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Happy Easter everyone! I hope you are enjoying the event and the egg hunt. Nunka worked hard to hide all these eggs which were painted by staff members. Here are the credits for them all.~ Basket Happiny line was conceptualized and sprited by ICEBÜNN, while wonderful end card was drawn by Zio and Shazi!
Cele CelestialEspy Devi AlyssaNights Terabbit
Zio Zio Zio Rebecca Marigold Rebecca Marigold
Nunka Nunka Nunka Eggy Shazi
Novan-chan Novan-chan QuirkyRabbit QuirkyRabbit
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I loved all the eggs and wish we could've gotten to keep them, even if it was only as images, as little mementos.
Thank you so much for posting the eggies! They're so fantastic! ♥
Avatar credits: Melan Plusle & Minun Galaxy avatar made by Sharpy, (for my use only)
Åzlottie's Avatarhypermode-12.pngÅzlottie
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My Devi egg is showing up as black and yellow not black and pink. Is that correct?
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TR Credit: Hakano Riku/Guide | Avatar Credit: Rylee
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i am OBSESSED with dipplin's sprite. its so cute!!!!! i need 500
mio is fine too!
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art by me for my use only!
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Same! My type for June's TR is Dragon and I had no clue what to go for until I saw the new Dipplin/Hydrapple sprites. They look great!
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TR Credit - Hakano Riku/Guide | PFP Credit - Emmuffin/PMDCollab
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I’m delighted with the new guys, and I’m more than happy to have opened all 85 of my boxes, too
The fiery gal and good luck charm:
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An eventual Melan Munkidori hunt (Not actively buying at the moment) Credit to BlueBlissey for September ‘23 Normal Trophy
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QUOTE originally posted by Åzlottie

My Devi egg is showing up as black and yellow not black and pink. Is that correct?

possible spoiler?

I was going to quote this asking if there had been an answer because I was also curious, but I think the answer is that the eggs Rebecca Marigold posted are the ones in the egg hunt event, and the accessories are maybe not meant to be the exact same?
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QUOTE originally posted by Åzlottie

My Devi egg is showing up as black and yellow not black and pink. Is that correct?
I asked on Discord because I wanted to know for the wiki.


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Omg Stone Horn looks really cool!!

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