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Lets complain about melan hunts!!!

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QUOTE originally posted by Myrror

This Meowth hunt is taking sooo long! I'd really like three melans, but I've chained over 9000 eggs and have yet to hatch one.
Ah jeez thats my worst fear. I have the same goal owo
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QUOTE originally posted by Myrror

This Meowth hunt is taking sooo long! I'd really like three melans, but I've chained over 9000 eggs and have yet to hatch one.
Ah yeah, that's what happened with my stupid Noibat hunt. Took over 9k eggs, and I was pretty ticked at that point. Luckily all 3 of them came to me within a few hundred eggs, so hopefully you'll have the same luck, especially since you have Arceus rank and your melan boost is pretty high right now. But yeah that's rough, hope your luck turns around! D:
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I want my Delta Melan so bad that I’ve started sacrificing my other Melans for points. I started with 10 Mimikyus, 2 Pumpkaboos, and 4 Phantumps. I now have 2 Mimikyus, 1 Pumpkaboo, and 2 Phantumps. I’m crying. Someone send help.
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You're insanely passionate about the delta melan eh? 6k+ with Charmander and nothing ... at least I can work on the badge and pair as I go for perfect IV timid ones ... lol. Because normal melan hunting isn't hard enough /sarcasm
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Very. It’s kind of destorying me, though. I refuse to hatch eggs now if I don’t have points, so I won’t get anymore non-delta Melans.
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This is mostly about the usage of Z-Crystals. IMO : I've used Z-Crystals before. For one hunt I charged my radar with a crystal for 3 days. No Albino. No Melan. Even with Arceus Rank. Now I've hatched a Melan without the use of a Z-Crystal when I was Champion & now Arceus rank. I would love a melan but before the Mods introduced the crystals, I was getting up to 12 Albinos in a hunt under 1.2k. Now I'm getting 1x Albino. The Sei bonus day that recently passed, I used a Z-Crystal. I manage to hatch my first albino just under 600 eggs. Z-Crystals are broken. IDK something is just odd. IDK IDK. -cries
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So I finished my first melan hunt a while back (I got a melan Oshawott in about 800 eggs), and now I'm nearly up to 4.3k in my melan Mudkip hunt and have hatched several shinies and albinos, but no melan... I feel like Sally's jipped me
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i've been lucky enough to hatch a random albino mewtwo but i cant get myself a melan im so depressed-acito honestly
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I think Sally took all of my luck and plunked it into my early melan, I'm almost at 4k without seeing another purple sparkle and I'm just so done with this fish. Please, please be nicer on my melan Arceus hunt Sally. ;^;

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