race and I had a Purrlion pair in my field and was kinda like "hey why not hunt this cat." And me being the musical theater nerd that I am thought it would be funny if I named the specials I got after Cats character. So I started the hunt (without many boosts aside from pokerader and albino radar) and my goal was to get 3 of each special so I could get the main line plus the mega. So I did this hunt for like a month and it was TERRIBLE. Not in terms of finding eggs, cause there were plently of eggs from people hunting the halloween varient, but just cause my luck. I've done hunts before this without many boost and had way better shiny luck than this one. After 1,000 eggs and like 3 weeks of hunting I finally got a single shiny. I ended the hunt shortly after. It felt like an eternaty just to get this fancy cat. The cat in question
Maleficent's Avatarhypermode-12.pngMaleficent
Maleficent's Avatar
Ahaha hunting the new variant on a whim had both albino radar and shiny charm up. didn't activate ubercharm for the first 30 eggs. and that's not a mistake, I just wanted some to swap to make an adequate pair. But then I saw a grass-delta shiny and was like... oh no. I'm thinking, alright, it's 20-power Sei, I'll get one a bit eaiser than I would normally. so I activated my Ubercharm 2 hours earlier than planned and bred and hatched and next thing I know, 78 hatches and nothing still. huh. aight. fine. I keep breeding and clicking and breeding and hatching and clicking and clicking and clicking and I'm like? Sei?? Hi?? WORK? I got one (1) shiny at the very end of the day. and it's not even the right nature. got an albino I could keep though. So yay.

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I'm just having trouble finding eggs for my hunt because 90% of the shelter is ralts-pocalypse ;0; Thank you, new variant :')
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angelatos's Avatarangelatos
angelatos's Avatar
ahhh I'm having the same problem ;-;
Aspen98's AvatarAspen98
Aspen98's Avatar
Oof, borrowed a star pass and went thru dcp just to hatch more bc I can. I've hatched 180+ (total star pass and dcp) since reset due to various exp stacks and free time. Decided against Z-Crystal to save for Sei Days. 5 Albinos so far, Not a Single Shiny. Sally, Sally, Sally!! Not that I am complaining but please can I have another shiny soon??
My shiny luck has been so bad this hunt. I’m at a chain of 632 and I’ve only hatched one shiny, at 131. It has been over 500 eggs since I’ve hatched a shiny and I keep worrying I somehow accidentally broke my chain or something but nope. Just terrible luck. *shakes fist at Sally*
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Nugglet's AvatarNugglet
Nugglet's Avatar
Sei day. 1 albino, 0 shinies. Not the first time since I've joined. Third I believe? At least third for sure. Alright then?
MistLeaf's AvatarMistLeaf
MistLeaf's Avatar
I was on the last day or two of Hypermode + Ubercharm and figured 'hey, I like Pachirisu. Why not get an albino + shiny quick, before I start mass-egg-producing for Type Race?' I'm currently at 7 albinos, 653 eggs, and not a single shiny Pachirisu. To be fair, over half of those were after the bonuses expired, but still. I'm getting melan boosts. At this point, I'm basically going off spite. I spite'd my way to a melan Sentret, and apparently I'll have to spite again.
I had a full hypermode chain, shiny charm, ubercharm (i am fully charmed!) level 7 albino radar on sei day and crack 72 eggs. Not a single shiny, then after reset, i get a shiny cyndaquil, and later today twin shiny and albinos. ;w; Sally is mean
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