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Lets complain about melan hunts!!!

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I'm too tired for this. Sprigatito has been nothing but a pain. Since my first melan, there hasn't been a single melan in weeks. I'm getting tired. Maybe I should just buy.
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its probably a bit early to complain but i started a rookidee hunt and currently only somewhere in the 600's hoping for an early melan! Not only did i not get an early melan im hardly getting anything at all!
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Troll party time. Not a serious hunt at all, but really?
This is melan hunt related I swear XD But! Look at this!!
How could this happen?? It's rare enough finding my hunt egg in the Lab, but right next to a Ditto?? What the heck kind of backhanded, negative luck is this?? Idk which one to adopt XD I guess they both get to sit there until I hatch a melan and feel alright nabbing the ditto lol
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oh you got to be kiddin
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i've been hunting for a quirky nature melan scatterbug for days now to fulfil an order. today i've hatched these two. both eggs from my double-everstoned pair. different any pref natures just to rub it in even more! i never thought i'd be annoyed to see purple sparkles! glad i managed to hatch melans in general, but man. i dont know HOW nature hunters do it, you guys are arceus's strongest soldiers
mio is fine too!
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I didn't even realize this till now... My last melan of this chain was at 2731, shiny number 30 I'm now at 5895... Shiny number 68... Where's my melan? I didn't notice at first as I stick the hunt to change to Ruffwool or Cyclizar... but.. it's been 3200 eggs... and over 10k ish DP.. I just want a Delta Melan Please Sally Edit: Forgot to mention the two troll parties I got as well... this hunt is painful
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Sally please, I need one black dove, only ONE..... please I beg you. I don't want another 2k+ chain aghh

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Is it just me or has the rates become worse? I haven't seen a melan in the last 900 and rarely an albino or shiny. Is my luck really just that bad? Come on Sally I just want to hatch 2 before TR! All the bonuses are active! This P. Wooper hunt is getting to be discouraging... At least their derpy faces keep me going:(
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Okay so complaining got me two shiny pups so maybe if I complain I'll get a melan? I just want my first self-hatched melan is that too much to ask for?
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