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Lets complain about melan hunts!!!

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QUOTE originally posted by Azure-Sketch

So I finished my first melan hunt a while back (I got a melan Oshawott in about 800 eggs), and now I'm nearly up to 4.3k in my melan Mudkip hunt and have hatched several shinies and albinos, but no melan... I feel like Sally's jipped me
Omg I'm melan hunting mudkip too! We should totally race, lmao. I haven't hatched a melan at all yet and I'm in a 5k+ chain... Sally please ;-; I just wanna end this hunt so I can hunt some different Pokemon... I love mudkip and all but I want my shiny surfchu! :0
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I really can't complain much, but given that I'm hunting Bezerell I really wanted an early melan to help sustain my GP usage. >_< 127k+ GP gone, 1155 eggs hatched (hunt still going) and now I'm out of GP -- Sally please, I used a crystal be nice, eh? Hope all your hunts get better guys. I realize my chain isn't very long, but I plan to carry this out to 5k+ if I have to (I did with hydrark TT_TT 500k+ GP down Sally's gullet).
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So close... ;.;
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*flops in the thread* Ahhh, still no melans, and I've hit 10000 in my chain. Today I managed to hatch 30 shinies and three albinos (out of 550 eggs) with the addition of a shiny charm and a z-crystal. Still no melan...
beemo's Avatarbeemo
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My hunt is getting ridiculous and my frustration feels unhealthy. I've used more than 4000 Delta Points in the last day and a half and my chain is almost 12k. Still nothing. My luck has been garbage, with shinies and albinos as well. I almost always use a Z-Crystal, and haven't been getting anything. Always use a Shiny Charm, nadda. Today I decided to not use a Z-Crystal and see what happens, I've probably hatched more shinies today than I have in the last week, but not a single Albino, maybe due to me not using a Crystal? What luck. It sucks, and I'm considering just breaking this stupidly high chain and hunting something else, just to hoard the crap out of points, but I've come so far so am unsure what to do.
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naeriie's Avatarnaeriie
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I think you should keep going. You've come so far, I'd hate to see you give up now. ;^;
Terabbit's Avatarhypermode-12.pngTerabbit
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beemo youre like single handedly improving the shiny market XD
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90s/17a/4,481h are the current stats; I've hatched like six troll parties, used three crystals, spent over 1k zc at least, gone poor several times, and I'm still waiting on the melan.
LaveriaDreams's AvatarLaveriaDreams
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Almost 3k hatched...no melan Snivy. Come ON Sally...I just want ONE...
Misty108's AvatarMisty108
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Honestly this Purrloin hunt is so cursed. I just hit 13k eggs, and all I have to show for it is one melan at egg 8852. Which was a Sassy girl. I need a Sassy boy. I've got hypermode, ubercharms, and on good days I use shiny charms, max albino radar, and z-crystals. What could I have possibly done to make Sally hate me so much? I am just so, so tired of looking at Purrloin.
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