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Lets complain about melan hunts!!!

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QUOTE originally posted by CQHerosteve

Hey at least both of those are really nice looking special deltas! Especially that albino fairy.
yesss they are both being saved hehe i like the colors of special seviper in general, this is a fun hunt, just working on the second melan to round out the set!
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Almost at 3,000 eggs since my last melan, hatched 250 today so far and I’m now at 4,224 chain, please let me hatch this last fish
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I never thought I'd do a Melan hunt, but when I got both a shiny and an albino Aron during a type race, I went "why not" and now I'm slamming my head against trying to get a melan Aron lmao. Never chained like this before... Ended up getting another shiny and another albino, but I've also had a Z-Crystal fail. Grrrrr.
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SALLY PLEASE almost 1k with full boosts and all i have is some shinys and albinos please i need to fill this order to get more hm and your not helping not to mention the three sets of twins ive gotten from this hunt im really getting mixed reactions here with these hunts first it was 2k before i hatched a melan and then i hatched a melan at 83 now what just please sally please
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Dont ya love hatching almost 500 eggs and getting no melan and one troll party? OTL
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I think this is my first or second time here! Hi y'all I used all boosts available yesterday - I even got Arceus for it! My chain wasn't super long so I figured the Cobalt Amulet wouldn't do much (I was still hoping for a delta melan in the back of my mind LOL), but 7 shinies and 1 albino really isn't great T_T I think I have gotten a little greedy with my 4 melan 12k chain then my 5 delta melan 5k chain but I'm still a little sad haha In terms of rates? That's alright! I only hatched ~230 eggs yesterday! But man, where are the albinos? Sally, you can't keep doing this. What happened to all of the DP I've been buying 🤨 I spent almost 1 ZC per DP for three shiny deltas. I have 3 days left of boosts. Sighs dramatically while shaking my head. Time to swipe again
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This hunt is getting on my nerves. Like yes, Tatsugiri has three forms, I knew that but really... Im over 900 eggs in and still not all three albino forms. Now im thinking of going to Melan, but I get like close to 0 albinos and I really dont want to hunt this little sushi roll for thausands of eggs to just get one melan -.- Why are you taking this long litte one?
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Made it to 1500+ in this hunt 26 shiny and 6 albino and still no melan Scatterbug.... I just want one please Sally please
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i started Pokefarm a few years ago, and i was silly to shiny hunt without any bonuses whatsoever. Eventually, I got sick of it and used Memory stick on my 3,000+ chain now, I have Arceus, and uber, and many shiny charms. I have nothing STILL at 5,622 eggs. crying. pain. suffering ;w;
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Sally… I done the thing with the boosts and the bit with the almost 4k hatches… can I now get the purple shiny thing?… please!
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