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Lets complain about melan hunts!!!

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...I somehow hatched ANOTHER female zorua... With the wrong nature... In a row.... Sobbing. Please I want to be free
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Please can I have a melan Sally. My chain is at over 8,000 and it is nearly 2,500 since my last melan. I just need 1 little wurmple that evolves into a cascoon to finish the full line. Please Sally I want to end this hunt before type race.
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I have a feeling im not going to hatch a melan today again.
Sally im on my hands and knees begging you give me my female melan electrike already i haven't had a melan in over 1.2k eggs
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aaaaaaaaaaa i hate going 6+ parties of eggs without any specials in sight much less the melan i'm searching for. ive also been realizing that hatching a delta special is NOT going to be as easy as it was in my last hunt. i was so excited for today's sei day, and it did net me some shinies and two more albinos, but im guessing that i'll have to surpass 1000 eggs and maybe even 2000 til i see any purple sparkles :/ seems like it's gonna hinge on how fast i can rank up and get the silver amulet.

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+2k chain...I know i asked this before sally but why havent you given me a melan?Can you not hatch a melan using while QoL or something?
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QUOTE originally posted by CorruptedKnyght

+2k chain...I know i asked this before sally but why havent you given me a melan?Can you not hatch a melan using while QoL or something?
You can definitely hatch a melan while using QoL. As far as I've seen, a 2k+ chain is semi-normal for a melan hunt especially if you don't have hypermode. Sally is fickle but you'll get your purple sparkles eventually!
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Oh Sally please let me hatch a Melan so I can end my curse vulpix hunt. Sally when I catch you Sally.
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I am at a 3k+ chain :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))0
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Approaching 1.6K Poochyena and at 29 shinies, with nothing so far. I don't have a Z-Crystal and I am only using a level 6 radar, but still mildly annoying. And I don't think I've even had a troll party yet... I'm not giving up though, if I can manage 2.2K Minccino I can manage Poochyena just fine.
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