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Lets complain about melan hunts!!!

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BabyLixy's AvatarBabyLixy
BabyLixy's Avatar
It was starting to feel like I hadn't had a troll party for a while 😅
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shadowofzeref's Avatarshadowofzeref
shadowofzeref's Avatar
Sally. Please. Sei, Shiny Charm, Uber Charm, super long chain, Gold Amulet....

shiny hunt page screenshot

Please Sally, I want to join all the folks in the Melan Hatching thread o(TヘTo) It's such a good day for boosts!! I have all the boosts
Except for the Z-crystal bcz it's cursed and I hate it >:(
I can use active!! Please just let me have this trash bag please OTL .
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BananaLizard's AvatarBananaLizard
BananaLizard's Avatar
2k+ chain, all boosts including Z crystal and no melan. Sally please, I need FIVE of these buggers.
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my uber ends in 4 days sally i need you to hurry it up with my melan

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dumbdog's Avatardumbdog
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didn't think i'd be back to complain again so soon but hello everyone i'll see you all in therapy they are named Anti-Christ. they are uft. please end my suffering sally, i'm begging.

image that will probably break

Cycloneferno's AvatarCycloneferno
Cycloneferno's Avatar
Picked up My Alolan Shrew hunt a while back and I'm a good ways over 4.4k now, and could reach as high as 4.5k if I don't nab the Melan today. I've had a total of 4 Troll Parties at this point, so I've got a slippery Shrew on my hands. All I can hope is that I clear this before the TR for the month begins, cause I don't want to have to use another Mem Stick or Uber on this hunt.
TsunWatanabe's AvatarTsunWatanabe
TsunWatanabe's Avatar
2.8k hatches on one of my earliest hunts and I figured I'd go for the female Melan for my birthday weekend bonuses, and while I'm excited for my first Delta troll party, it hurts


Oh, lovely, my first troll party. What a way to welcome me back home after a stressful day at work :/

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