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Lets complain about melan hunts!!!

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A friend of mine was hunting Milcery and I saw they needed a LOT of Albinos So, I went back to my Milcery hunt as I realized I was 2.9k into it with no melan and wanted to try for one while tossing them any Albinos. I've currently hatched 500+ eggs since the start, now at 3.4k ish and no Melan.... I'm getting a Shiny every like 80..? Or so hatches which isn't horrible but I typically like it being around 60, lower than 65... I might break the chain and restart if I don't get something soon.
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Hello! Hope you have a nice day! .~*Casper's(Mine) Journal*~.
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oh this... this is a special type of pain.
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Currently hunting: Cryogonal baybeeee Long term Main hunt: x10 Melan Furfrou
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1200+ eggs hatched Max boosts …First and only Melan hatched 1000 eggs ago Sally, please. I wanna complete orders, give me my Melan Ralts ;-; Edit: 600+ eggs hatched today, not one melan ;-;
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3000+ eggs on Growlithe, nada. 200 eggs today so far with the boosts which I know isn't a lot but only 3 shinys hatched, no albios, uni stresses, and man this sucks! I'm hoping it'll get better.
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Ive gotta 1k+ chain on Noibat with all the boosts except Lcb and no melan....
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630 eggs, 140k interactions, all boosts except Z-crystal, no melan 😭 a little disappointing, but ehh i’m not gonna stress too much since i already got 1 melan in this chain at 100 eggs. i managed to hatch a couple of shinies today too and i buffed up my chain quite a bit. man, 6k EHP egg hunts are exhausting tho…remind me not to do this again until i at least maybe get wishalloy LOL. i hope this won’t end up like my bergmite hunt either (started the bergmite hunt about 3 weeks before TR, but TR passed with no second melan)

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Sally. You and I need to have a talk. Shiny charm, every day. Two Sei days. Crystal every day. Started for Type Race. Hypermode. Uber Charm! 2.000 eggs. 26 shinies, 23 24 albinos. THREE TROLL PARTIES. SALLY.
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oh wow, another shiny!! just what i needed!!!! /s i know my chain is still pretty small + i don't have either of the charms on, but i specifically used a z crystal and charged my radar to 7 instead of the usual 6 in hopes of getting something today :(
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Sally... 😒 I'm @ 1,089 hatched 😒 ALL BOOSTS... we fightin! 😅
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Heavy sigh Milestone reached! 100 shinies hatched with no Melanistic 🙃
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