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Lets complain about melan hunts!!!

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QUOTE originally posted by BlitzyDragon

what is this even called?? Hunt still isnt over though and getting low on adopts for the rest of the Sei day... hoping to get this done before 10k but considering i didnt get a single one until 6k im scared im gonna have another bad luck streak ;-;.
I'ma call that a Rainbow Party (all sprites hatched in one single party). Damn, that's amazing. Here's hoping Sally doesn't spite you after this. Fingers crossed!
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Sally please give me a melan. I clicked so much my finger got muscle memory😭😭. I don't even need to count before my finger know when to stop and let the new field load💀
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first troll party of this chain 😭 these yamask are getting sick of me, i can feel it

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2,028 eggs I want this madness to end Sally please give me 1 melan Scatterbug I'm begging you I just want the one so I can start a new hunt
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Grah troll party! >:( Edit: GUESS WHAT HAPPENED AGAIN D:
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I just hatched a troll party followed by twins 😭
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ive hatched almost 2k eggs of zorua and NO MELAN this is my second chain that ive gone with not melan at all, can you not hatch a melan using QoL or something?
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Gifted UberCharm, went level 7 Albino during the 20 Sei Day, still at level 5 per day, over 2,000 chain, no Melan while I've seen others get it in under 200 eggs. What.
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Saved my Furfrou hunt for TR to do a G. Zigzagoon hunt, I'm almost 2k in and already scared because of the luck I had in the pre- 5000 chain of my furfrou hunt ;w; made a bait hoping it appeases sally before TR ends.

bait art

I'm specifically hoping for a female melan so i am so scared sally is gonna spite me with a male and make this hunt a struggle again.
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Sally is being an absolute menace. I've hatched 5 troll parties and 1 twin party, and 50 other specials. I'm ready for another melan so I can switch hunts this race.

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