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S/A Complaining Thread

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mandomimir's Avatarhypermode-12.pngmandomimir
mandomimir's Avatar
sally, thank you for the random lab specials, but why is it that my luck keeps dodging eggs that i actually want to hatch special, like hippopotas or larvitar 😭😭 ah well, at least these bugs will help buff up my DP for the magnemite hunt

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Walking Wake's AvatarWalking Wake
Walking Wake's Avatar
One Shiny Meditite before +400 eggs save me.. One Shiny Meditite.... Save me One Shiny Meditite before +400 eggs...
Cledànio's AvatarCledànio
Cledànio's Avatar
I've got so strange déjà vu feeling rn. Again, full albino boosts but... nothing, one delta albino at the beginning of the hunt and NOTHING. I need at least 3 more for friends, Okidogi please I beg you

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Hunted Mimikyu yesterday since it was POTD with full odds and sei bonus to boot. All I got was 2 shinies and one albino in the 162 eggs I hatched
~Credit for my lovely new avatar goes to AnonymousEspeon~
MissaSinfonia's AvatarMissaSinfonia
MissaSinfonia's Avatar
😭 we gave up on our recent Dreepy hunt over TR after like, at LEAST 300 hatches without a single special. we're hunting Glameow now and it's going...mildly better. at, uh...210 hatched. and. one single albino. we used a Shiny Charm AND Glameow is the POTD. and yet...while we've hatched 100 and counting Glameow today alone. Nothing. No Specials. this hurts...
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Reima's AvatarReima
Reima's Avatar
Me at the ending days of Type Race: Oh hey, it's a Sei day, 21 boost. Hmmm..... Yeah I could go for a shiny. Shiny Bombirdier is nice and honestly this would fit one of my characters perfectly. Yes. I'll go for that~ Now: 500+ eggs hatched later, not a single shiny at sight I'll get it But I'm getting sweaty over the fact it's probably going to be the wrong gender and I'll have to continue for a month
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I'm hunting rookidee right now and i didnt see a single shiny until 200 eggs in with maxed odds, i just recently started getting them. None on Sei day xD
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Amieg's AvatarAmieg
Amieg's Avatar
Two sei days with shiny charm boosts added on... 700+ eggs... maximum chain odds minus the hypermode boost... and yet not a single shiny electrike, let alone the male one I'm currently trying to hatch :/
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AlastorStar's AvatarAlastorStar
AlastorStar's Avatar
Scatterbug.. over 50% for any special today and nothing.. Annoying..
Alastor - He/They - Asexual
Score: 1125
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Image is my oc. (The black is ink.)
Maleficent's AvatarMaleficent
Maleficent's Avatar
Albino MALE Sandygast be holding out on me >:/

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