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Chirp's AvatarChirp
Chirp's Avatar
Uhhhhh hey all! I'm Chirp, and I'm not technically new.. But I haven't been around in about two years (feels kinda like it's been longer though). I just wanted to reintroduce myself as a new person and say hi :) I don't remember how I found this place, it was waaay back when I was a child on the other site! I have for sure recommended this place to other friends though. Over the past few years I've been working on getting my college degree. I'm on my last year now so I am feeling good! I really did miss this place, and cannot wait to reaquaint myself with it!
Avatar made by Poro! Thank you! ^-^
Hey everyone! I'm vol and i am so excited to finally be a part of the community! <3 I was reccomended here by a bunch of friends of ine so i decided to try it out! I really like it so far and I am excited to build my dex up, I am a long time pokemon fan so this is a pokefan's dream, haha!
endermiss's Avatarendermiss
endermiss's Avatar
Hi im endermiss (or ender if you prefer). i had seen this website mentioned on a few other browser game’s forums but it wasnt until a friend showed me what it was that i became interested! i grew up playing pokemon games and i love the world and community that comes with it. my favorite pokemon is Shaymin. it is my lil baby. i look forward to what this game has in store!
Pokedeer's AvatarPokedeer
Pokedeer's Avatar
Hi, I'm Pokedeer! I joined a bit over a week ago and I'm just now venturing out into the forums~ I'm a massive Pokemon fan and a massive fan of all the fakemon I've seen here too! My goal is to get a 100% complete Pokedex, hopefully by the end of the year~!
Lancee's AvatarLancee
Lancee's Avatar
Hi! My name is Lance and i am a 22 year old vet student ♡ I joined 4 days ago but only found this forum now! So a bit about me: I have a mutt called Lucky and a bunch of fish, I love dogs and dog sports and playing video games! I also have a chickensmoothie account: my username is houndoom I found the website recommended by my friends, and in turn i recommended it to all my friends ahaha!It's a wonderful website, so much fun for pokemon fans! My favouriite pokemon are as follows: -spheal -arcanine -houndoom -lunupine ♡ So far I love the PFQ exclusives ♡ Especially lunupine!! So thats about it ! Hope to see everyone around!!
lance // they/them // big spheal stan
CrescendoFuri's AvatarCrescendoFuri
CrescendoFuri's Avatar
How did you find us? -A friend on discord mentioning the name in fact! I googled it, immediately signed up, regretting it in the best way possible. Now I have a nice looking community to worm my way into and make great friends. Would you reccomend us to a friend? -Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and did I say yes? I have only been here HOURS at the time of posting this. It looks like I'll spend way too much time on this site... Any hobbies, are you working on anything cool, etc? -As my profile mentions, I am a writer. I write a bit of anything that strikes my motivational fires and get's them GOING! I do want to get into the airsoft industry because it just...seems like an amazing way to get outside and do some exercising thing. I also do sing a little but with my kinda potato headset mic I'm mega self conscious about it even though people that hear me on discord really like it. I'm also constantly playing games. What's your favorite Pokémon? -Vaporeon is my all time favorite, and Jirachi is perhaps my favorite legendary, mythical whichever you consider it. I have way too many pokesonas though, like Manaphy, and Gardevoir. Any questions I'm open to a PM (LABELLED PLEASE) for more talks or whatnot. Hope to see you around~ <3
Luxtato's AvatarLuxtato
Luxtato's Avatar
Hi~ I'm Lux and I just joined. I love pokemon and my favorite would have to be Gengar. I do like dark types best I think. Dark and spooky looking pokemon are the best. I found this by looking around for more petsites similar to neopets and sylestia. I love animals and games to collect them all! Outside of petsites I play alot of video games, stream, read books, roleplay,talk to my animals. You know the usual. c: I'm always looking for more friends so feel free to PM me!
RyoC's AvatarRyoC
RyoC's Avatar
Hi! I'm Ryo, and I found out about this game when someone mentioned it. I like pokemon, and I hope to get a Scraggy, Scrafty's my favorite pokemon.
What else is to say except hold my eggs and feed my pokemon? Check out my TRUE starter, too.
QuoKka's AvatarQuoKka
QuoKka's Avatar
hello i’m Quokka a recent member in this community! I discovered this game through a post on another website similar to this called GPX. I decedied to check out this website and honestly i love this community more and check this game every few hours! I def enjoy this game. My first time checking out any forum! anywho my favorite poke are Vulpix,Raichu,Zorua,and heliolisk! I like to draw and collect pokemon cards! I have a dog and a hamster too! Hope i can enjoy this community more soon <3
Me and the boys coming to give you a vibe check
LadyVulpix's AvatarLadyVulpix
LadyVulpix's Avatar
Hello, I'm LadyVulpix and today is my first day here. :D I saw this site advertised on my facebook and since I'm such a big pokemon fan I thought I would give it a try. :D I don't really have a favorite type but I think I'm really into fairy and dragon. ^ ^ Let's all be great friends! :D

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