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S/A Complaining Thread

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aender-creepr's Avataraender-creepr
aender-creepr's Avatar
I'm not exactly complaining but i thought this would be the right place to say my thoughts I feel like v-wave somehow boosts s/a hatching chances more than the sei day boost does (i know v-wave only gives exp boost but hear me out). I was on grass team this january and hatched two albinos and a random chance shiny on the grass v-wave day, with absolutely no boosts other than my albino radar that i charged at level 6 daily. I didn't get any specials on any other day of the type race. it was really weird and i dunno if it was just random luck or if the v-wave really boosted the s/a chances
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eekoh472's Avatareekoh472
eekoh472's Avatar
Do Z-Crystals actually work? I have 7hrs left of my 2nd one and I hatched a total of 2. 1 on the first one and 1 on the current one. This is also with the total of about 600 eggs hatched during the duration both crystals (so far) It feels I've hatched more on just my lvl7 radar alone lol;;
EstherGamer's AvatarEstherGamer
EstherGamer's Avatar
Yesterday: Only boosts I had were shiny charm and level 6 radar. Got multiple shinies and an albino. Today: Sei day, shiny charm, level 7 radar. Same amount of eggs hatched (85 from shelter, 6 from daycare). Literally nothing. *Facepalm*
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mandomimir's Avatarmandomimir
mandomimir's Avatar
not really a complaint but it would've been nice to get a shazi or even ravyne boost today, since we already had garthic and suriya yesterday 😭 i cant remember but, does MCW usually keep the same 3 boosts throughout the weekend? either way, i certainly won't fret about another garthic-suriya-sei day lol. i just gotta resist the temptation to dip into my DCP reserves because im blowing through these buneary eggs pretty fast today...:pensive: edit: hmm, well, i burned through my 151 daily eggs (shelter pass ★ + daycare) in about an hour and 30 minutes 😂 i think that might be a personal record for me in terms of 5k EHP eggs...i might just bite the bullet and dip into my saved DCP. now im really wishing we had the shazi bonus

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Cyrinthia's AvatarCyrinthia
Cyrinthia's Avatar
Days of Sei and lvl seven radar, a chain of 400 now, and only ONE shiny so far. No albinos. Am I doing something wrong? Is Panpour just known to be hard to hunt? This is the longest hunt I've done to try and get just one of each :/
EstherGamer's AvatarEstherGamer
EstherGamer's Avatar
Only one shiny today with I'm pretty sure a bigger Sei boost, charm, and level 7 radar. Again, 85 eggs from shelter and 6 from daycare. Man, I love not having Hypermode or many supplier passes (got access to my 10th egg slot there today). /s Also supplier takes forever to get me some Minccino eggs. The fact I can't save my chain is making me want to get to work on a sighing expression for Shaymin in the PMD style just so I can use that as my profile picture. Edit: Supplier eggs got me one more shiny and albino. Still going to be annoyed about not being able to save my chain until later though.
skylucario's Avatarskylucario
skylucario's Avatar
I think i’ve hatched like 500 eggs today with only 2 albinos right at reset, but i’ve gotten 10 shinies. I even got 3 in one party. Why is my z-crystal broken 😿 Niet and v-wave stack is nice tho, and i’d had a ton of DCP saved. This has gotten me a huge head start on my chain, so hopefully it won’t take too much longer to get a melan. So I’m not really complaining; my luck is just WEIRD. Glad I had already hatched some albinos bc otherwise 0 in 500 eggs would’ve been excruciating
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LilypadLife's AvatarLilypadLife
LilypadLife's Avatar
On 300 Celebi hatched and I haven’t gotten a single albino yet :( I know this is a pretty short chain, but I’m a little sad since summon hunts are pretty expensive… I really hope to get a few albinos soon!! Hoping for a little luck before MCW is over!
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HAL.exe's AvatarHAL.exe
HAL.exe's Avatar
Managed to hatch two shiny eevees with little effort, but the shiny rockruff is avoiding me...
Haydenisepic's AvatarHaydenisepic
Haydenisepic's Avatar
continuing my guild igillybuff shiny hunt anyone have any tips..? im very discorauged lol i only have 24 hatched and last time i bred 100 eggs in my daycare i got 97 igglybuff eggs and only 3 guild igglybuff eggs am i just unluck yall :( ima keep going but still this hunt is rough!

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