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AsymDoll13's AvatarAsymDoll13
AsymDoll13's Avatar
Oh. Well then. I dunno. I haven't touched those.
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QUOTE originally posted by Fabulous Friday Page

Missing Information: Different amount of gold poke for different percentage of personal bonus.
I made a talk topic about this, but I wanted to bring it to attention that I will compile a list of percentages, GP earned, and possibly interactions made for reference. That way, we can better understand how the system works and create a formula of how the Fabu GP Prize works. I created a Google Sheet to put down information. If you want me to enter your data, PM me what you got if you wish to participate!
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sauriel's Avatarsauriel
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I know they dont mean any harm; its just really annoying and making me want to rage quit. Because I state Im working on it, and because its a large page, its hours of my hard work gone.
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Kodiyak's AvatarKodiyak
Kodiyak's Avatar
I would recommend to always copy and paste what you worked on in a Notepad/Google Document before hitting that "Save Page" button. You know it is a high traffic page right now, and this is bound to happen. Even if you do state that you are editing it.

QUOTE originally posted by Infernapefan2

I know they dont mean any harm; its just really annoying and making me want to rage quit. Because I state Im working on it, and because its a large page, its hours of my hard work gone.
That's why I sorta save my information in another place and copy/paste it. It's much more convenient when you're trying to edit a large page since you know no one will save an edit before you.
sauriel's Avatarsauriel
sauriel's Avatar
I assumed no one was going to and didnt expect it to happen a second time. Im just really annoyed by it because I spend so much time and effort on it. EDIT: Ok Im going to go work on the Site Rules page. If this happens a third time, Im done. So done. EDIT 2: Ok they are done. I added everything into Spoiler Boxes to save space and organize it.
Uzumi's AvatarUzumi
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QUOTE originally posted by Infernapefan2

Ok Im getting annoyed now. Twice, has someone edited the same page as me at the same time as me, making my work useless and messing up what is going on
You need to consider that there are currently a massive amount of people working in the Wiki. I had yesterday alone at some point 259 edits that I looked through, and this was less than 12 hours after the announcement. Since 2 am there were now another 55 edits done. Not all of them check this thread, and things like these happen especially right after the announcement. (I remember it from the announcement 2 years ago.) A good idea is to check the Recent Changes in a second tab before you post your edits, it can show if someone is currently editing over you. Or a way to check without looking through all changes: Go back to the page in a different tab and check "View history", it only shows the edit for that particular page. This will happen less frequently after some time pass, but with popular pages, it still might happen.
Moved conversation from the announcement:

QUOTE originally posted by Ganorith

QUOTE originally posted by AsymDoll13

QUOTE originally posted by JoltztheJolteon

So I would like to know what would be good to use to edit the PFQ Exclusives? Like do I just put facts about the Exclusives?
I was wondering this too. Like trivia or what?
We want these Exclusive Pages to be as detailed as a Bulbapedia page (or atleast, close to it). We already have some details on most of the exclusives (the table on each page) but we would like more detail. I was thinking of putting the typing of the Pokemon on the evolution tree, but I dunno if it'll work.
I also want to add that it would be great if someone could come up with a pretty layout for the page/would be able to code it. You know how on wiki pages they have infoboxes at the right side of the page? This would be a great idea for the Exclusives. And now I will look through the edits that were done overnight~ Thank you all for your great help!
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Ganorith's AvatarGanorith
Ganorith's Avatar
I have an idea for a layout, but it's gonna be seven and a half hours before I get home from school.
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LastPhantom's AvatarLastPhantom
LastPhantom's Avatar
@Ganorith Sadly, my coding knowledge is limited.. but I look forward to the new layout ^^ Good luck! On the bright side, I found someone who has the missing Arceus plates, so the Meadow and Iron plate description will be translated. Also, I'm sure what happened, but the September Updates were not put in so I will make sure those are in by the end of the day. <3
PlasmaStorm's AvatarPlasmaStorm
PlasmaStorm's Avatar
Just to tell you all that the translation of the plates were done by me. And since my japanese knowledge is really limited, my translations might be wrong. Would be glad if someone can help me double check my translations. Also, based on my experience, don't try to google translate them. Japanese is a really difficult language with particles and stuff, and goolge translate either twists or ruins the sentences, making them sound weird or mean something else.
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