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Lets complain about melan hunts!!!

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Tempura778's Avatarhypermode-12.pngTempura778
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I hate to come back a second time today, but: 765 eggs hatched today, full boosts, not one melan Chain sitting at 1600+, last melan was at egg 207 I complain, because not only do I need one more myself for Iron Valiant, I also have two melan orders to go through, so quite fun to be slapped by RNG~ On the upside, I did at least get a Delta Shiny and Albino Ralts
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Cepheus's AvatarCepheus
Cepheus's Avatar
I hatched over 1000 eggs today. My chain is ~3400. Plenty of shinies and albinos, I even got a 3-segment albino, which is really cool. But I want another melan :( I have full boosts and a Z-Crystal! Also, I have no idea how some users hatch this many eggs daily. I'm exhausted.
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Beyata's AvatarBeyata
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Hit 1000 on my Snorunt chain today with yesterday's bonuses with little to show for it other than a pile of Albino and Shiny runtlings. I don't have max bonuses (only Ubercharm) but I will continue on. The thought of hatching a male one haunts me though.
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Killjøy's Avatarhypermode-12.pngKilljøy
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With yesterday's bonuses I hatched maybe 10 shines and 5 albinos? I've had a few twins but not troll parties yet, maybe that's a good thing... I'm getting close to 1000 eggs, which I know isn't exactly the longest chain.. But my two other melans were hatched at around ~600.. I'm definitely missing having the long chain bonus with the recent rank update.. But I really don't want to pause my hunt to work on my dexes ;^;
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BlitzyDragon's Avatarhypermode-12.pngBlitzyDragon
BlitzyDragon's Avatar
give it up for chain of 5000 ;w; the extra DP from the overflow of albinos is nice at least, makes up for some of the funds used to hunt.
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Tarountula's AvatarTarountula
Tarountula's Avatar
Nearing 1000 eggs and I still haven't gotten a melan Scatterbug when I hunted my melan Poochyena I got it at 582 what the heck 😭
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Pestilence420's Avatarhypermode-12.pngPestilence420
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I'm at chain 5,308. It's been 1k eggs since my last melan. I've hatched over 300 eggs at max melan boost, with an uber and a zcrystal.... please sea slugs pleaseeee I just need 2 more forms ;w;
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SlitherCain's Avatarhypermode-12.pngSlitherCain
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While I haven't done a dedicated Melan hunt, whenever I check the Melan hatching thread, I get mildly frustrated since every single one is with the Ubercharm. It boosts odds, I get that, but it makes me wonder if I'd ever have a chance to get a Melan without one, I don't intend to spend ZC (if I ever get enough on it), so I guess I'm, idk, jealous? Feeling a little hopeless about it?
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Hamez's Avatarhypermode-12.pngHamez
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pain comes in mysterious ways... lol
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QUOTE originally posted by Hamez

pain comes in mysterious ways... lol
Hey at least both of those are really nice looking special deltas! Especially that albino fairy.
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