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We welcome our players to provide their feedback on PokéFarm Q. Good or bad, your opinion matters! So please, speak your mind. We look forward to hearing from you.

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★★★★ 4.62
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kakashinaruto: "Amazing site"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 20:46:32 (3 years ago)

Couldn't get any better than what it is now. 5 stars

👍 1👎 1

saintkinzie: "Thank You for keeping me occupied!"★★★★☆

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 20:41:42 (3 years ago)

I love this game a lot, it gives me something to do when I'm completely bored out of my mind. I didn't really have an interest anymore in Pokémon until this game took over my life (this and Pokémon Snap!) but now I love it again and it's the only internet game I play. I only did 4/5 stars because there are some things about the game that make it hard for me to play, but it doesn't make me love the game any less. Again, thanks for giving my otherwise bored self something to do!

👍 4👎 0

Kells: "Addicting game full of friendly users"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 20:41:27 (3 years ago)

I joined this game a couple years back and I've been a steady user since then. It's really addicting (mostly because I love collection games like animal crossing) and the updated site is a huge improvement that's getting better with each update! There are lots of friendly players here as well and I recommend joining! :)

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Emerald: "Wonderful all around!"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 20:40:25 (3 years ago)

Wonderful community, wonderful events, wonderful staff! Keep up the good work!

👍 2👎 0

Pigscanfly: "My view of Pokéfarm Q"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 20:39:44 (3 years ago)

Pokefarm has many entertaining features! I personally enjoy box hunting, scouring, and completing my dex. The other players are always helpful, even if some aren't as social as others. Some people, not including me, enjoy shiny hunting, but I feel as if it's either too easy or too hard for people to get shinies. Clicking is also a fun pastime if you've got nothing to do! All in all, Pokéfarm is great!

👍 0👎 1

JeweledFarms: "Great site! But a few bugs... :/"★★★☆☆

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 20:36:08 (3 years ago)

This website is amazing, although after the recode, I had a few problems. One is regarding a Pokémon I had in the Dojo before the recode. Now I can't put it in other facilities like the daycare or give it an item because the site says it's "currently unavailable". Since I can't access the Dojo anymore, I have no way to fix this. I hope you can solve this issue soon. Other than that, this website is great and meets all of my standards for a Pokémon related site! :)

👍 7👎 0

Niet replied: 07/Jan/2017 21:59:56 (3 years ago)

Thank you for your review. I'm sorry to hear that your Pokémon is trapped in the Dojo, that can't be fun for it! The Dojo is going under some major re-imagining and is taking rather longer than we'd hoped. But it is coming along and when it does you will be able to get your Pokémon back. Unfortunately an "emergency rescue" is not available because of the associated data required for the Training system - it would be much easier to just... program the Training system! Overall, I just wanted to say, it's being worked on and your patience is very much appreciated.

Akito: "Not bad."★★★★☆

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 20:34:27 (3 years ago)

I like this game. However, I think there should be more ways to get currency. And there needs to be a better way to mass click. Other than that it's not a bad game at all.

👍 2👎 0

Plu: "Relaxing"★★★★☆

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 20:33:48 (3 years ago)

This is a very relaxing game. I can easily say that I've spend days and days playing this game. The only thing is that the game is a bit the same all day long, but with an eye on the future with those dungeons and other mini games comming, I feel like you guys are working on that. The community is very friendly and nice (with some exceptions). I like the fact that the staff is very approciable. The updates are also a nice feature. So for now it's only four stars of the five. I'm curious what the future will bring for this site

👍 5👎 0

Counting Stars: "Great Game"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 20:31:01 (3 years ago)

I love this game and the community. The updates are going smoothly and I am a fan of how things are ran.

👍 3👎 0

AsymDoll13: "Old school player"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 20:28:42 (3 years ago)

I was on the old site under another name, and it's only gotten better since then. I love the staff and the features. I love everything about this place, especially the shinies. XD So yeah. It's been a fun ride.

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