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Sprite Discovery Discussion

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Fattymccatcat's AvatarFattymccatcat
Fattymccatcat's Avatar
i want to see malan lunala, i bet its beautiful.
Esme's AvatarEsme
Esme's Avatar
OH MAN. The new sprite for melan Mega Floatzel. It just looks so freaking cool. I think I know what will be the first water type I'm hunting (I'll hunt it after the next planned hunt I have). I'm a little sad that the shiny is now the same color as the rest of the line, but the albino makes up for that. By the way, I love the greyish blue the albino has. It's better than the usually golden-brown tint that's used. ^^ Also looking forward for melans being fixed!~ looking at YOU, Flabebe line Good luck, art team!~
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TuneSakuNatsu's AvatarTuneSakuNatsu
TuneSakuNatsu's Avatar
Guys, the melan Exploud looks so amazing! I have never liked that pokemon for some reason, but that blue is just beautiful.
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Teena's AvatarTeena
Teena's Avatar
I feel the same!! I was really reluctant to evolve the whismur because it was super cute as it is and I don't find Exploud a cute pokemon, but the bright blue Exploud really surprised me hehe ^^ I really love it ~ :3
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venir's Avatarvenir
venir's Avatar
The blue of the melan whismer line so far is awesome, but I'm kinda hesitant about Loudred I never liked the whismer line due to something so cute just suddenly becoming sound hulk-
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Whenever I see the loudred sprite, is it too odd to think it looks like he just had a bad day, and now is screaming?
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impish.sei's Avatarimpish.sei
impish.sei's Avatar
RIP I regret stopping my tympole hunt, that melan is ADORABLE!! I love that green
Myrthe's AvatarMyrthe
Myrthe's Avatar
Yep, same feeling. Really curious what that cute fat Palitoad will look like hahaha
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faunamoth's Avatarfaunamoth
faunamoth's Avatar
Plu just updated the post with the melan for Palitoad and it's oddly adorable. :'^)
Fattymccatcat's AvatarFattymccatcat
Fattymccatcat's Avatar
so far all the albino UBs have been extreamly pretty.

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